Lightning Strike Movie Reviews: Third Edition


Time for round three of my super fast movie reviews!  Asian movies are so much fun, a perfect little dose of drama and K-Hotties and the stories that I love in the shows.  Today we’ll be taking a quick look at Antique Bakery, Love On-Air, and Millionaire’s First Love.

Antique BakeryAntique_(film)_poster

Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked this movie. The few brief descriptions that I read didn’t truly prepare me for the story as a whole. I knew it was about a bakery where four very attractive men worked, but that’s about it. Which means that I was wonderfully and pleasantly surprised by the story and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The characters were so much fun, well made, and remarkably intriguing. On top of that the story was unexpected. I thought it was going to be just a fluffy piece without much substance, but I was wrong. It was deep and full of substance. I would absolutely recommend this! I do believe that you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Noona’s Rating = 8

Love On-Air

Love_On-Air-02I really enjoyed this movie despite myself. Even though throughout the entire show all I could think was how similar the story was to The Greatest Love. The lead actress is the former leader of a girl’s idol group who suddenly breaks up the group to protect a dear friend and member. Years later she becomes the hostess of a radio show and clashes with her new boss who is famous in the radio show world. Despite the similarities I really had a whole lot of fun with this movie. First, let’s take a moment o gush over Lee Kwang Soo. I love him so much and he was just utterly adorable in this! Not to mention the cameo by Kang Gary and Kim Jong Kook! That whole scene was hilarious! I was not prepared for the buckets of tears the new radio station wrenched from me, seriously the stories of our heroine’s show were so beautiful and bittersweet. All in all this was a great story, well done, with lovely acting, and a sweet ending.

Noona’s Rating = 8

Millionaire’s First Love220px-A_Millionaire's_First_Love

I was utterly unprepared for what this movie turned out to be. Somehow I completely missed the words melodrama and tragedy in the description. I was just quickly browsing for a movie to watch while I updated some things on my blog and the description sounded adorable. Snarky and entitled chaebol discovers himself in a tiny little town and falls in love. It turned out to be so much more than that. I avoid anything sad and heartbreaking like the plague, I’m a happy ending girl all the way. But it was too late when I realized the sadness I had signed myself up for. By that time I was utterly invested in the story and couldn’t turn away. Now here I am a blubbering mess of tears, a thing that I do my best to avoid when picking out dramas and movies. Despite all of that I loved this movie. The story was phenomenal, the acting was good, and the love was beautiful. If you are up for a good cry I definitely recommend this one.

Noona’s Rating = 8.5


5 thoughts on “Lightning Strike Movie Reviews: Third Edition

  1. Yay that you’re back again, Jaime! 😀 Always great to see you pop back up, coz it means you’re feeling pretty good ^^

    I remember enjoying Antique Bakery.. though the dark turn of the story took me by surprise. I haven’t seen the other 2 movies, though I’ve heard some good things about Millionaire’s First Love.. I actually am a little like you in that I tend to choose angst-lite for my k-entertainment.. and yet, I realize that I’m actually more receptive to melodrama than I thought. I’ve enjoyed a couple of melos this year, even though it’s not my usual cup of tea. It’s still probably gonna be a while before I end up checking out Millionaire’s First Love, though. I’m more of drama gal 😉

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    1. It is so good to be back! I just need to remember to truly need to take it all easy, but I’m hopeful I’ll actually be around a whole lot more.

      The dark turn of Antique Bakery was so surprising to me too! Once I got over my shock about that I was so wonderfully entranced by the story and loved it so much!

      Millionaire’s First Love was just wow, honestly. It was so much more than I expected and it was so good. But holy cow I cried for like ever. If ever you are in the mood for super good love story melodrama I really recommend it.


  2. If you like the Antique Bakery movie I’d recommend you check out the source material, Fumi Yoshinaga’s excellent 4 volume manga of the same name (for the US release anyway). Hell, I recommend you check out anything by her– her titles, both josei and BL, are pretty consistently excellent. As such, I have to comment that this movie is so much more faithful to her original story than the 2001 J-drama Antique (which was actually the very first Asian drama I ever watched, almost 9 years ago now). At the time the manga hadn’t been licensed here in the US so I didn’t realize how much they changed the story (like making Ono not actually gay[!]– which, as you can tell because you’ve seen the movie, kind of changes the whole Ono/Tachibana dynamic!). I didn’t even know enough to know I should be disappointed (until I read the manga, years later) and so that was my thrilling entry into Asian dramas. *LOL* It’s probably for the best though– I just laugh and shake my head about that version now, because we have this superior movie adaptation and the even-better anime & manga.


    1. I didn’t realize that it was a manga first! I’ve never actually read a manga before, but that isn’t to say that I am opposed to the idea. I love Antique Bakery so much that I think it will be enough to convince me try it out! We’re going into the city later this week maybe I ‘ll take a look for it. Thank you for the suggestions! After watching this movie I am actually really interested in taking a look at her other works too. I appreciate this! Ok so I will avoid the 2001 J-Drama then lol. I don’t know that I could watch it now that I’ve seen this movie anyway, especially if you say it is as bad as all that. Wait… what? They didn’t make him gay? What? That changes the entirety of the story! Guh that really is no good at all. Yeah I’ll stick to the movie and hopefully find the manga!


      1. The J-drama made it seeeeeeeem like he was gay and had a crush on Tachibana but in the end they backpedaled and hand-waved it away, saying he was just really nervous around women (>n<). If I recall correctly they didn't even have the Ono/Tachibana HS backstory. Granted, in 2001 maybe they weren't ready to have a non-comic relief openly gay main character yet but I think it's a strange choice to adapt a Kodansha Award-winning manga (presumably because it was a hot property) and then change the story so much. Like, why did you bother?!

        P.S. It looks like some volumes of the Antique Bakery manga may be out of print– but looking at Amazon, at least they're still available in the Marketplace new & used for non-ridiculous prices. But I wouldn't wait too long if you want to own it (also you may be able to find it in your library system, since it's a critical favorite). If you like BL (Boys' Love i.e. romance stories between men) you may also want to check out her 2-vol.-each series Ichigenme – First Class Is Civil Law; Moon and Sandals; and Gerard & Jacques. If you're not into BL, she's got Ooku: The Inner Chambers (about an alternate-history Japan where a disease strikes down the men and gender roles basically flip) and some food/cooking manga (Not Love but Delicious Foods, What Did You Eat Yesterday?), among other titles. Again, if you're not sure I'd try the library, since librarians who read manga tend to like her works.

        P.P.S. Sorry to prattle on but I'm a big FY fan and as an adult woman who's never read manga before, you couldn't do much better to have one of hers be your first!


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