Noona’s Playlist: Mini Album 1


Welcome to my first edition of Noona’s Playlist.  I think it is somewhat natural as you delve into Asian Dramas to also be attracted to the music as well.  For now my exploration into music has been within Korean music, but I’m sure as I discover more about what I like I’ll venture into music from other countries.

My first song for this Mini Album is one that both my son and I enjoy very much.  Since I’ve been listening to  a lot of Korean Music, my 6 year old has picked out songs that he enjoys too. Actually he walks around the house singing, “do it do it do it now” and also sings the musical notes.  Right now it is his favorite song.

CNBLUE, I’m Sorry

The next song is one that I really love.  I’ve always been a fan of blues and R&B and rock, and this one just reminds me of a light/pop mix of those genres.  Plus the video is just adorable.

Hi Suhyun, I’m Different

Usually I’m not one for rap music, but I seem to be gravitating towards it withing Korean music.  This next song I just really love.  I think part of what I like is the way the male and female voices intermix and created a really interesting sound.

Mad Clown, Fire



6 thoughts on “Noona’s Playlist: Mini Album 1

    1. Did you watch School 2013? I haven’t seen 2015 yet, but I loved 2013. I haven’t watched many currently airing dramas so many of my recommendations will be older dramas. But if you’re a fan of high school drama then perhaps Dream High, Goong, or Shut-up Flower Boy Band. Though I have heard Orange Marmalade is good in regards to high school stories. What other dramas do you enjoy?


      1. I recently completed an older Taiwanese drama (from 2007), Romantic Princess. And right now I’m watching Dal Ja’s Spring (also from 2007), a Noona Romance which is my favorite type of drama. I was watching Heart to Heart, but have put it on hold as I just wasn’t as invested in the characters as the show went on.


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