Interview: Kfangurl & Lady G



When I approached these two magnificent ladies, Kfangurl and Lady G of The Fangirl Verdict, about the idea of an interview I was delighted by their very positive response.  They graciously agreed to allow me to talk to them about their new partnership!  We set a date to conduct the interview live and I must admit I was so very excited!  This was to be my very first interview for an online venue.  I was both very nervous and extremely excited!

The day arrived!  Our ability to tell time accurately across three time zones was a little rough, but we finally all managed to meet up, virtually of course.  After a myriad of technical issues and mishaps they were still perfectly happy to chat with me about their blog.  Which of course I greatly appreciated!  There was much ramyunsqueeing and fangirling, along with tangents about wishing we had ramyun like we see in nearly all our dramas.  Getting three fangirls together in one virtual place produces a great deal of laughter and fun.

Once we settled down a bit we managed to get started.  Though that isn’t to say we didn’t distract one another, and quite easily; especially when we started to talk about Woobie and Choi Jin Hyuk and all the pretties that we adore from the dramas.

When I read that you two were joining forces I was very excited. My first question is, do you two remember how your friendship came to be? Was there a defining moment? Or just a multitude of squee sessions?

Lady G: It was definitely a multitude of squee sessions. And it was KFG who reached out when it came to making the dream drama section a reality. However, I had it in the back of my head that I’d love to write more of them somehow. 🙂


Kfangurl: Yeah, there was no defining moment. I just noticed that Lady G would come up with the most epic comments, especially to the epic reviews, and we would chat over extended comments back and forth for a single review, and I found myself enjoying those conversations a whole lot! She always had such interesting, insightful things to say – plus she was funny too!

Lady G: I slyly crept in there with my ultra long comments.  I was having fun. I didn’t think we would literally join forces. In the beginning when I joined the blog as a reader, I was doing a ton of my own stuff online – fanfic, fan vids, art, writing for site pages, etc, but my interest was shifting to K-drama. I needed to relax. For once I wanted someone to tell me a story! And boy, did K-dramas deliver. I can’t get enough of them. I still run websites and help out with other sites of interest when I can. You never forget your first fan loves.

Kfangurl: It was Lady G who came up with the idea for dream drama type posts, and IU-Squeethat’s how the first dream drama post was born. Ideas were overflowing in the comments as other readers joined in the brainstorming, and that really amped up the fun of working together, squeeing at ideas & making up stuff.

Lady G: It did!

Noona: Isn’t that the basis of the fangirl heart? Squeeing and creating what if stories? I personally love that you put it all into words for the rest of us to see.

Lady G: Yes, I believe every good K-fangirl has stories in their minds or as you said, “What ifs?” or one of my favorites,  “I can so rewrite that drama!” and, “That 2nd lead character needs his own story line!”

Noona: I agree, we’ve all got a dream team we want to see together! But not all of us fangirls have the ability to put those ideas together so well!


Lady G: When I really feel an idea, I get so excited to jot it down, and I try to convey that passion for the readers. Hopefully it works. I was having this conversation with Kfangurl the other day – I have this weird quirk, that when stresses build up in my real life, creativity flows out of me like rainbows. It’s like I shut my mind off and let the right-side of my brain take over. I’d rather deal with the dramas of my characters than the reality.

Dream Team

KFG sees my drafts. And she’s an amazing help, with cultural notes, editing, and ideas. Writing is like a therapy. A huge stress reliever. Working on the characters and their stories makes me feel good.

Noona: Your ideas are so full of life and reality that it makes me wish I knew how to get the idea to a PD!

Lady G: If only!! One thing KFG knows, I’m extremely verbose. It’s like, “Um, Lady G- we might need to edit that down a bit.” More than “a bit.” 😉

Noona: I absolutely agree. Writing can really just make life easier to handle.

