Drama Daydreams



Miles, lies, and deceit tear apart that which could be a true fairy tale.  Despite the best efforts of some true love will survive and give birth to a beautiful family.  This story pulls at your heartstrings, makes you cry, brings laughter, and will warm your heart with the love of the ages.

A poor fisherman meets a rich and beautiful heiress by chance.  Or might it have been fate?  Their destiny was too strong, it bypassed class distinction and circumstance.  This one chance meeting creates a love that endures no matter the pain their obstacles produce.

Such a love shines brightly through their children, three brothers as beautiful as their mother and as good hearted as their father.  These beautiful babies are separated, not just from one another but from the love of their parents too.  Their heiress mother’s family will not stand to see her married to a lowly fisherman, it matters not that he has lofty dreams of becoming a chef.  Then tragedy strikes yet again, a devastating blow that leaves two boys with their maternal grandfather and one supposedly lost.  Their father is forced out, destroyed by the loss of the lights of his life.

This story tells of the trials this family must overcome in order to find their happily ever after.  A story of true love through the generations.

This is The Tale of Three Brothers.



4 thoughts on “Drama Daydreams

  1. omg…you should be a paid copywriter. I never thought about my story with so many glowing words and ideas. There were times during the drafting process and all my scribbled notes where I wanted to scrap the whole thing, thinking nobody would read it or that it’s too ridiculous. (I’m first admitting that here!) But I kept pushing forward with it thanks to kfangurl and your encouragement too. The posters are so, so beautiful!!!

    Thank you once again for promoting the Dream Dramas and my stories. 🙂 I’m very, very touched.


    1. Oh my I’ve never thought about that idea, being a copywriter! lol I just know that I love your story and I wanted everyone to know how much it so rocks! When you are working on such a huge project with so much of your heart going into it, I can totally understand with the fact you’d feel doubts. (*giant internet hugs*) But see all that hard work is successful and loved! Especially by me!

      I can promise you this, that I will always promote your dream dramas! I love writing about them! And your stories inspire me to be creative and making movie posters!

      Keep those dream dramas coming! Fighting!!


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