Lightning Strike Movie Reviews: Fourth Edition


This time I’ll be talking about three Japanese movies.  All of them have similar themes.  I started with Paradise Kiss and the others came up as suggestions and so I just kept watching.

Paradise Kiss

I wanted this to be a series of episodes instead of a movie. I wanted more-more-more! It was a Paradise_Kiss-p1pretty breezy story, a small dalliance into the world of love triangles, but otherwise a simple and sweet watch. The story of the two main leads was good, just enough drama about their lives to give it some meat, but not too much to detract from the flow of the movie. Yukari’s story was fun and fresh and just a treat to experience. Though what I loved the most about this show was the cast of the Paradise Kiss label. They were quirky and eccentric and spiced up the feel. However, even beyond the main characters themselves my absolute favorite character was Isabella. What an amazing story! As I said, I wanted more of everything! I wanted the time to sink my teeth into these characters and learn more about them and see how they lived. This gets two thumbs up for sure! I absolutely recommend it!

Noona’s Rating = 8.5


Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu

kyo-koi-wo-hajimemasuI never read the manga, or even knew that this was a manga to begin with.  This came up as a recommendation and it sounded cute.  This was a very typical unpopular girl crushes on popular boy who ends up liking her in return.  It was moderately enjoyable, but I felt like it was predictable.  Though it also felt exceptionally rushed.  I think there was a lot missing as I had not read the manga.  It was a bubbly watch without too much frustration.  Perhaps had I read the manga this would have felt less shallow.

Noona’s Rating = 6



Kimi ni Todoke

This was similar in story to the other two, however, it had a very tumblr_li748orbh41qaq1qeoriginal twist to it.  This time, the unpopular girl resembles the main character from the movie Ring and thus is not only avoided but teased mercilessly.  The popular boy befriends her at first and opens up her world to the possibility of friends and a social life.  From there she makes other friends.  As their friendship blossoms he falls for her and it is a rather adorable courtship.  This was a fun and easy movie.  I recommend it for sure!

Noona’s Rating = 7.5


4 thoughts on “Lightning Strike Movie Reviews: Fourth Edition

  1. I’m not too into cutesy movies like this, but they do sound fun. If i pick one to watch it will be the last one. I wonder if you did read the mangas then you might be more disappointed because you expect the movie to follow through with the original story. Then again, we know there are exceptional time constraints when filming a movie.


    1. For the moment I am sticking to cutesy 🙂 The longer things are good here for me I think I’ll be able to branch out. I’m actually tempted to try and find the manga because I really did love the story. I think that it is hard to compare manga to film for the very reasons that you stated, there is a need to fit a huge story in such a small package.

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