Fangirl Passion


I think that passion is one of the main things that we as fans share.  When we love something we really and truly love it.  This love has the potential to be a little bit obsessive.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve suffered obsessive love in my Asian Drama fandom.  Dramaland is rife with actors, actresses, and shows that draw out the crazy fangirl hidden inside me.

Sometimes it is hard to see when I get so deeply invested in something I forget to take a breath and see how my over zealous ramblings might be seen.  Or how my ranting and raving about loves/hates might affect my friends and the others in the blogverse and dramaland.  It is so easy to forget that not everyone is on the same bandwagon as I am, and sometimes I’m flabbergasted by this.  Especially deep in the throws of my fangirling.

tumblr_ne5vxiy3ot1sh8uxlo1_500After an incident with a dear blogverse friend of mine recently I wanted to take a few moments to muse on the idea of when fangirling crosses a line.  Which is what happened, at least in my humbe opinion.  Now I can squee and obsess with the best of them. However, I like to believe that I am clear headed and savvy enough to know when my fangirling becomes hurtful to others.  When your obsession turns ugly and words are thrown because you believe you’re right and you forget to care the person you are verbally assaulting has feelings too… that’s where fandoms can go wrong.

Being protective of the things we love is fantastic.  I applaud those who can and do stand up for their obsessions, friends, and fandoms.  Yet there is a difference between being protective and being caustic, hurtful.  When we try to protect the things in dramaland we love to the point when we bully others, it has gone to far.  When we try to prove we are right and the other party is wrong without regard to the fact our words are weapons, it has gone to far.  Seeing the ugly side of fangirling was like a wake up call to me.  A reminder that, yes I can have an opinion and shout it out for all the world to hear.  But I should know when enough is enough, I should remind myself that I might be alone in my views.  It should never go so far that I can cause another fan to feel hurt.

So, here’s to all my fangirls and fanboys out there.  Love your fandoms, obsessions, ideas with all of your heart.  Share your views ask-drama-neighbor loudly or as crazily as you desire.  But remember, there’s always someone out there who may not feel the same way… and that is ok too.

Be kind to one another dramaland, I love you!!!


4 thoughts on “Fangirl Passion

  1. Such a heartfelt, introspective, yet appropriately vague post! 😉 Thanks for rallying round, your presence & support warms the cockles of my lil heart! And also, it’s an admirable thing, that you turned that incident into a reflective introspective exercise. Respect. Coz not everyone has the grace to do that. Smooches.

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    1. Why thank you so much! That particular incident was so draining and frustrating I didn’t want to give it more power or energy, but I needed to reference it a little. Those that were involved would know and that’s all that mattered. Of course! I will always be there beside my friends! You’re to sweet, I just felt that it needed to be said and us fangirls/fanboys can always do with a reminder that obsessing can be a little intense sometimes. 🙂

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