2015: New Year Drama Resolutions!


I completely missed setting up my New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of this year, so I’m going to do a Mid-Year Resolution!  Never too late to set some goals, right?

The last resolutions I made were on January 2, 2014.  I wanted to take a moment to look back at what I wanted to accomplish last year and see if I was actually able to manage any of it.

#1 – Watch a drama as it airs.  *throws confetti* I was able to do this, not just with one drama, but with two both of which aired around the same time.  I even recapped the episodes as I watched.  Which led me to the realization that recapping is not for me.  It takes way too much intense focus and energy.  I’ll stick to reviews.

Resolutions_2015_01#2 – Watch the following dramas; Sungkyunkwan Scandal (done!), School 2013 (done!), Good Doctor, Pasta, Answer Me 1994 & 1997, You Who Came From the Stars (done!), Prime Minister and I, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (done!), Future Diary, and Faith.  So I managed to watch four out of ten.  I did watch a few other dramas not listed here.  What did I learn?  Well as the year goes my tastes in drama change and evolve and it became hard to watch specific dramas just because they were on the list.  But I still want to someday watch the other dramas on this list, but today is not that day.

#3 – Learn Korean.  I’m happy to say that I am actually working on this one.  Sadly it didn’t happen in 2014, but I have been working slowly at learning the language.  It is a long process, but I am really enjoying it.

#4 – Keep the hubby watching dramas.  My hubs watched School 2013, You Who Came From the Stars, Vampire Prosecutor 1&2, and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho with me.  We attempted Future Diary, but I think Japanese Dramas talk too fast for him to keep following the subtitles and so we dropped it after one episode.  We also attempted Faith, but we both couldn’t get invested and dropped it.  He’s drifted away from watching Resolutions_2015_03dramas with me, but then again I haven’t been watching as many of them

#5 – Host or Participate in a Squeefest.  I was able to join some very amazing and lovely ladies for a Skype session in which we watched Running Man together and it was so much fun!  This is something that I would like to do again.

With only half the year left I don’t want to overwhelm myself, but I have so many things I’d like to accomplish this year.  Even if I can’t possibly do them all I’m still going to include them in my Mid-Year Resolution list!

#1 – Watch More Dramas and Movies so I Can Write More Reviews and  Posts!

#2 – Have a Guest Blogger!

#3 – Do More Interviews!

#4 – Continue Working on the Noona Meter!

#5 – Keep Learning Korean!

#6 – Write More Heart Murmurs!

#7 – Buy More K-Pop!

#8 – Have Another Squeefest!

#9 – Get Hubby to Watch Another Drama!

Resolutions_2015_02That is a lot of goals!  I had better get started!  Here’s to a fresh start and a super amazing second half of the year!


19 thoughts on “2015: New Year Drama Resolutions!

  1. Yay! Those are some great resolutions! You are so great at setting goals and working on them. I am so bad at it. Haha. I am glad you are back. Please take time to ease back in then and don’t rush things. There are many of us in dramaland who have taken breaks, so please feel no pressure. Love you chingu! ❤❤❤ And that squeefest was really so fun! We should totally do something like that again!


    1. My dearest Chingu! Thank you! I could have kept going, but as the year is half over I thought I should at least attempt to make it a doable list. Awww, I just like to cross things off of my list haha. I am taking it easy, I promise! I want to just dive in and do all sorts of things, but I know that going slow is what I need right now. You’re just the bestest and wonderful, thank you! I agree, I want to do the squeefest again! Even if it is with just one or two other drama-friends! We should plot something 😉

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  2. Welcome back, again! 😀 That’s a lot of resolutions, my dear! Wishing you lots of fun as you tackle them.. Coz fun’s more important than actually getting it all done, I think 😉 Also, really glad you watched S2013! How did you like it? *curious*


    1. Hehe thanks Chaebol!! There may be a few too many to tackle this year, but that’s ok I’ll just carry them over into next year! But I’m trying to stay positive that I’ll be able to cross quite a few of them off. I promise I’ll have fun! I’m already having lots of fun being back 🙂

      School 2013 was so-so good! I loved everything about it. The Bromance was about the best Bromance I’ve ever seen! I suppose that is because the boys are friends in real life which was totally evident in the show. And it introduced me to Daniel Choi which I am currently very much in love with haha. It is a show that I would love to watch again someday.


      1. YAY that you enjoyed S2013!!! I LUFF THOSE BOYS. SO MUCH. ❤ ❤ They were already friends before they did the show together, but became actual bona fide besties in the course of filming. How adorable is that?