Lady G: I think my dream dramas are a little different because I don’t rely too heavily on cliche ideas that you see in most Korean offerings. But I don’t abandon them either because many are just so fun. It wouldn’t be Kdrama without them. Plus the fact that I’m a “Westerner” and I’ve never stepped foot near Korea – I don’t Writingknow the cultural mindset of a Korean. I can only use what I see in dramas. I take bits and pieces from American books, films, Television, from other K-dramas. And of course real life! It’s like a big bubbling stew pot. And it usually works.

Noona: But all good ideas pull inspiration from the stories we’ve seen and loved. I think pulling them all together is a great way to produce a well rounded concept for a drama!

Lady G: That’s true. I’m sure all writers work that way. Jaime, I always say, they’ve all been done under the sun. It’s all about how you can create new stories around the same ideas. That’s what I love about K-drama, same idea – different execution.

Kfangurl: Exactly. It’s why we keep watching the dramas too, even though the concepts are usually not all new. It’s ALL in the execution!


One of the things that makes the blogsphere so great is making friends through comments and posts. How has meeting other fangirls in the dramaverse enhanced your blogging experience?

Kfangurl: Oh my. Meeting fellow fans is one of the BEST things about blogging. It Hugmakes the entire blogging process come alive. It’s no longer just throwing thoughts out there into the big unknown dramaverse, but it becomes conversations between people, and those conversations sometimes evolve into friendships & relationships. I love it!

Noona: I’ve witnessed many friendships blossom on The Fangirl Verdict, conversations pop up and then build into epic ideas. It is one of the many reasons I adore your blog.


Kfangurl: Aw, shucks. Thanks for the blog love!

Lady G: I was never much into blogging. But I ran/run multiple fansites, and had chat groups. I’ve met amazing people and got a ton of new perspectives and received so many goodies from my favorite fandoms!! I even made a close friend through my website and fanfics and I traveled across three states to see her.

It was a fun experience. Nerve wracking, but fun. I say that because it’s a big scary world out there, and you have to show caution with anyone you meet and befriend online.

Kfangurl: You do. I haven’t yet met any of my virtual friends in real life, but I’m definitely not ruling out the possibility. It’s just that most of said friends are rather planefar away.

Noona: Distance can put a damper on a meet up to be sure!

Lady G: Yeah, I took a 6 hour bus ride holding a Junior’s famous cheesecake for dear life. That might be my limit.

Noona: That’s fantastic Lady G! Meeting fellow fans has got to be so much fun! Squeeing in real life, must have a totally new dimension of cool.  But yes, in this day we must be careful even with our squee friends.

Lady G: It’s a huge new dimension to squee in real life! You really connect to them in person. Unless of course you get ‘Catfished!’ Not cool.

So, Kfangurl, how did you coax Lady G into partnering up with you? Though I don’t imagine it took much arm twisting!


Kfangurl: Um. The story basically is, I asked, and she said yes. And right quick too. I was blown away by how quickly she agreed!

Lady G: It was like I was waiting behind the screen with my fingers ready to type YES!

Kfangurl: I thought she’d have to think about it, y’know? Like, does she really want to do this, will it take up too much of her time, etc. But she popped right back and agreed, 100% yes! And I was blown away. I think I needed more time to process it than she did!

Lady G; I was floored. And soooo excited. It really gave me the momentum to actually finish what is now “Aurora.” Because I stalled for months. I figured, where am I really gonna put this? What am I gonna do with this dream drama? We had fun with the Gong Yoo one, but I thought it was a one-time post, so I left it.

Noona: It was fate!

Kfangurl: See, all you needed was some virtual real estate.Oh-Ji-Ho

Lady G: I could have started a dream drama blog on my own. I didn’t even think of that.  But now I’m having fun on yours, taking up real estate.

Kfangurl: TOO LATE. I’ve got you now! Muahahaha!

Lady G: Ha! Dream dramas became a product of combined ideas.

Noona: I think that it was a very organic choice, it was the birth place of the idea after all!


Lady G: So it rightly belongs on The Fangirl Verdict

In the introduction for Lady G you guys said that she’d be mostly writing Dream Dramas, which are amazing by the way.  However, in your fangirl squees have you thought of other projects that you might want to do together?

