Lightning Strike Movie Reviews: Second Edition


Welcome back to my blitz reviews of movies!  I am really having a good time with my foray into movies.  They are a quick dash of drama that can sate my obsession enough so that I’m not chomping at the bit for time to watch my shows.  Today we’ll be taking a quick look at Mr. Idol, Everybody Has Secrets, and My Little Bride.

Mr. Idol

20110817161703822Light, fluffy, and heartwarming. This movie is pretty much brain candy. It is about the journey of an idol boys group to stardom. It really did try to have a deeper purpose and meaning throughout the story, but never quite got it. They had a lot of potential within the first half an hour, but the movie kept moving back to the light and fluffy avoiding the heavier issues. I was also confused about the relationship of the main lead, the children, and the woman reading fortunes. I believe that something was lost here in translation, but close to the end I finally figured out they were brother and sister, the children were his sister’s. That tidbit of knowledge made a lot of the story clearer. The meatier plot points would rear their heads once in a while, but were quickly tucked away. Though, a movie about the business of making an idol group denotes a simpler show anyway. If you go into this with that in mind then you won’t be disappointed. I enjoyed it well enough but I doubt that I’ll watch it again.

Noona’s Rating = 6.5


Everybody Has Secrets3003

I’m not even sure why I picked this movie to watch in the first place. I’ll blame it on staying up way too late which causes a lack in proper decision making skills. It was convoluted and a little twisted. A man causes chaos within a single family by seducing all the ladies with varied tactics. The reason why he went on his seducing spree? Not a clue. What I got from it was that he believed that a secret could empower a person to become more and have more to live for. So, he felt that by sleeping with them all he gave them a secret that would better their life… then he leaves without a trace and starts the process all over again. My second question that I asked myself, after wondering why I picked it in the first place, was why did I struggle all the way through to the end? That would have to be for Lee Byung Hun. However, when the credits rolled I wasn’t really certain that Lee Byung Hun gazing had been enough to make up for what I’d just sat through. Definitely not a movie that I would recommend.

Noona’s Rating = 5.5


My Little Bride

As a huge fan of the Noona Romance I also really love a good Ahjussi Romance too. I think the age gap relationship has a very unique set of Mylittlebrideposterchallenges and I enjoy watching these sorts of couples discover their path together. Additionally, the contract marriage and forced living arrangement trope is one of my favorites. So this movie had two excellent things going for it as it was an Ahjussi Romance combined with a contract marriage. This drama required me to suspend my disbelief, especially since she was only 16 and being forced into marriage. But they do have a chaste marriage and perhaps my sensibilities don’t mesh with the cultural sensibilities. Or it was meant to astonish all viewers regardless of their cultural home. Regardless, once I pushed that tidbit aside the movie was adorable. A dash of K-drama misunderstanding, character growth, and excellent interactions between the two leads. Another movie that is very much just a brain-candy experience, but a fun trip all the same.

Noona’s Rating = 8


4 thoughts on “Lightning Strike Movie Reviews: Second Edition

  1. I watched Everybody Has Secrets when I was rather taken with the LBH pretty, but it was a pointless, disappointing movie 😛 I did like Mr. Idol, though. I remember thinking it was cute and rather fun 🙂


    1. Right! It was utterly pointless and I’m sorry that I finished it. I really should have flexed my drop-this-now muscle. I’ve dropped a few other movies already, I don’t know why I didn’t do the same with Everybody Has Secrets.

      Mr. Idol was adorable. I had a good time watching it! The singing and dancing were fun too!


  2. I love My Little Bride….it was my introduction to K-entertainment…and has a very special place….and Kim Rae Won ♥ my first K-actor crush….the movie is cute and fun with great chemistry between the two…I hope they do a drama together someday….


    1. I loved My Little Bride. The leads were so good together! It was my first time seeing either of them in anything, but I can see why it would have instigated a crush on Kim Rae Won! If they do a drama together someday that would be totally amazing, I’d watch that in a heartbeat!


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