        Ah, I like Daniel Choi.. He's got a sweet sort of charm. I thought he was quite adorable in Baby Faced Beauty 🙂


      2. It was so very-very good, plus the hubs watched it with me! And he really loved it, so much that he really wants to watch School 2015 haha so I think we’re going to start it soon. I’ll let you know how that goes. But omg the BOYS! They were just the most cutest thing ever. I loved seeing them on screen and then looking at all the BTS screen shots and what not, they were so cute. I also love that they became the bestest of friends while filming this.

        I love Daniel Choi’s smile, it is really the most sweet and boyish smile ever. Hehe yeah he stole my fangirl heart in Baby Faced Beauty 🙂


      3. Your hubs watched it with you? How fun! 😀 And YES, aren’t those boys just the most adorable pair ever??? Daniel Choi himself said that he felt the closeness of the boys (in the drama) was a bit much for him to take. Did your hubs feel at all the same way? LJS & Woob both said that while they were filming, it felt like they were dating, almost. And when filming ended, it felt like they broke up. HAHA! And, Awwww ❤
        PS: I liked S2015 (am writing the review as we speak!), but its ending was rather weak. And much as I liked it, it doesn't come close to S2013, in my books. Just so you know ^^


      4. Yes! And he loved it so much! It is in his top 3 favorite dramas that I got him to watch with me. I read that comment where the boys said felt like they were dating at times lol. I’m not surprised that Daniel Choi said that. The hubs actually loved that part of it. He was actually jealous that they had such a close friendship and felt American men are too worried about being macho-men to love their friends like that.

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      5. Aw! So sweet, that your hubs loved the bromance! 😀 For more bromantic goodness, might I suggest Sungkyunkwan Scandal, &/or Chuno? They are very different shows, but both have solid bromantic arcs. SKKS is light, fizzy fun (bromance is between Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki, and it does get a little intense at times, not too unlike the intensity we get in S2013). SKKS is also an easy intro to sageuk for those who aren’t used to period dramas. Chuno is.. magnificent. And epic. And serves up the epitome of macho bromance. The slave hunters are excellent fighters (& Jang Hyuk has SUCH the hot bod), and share a gruff 3-way bromance that sometimes does result in big shows of emotion. I highly recommend both shows! 🙂


  3. Jaime!! I missed you!!! Yay for those drama resolutions. Some are similar to mine. I have my 2015 list but I keep adding and going off it. lol. I did well with for a while. I’m not as crazy live watching as I used to be. And for a few months I detoured into more Chinese and Hong Kong dramas.

    Right now I’m watching Mask, and re-watching King of Dramas for the discussion group. I loved that one so it’s great to see it again. I need to pick another drama from my list to start. I’m six episodes into Pride and Prejudice, it’s not the worst, it’s not even bad, it’s just not grabbing me. But I need to be inspired watching Choi Jin Hyuk.

    I started to pick the Korean back up. I have a fun work book- Read and Speak Korean for Beginners.


    My other huge goal right now is to get the next Dream Drama out there. I’m so stalled. A few weeks ago I added more plot and another character. I’m having trouble gelling it. Arhh, this is why writers may take years to write a novel, and TV shows and movies have a team of writers. lol.

    And don’t leave me hanging with Heart Murmurs! I love it so far. 😀


    1. Lady G!!! I’ve missed you too! Lots and lots and lots! Seeing as we have similar resolutions we should cheer each other on throughout the rest of the year. I’m really hoping that I can keep up with this list and cross most of them off. I’ve only just written the list and I’ve already added a few stuff to it in my mind lol. I’ve been drifting into Japanese dramas. I haven’t yet watched a Chinese or Hong King drama, do you have any good recommendations?

      I’ve seen loads of stuff on my Twitter feed and on tumblr about Mask. Is it any good? I’m trying to clean up my Watch List because it is sort of out of control right now and I kind of want a semi-sort of plan about what dramas I’d like to watch. And I’ve never watched King of Dramas, but if you are rewatching it then it must be good haha. I have Pride and Prejudice high on my list right now, but it didn’t get raving reviews so I’ve been hesitant. Though Choi Jin Hyuk is a huge-huge draw for me!

      Oh that workbook looks good! I’ve got Korean From Zero and I’m enjoying it so far. Mostly I’ve been working on reading Hangul, I’ve got flashcards that I take everywhere with me lol.