Lady G: We have discussed it in length.

Right now, with my schedule and RL going a bit crazy, Dream Dramas are my main focus. But I can do K-movie reviews once in a while. Like I did for “The Suspect.” Not necessarily the newest films, but whatever I’ve seen or planning to see.

lee_jun_ki3I think I would really flake out if I had to do a whole drama review. KFG is amazing at what she does. And then I read other blogs like Dramabeans, Crazy for K-drama, et-al. I don’t know how they keep up with it all. I’m sure they have cool K-teams as well.

Kfangurl: We currently have only 2 movie reviews on the blog. Lady G wrote one for “The Suspect,” and I did one for “Hot Young Bloods.” I’m thinking of maybe writing one for “Miss Granny,” but haven’t done it yet. Movie reviews would be a nice thing to have, on an ad-hoc sort of basis.

Lady G: I’m not used to writing reviews, so I haven’t gotten it down to an art like I do my creative writing. I’ve only done a handful for comic books and a few Retro TV shows I liked. I’m glad readers enjoyed the movie review enough to want to see it. I’m always open to give suggestions and ideas to KFG if she wants to run any of her writings by me. But I think she does absolutely fine on her own. Every writer has a unique ‘voice’ and I love hers.

Noona: Kfangurl truly is great at her reviews. She does such an excellent job with them! Movie reviews would fit in nicely and be something you could do when RL gives you the time.  Kfangurl has often told me that finding your rhythm with reviews takes some time, but I think you’ll find the right flow in no time Lady G!

Lady G: Thank you. I’m sure it’s like most things, practice makes perfect.

Noona: Exactly. I’ve only just figured out my format myself.

Kfangurl: I feel like I should manage people’s expectations, you ladies keep praising the reviews to the skies. They’re not created equal, seriously. The older ones are particularly skimpy and haphazard. I went all epic for a while, but have since scaled back to more condensed reviews. There are only a few epic ones overall, now.

Lady G: I have read a lot of older writings on KFG’s blog and I can see the differences. But she only got better and better.

Noona: It isn’t the quantity of words, it is the quality.

Lady G: Yes, quality over quantity. And pictures! Lots of yummy, pure pretties!

Noona: Oh yes, Kfangurl has a way with finding the best pictures!

Kfangurl: Aw, you two. It took me a while to find a rhythm that works for me across minhyuk-drumsdramas. I learned that not all dramas can stand up to detailed scrutiny. Some fall apart faster than a tsunami wave crashing on a sandcastle, seriously.


Lady G: I can tell you, Kfangurl has her blog down to a science behind the scenes. It’s scary.

Kfangurl: Haha! This is true. I explained my entire process to Lady G when she was considering writing drama reviews (after she said yes, I asked if she’d like to), and I think that just about scared her off writing reviews. Oopsie.

Noona: I’m slowly learning that, not all dramas are created equal and sometimes you just need to put on the blinders when reviewing it.

I’m actually jealous that you’ve seen behind the scenes Lady G!

Lady G: My lips are sealed. 🙂 But I try not to peek at her upcoming stuff. I just notice the titles. I’m too busy working on the Dream Dramas. And yes, some dramas are not necessarily worth all the time for an epic review or to even watch.

To be quite frank, KFG did scare me off writing drama reviews. But it’s okay. I know my limits, and I’d be all over the place and overwhelmed with the drama reviews. So it works out for the best now.

Noona: I think that you both bring something to the table and it is that balance of talents that makes this partnership so fantastic.

song-il-gukLady G: Thank you. I think everyone who blogs has a rhythm behind the scenes. I have 2 blogs, but I never developed that rhythm. They’re kind of willy-nilly. But I’m learning so much from KFG and I’m starting to take my own more seriously. When I get the time, I’d like to get better organized.

Kfangurl: Work to our strengths, is what I say! I doubt I could make a dream drama as fantastic as Lady G does.

