At First Glance: Romantic Princess


I picked this drama completely at random.  So honestly I had no preconceived notions, I used my list and a random roller, determined to watch whatever it was that I landed on.  Now my possible watch list is really-really huge so it could have been anything.  But I was feeling brave!

From the description I was assuming that it would be this cutesy little ditty that didn’t take much thought to watch.  And it is mostly, a great deal of the beginning narrative is bubbly and simple with an over the top adorableness that I am enjoying.  However, there are some very poignant moments that caught me by surprise.  Not to mention some of the subject matter is a bit deeper than I assumed that this show would tackle.

The story isn’t new, poor girl wakes up and has become the sole heir to the largest fortune in Taipei.  The old and grumpy rich grandpa, who is called Emp, has been looking for his granddaughter for 17 years as she was stolen by his enemies and sold by human traffickers.  Xiao Mai was thankfully sold to a most wonderful couple who love her more than the whole world.  So naturally when she realizes that she is an heiress her whole world is turned upside down.

I believe this drama was a recommendation for both My Princess and Goong, these stories have a similar theme.  I thoroughly enjoyed the stories of both of those dramas.  Goong much more than My Princess, but this premise/trope is one that I like.  So I was more than happy to give this one a shot.  I’m three episodes into the show now.  I must say that it has far exceeded the minimal expectations that I had.

So far the show has dealt with the emotional turmoil that our gal Xiao Mai is feeling having been torn from her life without warning.  I’m impressed that she isn’t just conforming to this new life, she is actually showing true emotions and real reactions to being separated from the people she knew as mom and dad.  Adding to that their are four young men, Emp’s possible successors from another branch of the family who give off a very strong F4 (Boys Over Flowers) vibe which I am enjoying.  Also, Emp is an interesting character, he’s sure of how things will turn out and is struggling with the realization that his perfect ending is not turning out the way he envisioned.

There are parts that are way over the top, and way to campy for my taste, but thankfully they are fairly spaced out.  (Here I’d like to mention the head of household Mr. Yi’s hair… wow.)  But the story also seems to have a good head on its shoulders and I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing how it ends.


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