      Dream Drama!!! You know *wink-wink-nudge-nudge* that if you need some help I’m totally available! Even if you just need to bounce an idea off someone. That’s what Shukie does for me with Heart Murmurs. I write a basic outline of the chapter and send it to her and she sends it back with questions and ideas. It has helped me get out of more than one slump with the story. Also I promise not to leave you hanging with Heart Murmurs! I’ve got to gather all my notes, I thought I organized them much better before my hiatus but they are a mess. Once I get it all in order I’m going to start working on the next chapter!

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      1. I was really excited about my list and for the first three months or so of 2015 I really stuck to it, but then I started sneaking in new dramas. And then like you said it’s getting out of control by now. lol. Mask is a cracky melo, I’m actually really irritated with the lead lady character, and the actress seems to only have 2 expressions, but she’s not the big draw for me, Yeong Jung Heon is deliciously bad in it! Great actor. I’d say give it a chance.

        For Chinese…try Palace- The lock heart Jade. I really liked that one. It’s a Time Travel romance. I haven’t watched too many Chinese. Divorce Lawyers was really popular. I’m more than halfway through it, but other things landed on my plate.

        Hong Kong dramas are funny birds. It seems they use the same aging cast over and over and over because they’re locked into certain contracts. Try “Can’t buy me Love.” It’s really cute and funny, another Palace drama. Just the scenery and costumes alone blow me away. “You’re Hired” is very good too. Both of them star Charmaine Sheh, I really like her.

        I’ve particularly fell in love with actor Michael Tse. He’s not the idol type, but I just hooked on to him. The dramas I think you’ll like with him are Sergeant Tabloid and Friendly Fire.

        I’ll look into the Korean from Zero book if you say it’s good too. And I’ve been meaning to get flashcards! Now I must, since I turned my sister into a Kdrama fan, I can practice with her and she won’t look at me cock-eyed. LOL

        Oy, messy drama notes!! I know the feeling. My latest notes for Afterglow are all over the place! I’d love some feedback from you, particularly because you’re a Choi Jin Hyuk fan. And you know I kinda picked him to lead the next dream drama for you, Gal!! 😀 If you don’t mind, one of these days I’ll send you email of everything I outlined so far and hopefully you can help me with the meat of the drama. I know the beginning, I know a lot of incidental things, I even know the very ending scene, but the middle has me stumped. And you will get credit of course! 🙂

        Thanks so much for the offer, and I’m really glad to see you back. Can’t wait for that next chapter.


      2. That is exactly how I was for my 2014 list, I stuck to it so well and then other shows popped up and I couldn’t resist and I’d get sidetracked and then I was nowhere near my list anymore haha. Mask is in my list of 10 possible dramas to start after I finish Heart to Heart. I really want to see it, everything I’ve heard makes it sound really good. There are just so many options too watch haha.
        I’m adding all of these to my drama list! I have been wanting to branch out of Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean dramas. Oooh a time travel romance, ok that might sneak into my list of next to watch! I haven’t watched any palace dramas before, but they’ve always looked so gorgeous! I think I should rectify that at some point this year. Thank you for all the lovely suggestions chingu!

        Sometimes the guys that aren’t exactly the idol type can steal your heart with their acting and the way they carry themselves. I’ll need to check his dramas out.

        I’m really loving the Korean from Zero book, the cool thing about it is that you can go to their site and play their sound files to help with pronunciation. I made my own flashcards haha. You’re lucky that your sister is into dramas! My hubby is into them but only a little lol. It is wonderful to have someone to watch dramas with.

        My notes are a mess and all over the place. Some are handwritten and some are in emails with Shukie and others are in twitter haha it will take me some time before I’ve got them all sorted I think. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to help you! Especially since you picked Choi Jin Hyuk as your main guy for me! You are the bestest chingu! Feel free to send over your notes any time I will so happily help you! Like I’m totally excited to help haha. You don’t have to give me credit, that’s what we do to help our fellow writers!

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  4. Welcome back, Jaime!!!! Miss you loads, honey! I’m sure you can tackle those mid-year resolutions easily! You know me, I’m always with my dramas resolutions and so far, I’m doing good! But anyway, it is not about me…. All about you and I’m happy that you’re out of hiatus!


    1. Thank you so much!!! I’ve missed you too chingu!! I’m so happy to be back, it really feels great! Thanks for the support, I’m excited to work on crossing these resolutions off my list. I’m glad that you’re on track with your own resolutions too. Thanks again for the warm welcome!

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