Burgeoning Addiction


Music has always had a huge place in my life. When I was growing up my family played music together at parties and gatherings. I play a few instruments myself. Throughout school I was in orchestra, band, and marching band. It has always been there, adding flavor to my life in many ways. My musical tastes are very eclectic and varied. So when I discovered Korean Dramas it was probably a natural transition into discovering K-Pop too.

A few months ago I had a mini-foray into the world of K-Pop and got some excellent advice from my blogsphere friends who are already fully addicted to K-Pop. I even went out and bought a ton of songs and a few complete albums. Even though I listen to the small number of K-Pop songs multiple times a week, I never went any further with it.

Well that has all changed of course! Now I’m collaborating over at HallyuNoona and writing a weekly column on the M! Countdown weekly music charts. My article discusses the Top 5 songs on the M! Countdown charts. Last week was my first post and boy did I have a lot of fun!

Because of researching the music, listening to the songs, and watching the music videos I was even inspired to buy a song. I purchased Gaeko’s No Makeup. Now I find myself checking the current rankings of the songs on M! Countdown and already listening to the Top 5. However, it has gone even further. I’ve been listening randomly through the week to all the songs on the current Top 50 chart. And I’ve found a few bands and artists that I am deeply in love with.

With my first tentative trip into K-Pop I fell head over heels in love with the Royal Pirates. I purchased every album that I could find on I-Tunes. I can honestly say that I probably listen to one of their songs every day. They are great! Plus they play actual instruments, which always impresses me. That’s not to say digitally created music is less than, but I appreciate the talent it takes to play an instrument and sing at the same time.

CNBLUE also stole my heart. I’ve got several of their albums, including their most recent album Can’t Stop that came out a few months ago. Again, they play their instruments and even work to write the songs. I love their sound, they have this seventies feel mixed with pop and a little bit of rock.  My absolute favorite song by CNBLUE is Lady.

Just this week I think I have found my third K-Pop obsession. Wax. Omo if you haven’t heard anything by Wax I honestly think you’re missing out. Now I heard the song Fly High when I saw the post done by picadrama. I loved it and even chatted a little over there about the song. But I never did anything else about it. Now Wax is showing up on the M! Countdown Top 50 list, which reminded me that I loved the song. Have you guessed it? Yup I bought the Ember Glow album and I cannot get enough of it!

I want to thank HallyuNoona for giving me this chance to collaborate on her blog! Because so far the journey into K-Pop has been so much fun! I cannot wait for the numbers to be published so I can get to writing my next edition of M! Countdown Top 5!!


7 thoughts on “Burgeoning Addiction

  1. Well Miss Jaime Noona, I’m so excited that you are branching off in the world of Kdrama with something you love and even have a background in. That’s awesome you collaborate on another blog. When you have a knack for something it eventually gets noticed. 😉 I could say the same for Creative writing with me. I’m really not big into Kpop, I just listen to whatever I like from the soundtracks, but if a song’s good, it’s good. My music taste is eclectic that way too.

    But don’t give up your writing endeavor with Heart Murmurs! I’m in hanging suspense. haha!


    1. The collaboration was a spur of the moment thing! I nominated Hallyu Noona for a Sunshine Award and in her answers she mentioned she wanted to have guest posters and I have been toying with the idea of writing about K-Pop. And since her blog is heavy on the K-Pop already it was just about the perfect fit!

      Oh I won’t give up on Heart Murmurs! I promise! I’ve got chapter 7 started and the outline completed I just need to write it! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this weekend.


  2. Congratulations on delving deeper into the world of kpop! I love music. I can’t play any instruments and you might want to run in the opposite direction if you hear me sing, but I just really, really love music. My collection is vast and eclectic. I’ll have to check out your guest posts! Looking forward to them 🙂


    1. Thank you! It has been a lot of fun so far! You don’t have to be musically inclined to enjoy music 😉 My collection is already growing and I’m very happy with that. I’ve written two articles so far, the links are under the M! Countdown tab at the top of the blog there. Thanks for your encouraging words! Fighting!


  3. I’m not much into kpop myself, and even then, over time, I couldn’t help but accumulate a couple of songs I like 😉 Yay that you’re having fun, and congrats on the collab with Hallyu Noona! 🙂


    1. I never thought I was much into K-Pop myself but there have been a few songs that have really caught my attention. I am having a blast with these articles, granted there have only been two so far, but that’s ok! I think I’m off to a good start. 🙂


  4. Look at you getting into Kpop! That’s so exciting, And you garner much respect from this girl going the idol band route rather than traditional boy/girl groups. I really need to branch out more, but what can I say, I started with SHINee and Super Junior. It’s tough to break away from my roots 😉 Love ya!


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