Lady G: Aww shucks.

Kfangurl: You’re learning blogging stuff from me? I wonder what those things are, we’ve mostly just been working on dream dramas!

Lady G: I’m learning to be more focused. And I want to have sections on my blogs, easier search engines, etc.  KFG is very disciplined when it comes to her blogging life.  I know that much. Jaime, your blog looks so nice too. You have sections and lovely banners like KFG.

Kfangurl: Heh, I’m starting to sound like some kind of blogging nazi! Which might not be too far from the truth, actually. But I promise, I’m fairly harmless.

Lady G: Sorry, I didn’t mean it in that way. I say this because it encourages me.

Noona: Awww, thank you Lady G! I spent loads of time looking at other blogs before I dove in with mine so I stole some ideas from other

Lady G: “Steal like an Artist” by Austin Kleon. I HIGHLY recommend this unusual, fun and encouraging book. We all adapt ideas and make them our own. I think in the long run, blogging is not my thing, it’s the creative writing. Like KFG said – we work to our strengths.

Noona: And now you’ve got a creative writing outlet with a partner who can handle the blogging!

Lady G: YES!

Kfangurl: Don’t you worry, I’ll run the blog, you just crank out those dream dramas, m’dear.

Speaking of Dream Dramas… Does the next Dream Drama have an inkling of an idea yet?  Do you plan on writing them as stories like Aurora?  Or using the older format in which the fans of the site can participate?

Lady G: The 2nd Dream Drama should be out by next month.  For now, I’m formatting them similar to “Aurora.” I have so many of my own ideas I want to develop. Fan participation is great some of the time, but I’d have to be ready for it, and make it a special post. I have one down the pike that came through a squee/spazz session on a group chat. 🙂


Noona: Really? Oh now that is some truly fantastic news!  Well if you ever need a sounding board, I had so much fun participating in Aurora that I’d happily help with whatever dream drama you’ve got cooking!

Lady G: KFG made me an email where people can send me messages ( I have gotten some great input through others when Aurora was first discussed in comments. You were a huge help, Jaime.

Noona: Oh? That’s fantastic! A place to toss ideas that you can use as you see fit!  I loved helping! And now I’ve really enjoyed seeing my ideas take shape in the finished version of Aurora.

Lady G: This is pretty hilarious. I just realized I haven’t started a drama with any of my big biases.

Noona: You are going to need to spend some time with you own biases soon Lady G! They deserve your creativity and stories!

Lady G: Good thought! I have some biggies, I love Song Il Guk, Oh Ji Ho, Jang Hyuk…

Noona: So many pretties and so many dream drama ideas!  Which just means you’ve got lots and lots of inspiration which means I will have lots and lots of Dream Dramas to read!

Lady G: Exactly! Sometimes you have a bias and feel like they’ve already filmed the perfect drama. But sometimes I can imagine my biases in roles that went to other actors and I’m itching to rewrite the drama.

chunoKfangurl: Yes. Like Jang Hyuk has done Chuno so perfectly.

Lady G: He sure did. So did Oh Ji Ho. The entire cast was perfect. And I still drool over KFG’s Chuno part 2 Dream Drama.  I remember commenting numerous times and telling her add this and that and that and the kitchen sink. It was great.

Kfangurl: Now that’s a drama I would watch – Jang Hyuk being all badass as Dae Gil, all over again!

Lady G: For sure. Okay, okay, I will give this away for the record. For the next dream drama think – LEE MIN HO.

Noona: LEE MIN HO!! He was my very-very first bias!


Lady G: This one is gonna be CRACKTASTIC! I hope.

Kfangurl: As someone who’s seen what’s cooking, let me just say, think LOTS of Lee Min Ho.

Lady G: Lots!

Noona: Oh boy now I want to see behind the scenes! Such a tease!

Kfangurl: See, there IS an upside to being scared by the blogging nazi! Ahem.

Ladies, this has been so much fun! I think that The Fangirl Verdict has even more to offer now that you’ve joined forces together. Thank you ever so much for taking the time out of your day/morning to answer my questions!

Lady G: It was our pleasure!

Kfangurl: Thank YOU, for giving us the royal celeb treatment, and giving us big heads while you were at it!

Lady G: Yes! I feel very honored to first be a part of The Fangirl Verdict, and now to have a real fan. 😀 It’s a HUGE encouragement to keep the Dream dramas rolling!

Noona: You are so welcome! I think of you both as celebs so it was only fitting to interview you! I am truly happy that I’ve been able to help encourage you to keep up with the Dream Dramas!





16 thoughts on “Interview: Kfangurl & Lady G

  1. This was so fun to participate in! Thanks so much for taking the time to interview us and allowing me to reveal the process of a Dream Drama and my writing in general. Coming up with these stories is fun and exciting and I can’t wait to continue! The little pictures are so cute throughout, and you threw in my big 3- Oh Ji Ho, Song Il Guk and Jang Hyuk. Heehee! Awesome!


    1. Interviewing you really made me want to do another interview! Haha, I had so much fun with the entire process. Though of course I’m not entirely sure who I would interview next, but I’m hopeful I can come up with another concept soon 😉

      I searched for your crushes specifically! I thought they were appropriate and a little eye candy certainly helps. Or at least it really can’t hurt!


  2. This was so nice to be a part of. Thanks again for allowing me to discuss my creative writing process. I really enjoyed all the chatting and squeeing behind the scenes. 😉 I love creating these dream dramas, even if they don’t all turn out to be hits. Love all the pictures you put in. And you used my big 3 biases – Oh Ji Ho, Song IL Guk and Jang Hyuk!


  3. This was fun but waeeee Lee Min Ho???? Well, Dramafever might want to buy your dream drama. They are obsessed with him! lololol Sorry LMH fans! don’t kill me! Anyway, regarding of the dream casting :p I wish you the best in your fun projects. Kisses to the three of you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! See, ya can’t please everybody. 😉 I like Lee Min Ho. But there’s a funny reason why I chose him and you’ll see when it comes out.


    2. Tee hee. Let’s just say that even though LMH is currently in my bad books for his underwhelming turn as Kim Tan in Heirs, I’m still tickled by why Lady G built a dream drama for him 😉


      1. haha. That’s the truth, I was soooo disappointed in Heirs, after seeing it hyped and hyped for months before it aired. But at least we got ‘Woobie’ out of that mess.


    3. LMH was my first K-crush! But then Heirs happened and I just lost all the warm fuzzies for him. Though I am super interested in Gangnam 1970, it seems way different than his usual stuff! But I’m even more excited for the new Dream Drama! I have faith that Lady G will be able to reinvigorate my love of LMH!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, to be fair, all actors have underwhelming dramas and roles under their belts. My issue with LMH is not even with him! Poor guy! Its with Dramafever lol! I never fell for him but he is not the worse actor Ive seen, I even enjoyed City Hunter and I haven’t seen much of him in general. He does look very manly in those Gangnam Blues posters.


      2. LOL. Dramafever tends to get a little pushy in regards to promoting their favorite actors. I remember thinking Heirs should be a Masterpiece, and I was even disappointed in LMH’s ‘look’ in the drama because it looked nothing like the ad. I’m very partial to him with the longish black hair. And the ads did not even fit the story at all. I think I’ve seen most of his dramas, City Hunter, Faith, Personal Taste, some of BOF (wasn’t his fault I dropped it though) I didn’t see his early stuff where he’s still a side character though. Since finishing this dream drama finally, I’ve gotten hooked on his singing. It’s nice. Even if his early album was candy corn.

        Oh boy, I hope my drama can live up to Jaime Noona’s expectations! I tried hard. 🙂


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  5. Wah! Great interview 🙂 It’s really nice to see the blogosphere coming together and the interview sounded like it would have been a real blast to experience. Totally enjoyed this and learning even more about you three 🙂


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