Dreaming of the Drama of my Dreams



In a land rife with trial, war, mistrust, political disorder, and chaos love blossoms.  The type of love which melts the heart and might just save a kingdom.  Throw in time travel from modern day to the Silla Era, Kim Woo Bin, and a multitude of intricate supporting cast members.  Is this a drama that you’d watch?  I know for sure I would, in a heartbeat!!

Allow me to introduce you to Aurora, a Dream Drama.  Haven’t heard of a Dream Drama?  Go on over to The Fangirl Verdict and take a look at all the Aurora-poster_kfangurlamazing Dream Drama’s that are there.  In a nutshell we K-Drama lovers all have those dramas that we’ve seen that we know should have been done differently, better.  That’s where the Dream Drama comes in.  It is us fangirls rewriting dramas to be what they should have been.

The queen of writing Dream Dramas?  Oh yeah I know her.  Now allow me to introduce you to Lady G!  Now she has an imagination that can outdistance even the best of us fangirls!  Once an idea strikes her she can conjure up a myriad of story lines which grip the feels and weave a truly wonderful drama that I for one truly want to see.

Recently Lady G join forces with Kfangurl over at one of my most favorite blogs ever The Fangirl Verdict as a staff member.  Her job?  Oh yeah that’s right, writing Dream Dramas!  That’s where Aurora comes in.   If you haven’t read it please-please go on over and do so!

Now I had the absolute pleasure of being part of the readership to help with the brainstorming and plotting phase of Auora before the enigmatic Lady GAurora-poster_03 wrote up her story/screenplay.  If there was a drama like this on TV now I’d watch it and then make all my friends watch it.  Honestly, despite the fact that I helped in writing bits and pieces of the concepts, my love for the story knows no bounds.

The post is totally worth the time, you’ll love the story as much as I do I’m certain of it!




6 thoughts on “Dreaming of the Drama of my Dreams

  1. D’aw! Thanks for the lovely, lovely shout-out, both for the blog, AND for Aurora, Jaime! 😀 Thanks too, for the lovely drama posters you made us – you rawk ❤ If not for you, I wouldn’t even have thought to make one! 😛 I’m so glad you love Aurora as much as we do! And yes, I do hope more people will come on over and give Aurora a chance to cast her spell over them! 😉


    1. Of course!! I’m super happy to help out, plus it gave me inspiration to use photoshop again. I need more things to inspire me so I don’t forget everything about using the program. I’m going to promote Aurora as much as I can! Hopefully my little post has helped to open more people’s eyes to the drama of their dreams!


  2. Wow! What a plug! Thank you so much, Jaime! It’s a real joy to write dramas in this fashion. And Kfangurl is gem for making it all happen and allowing me to join her fantastic blog. Your posters are amazing too. I adore the Borealis image you found, and the perfect color I imagined – the jade. I hope what comes next can live up to this one. Kfangurl knows I’m working on it. 😉 But each story and idea are unique and will hopefully appeal to the multitude of tastes in Kdrama fandom.


    1. You are so very welcome!! I might be fangirling just a little bit over the drama, but you know what that’s what we fangirls do! Kfangurl is pretty darn cool isn’t she? I can’t think of a better place for the Dream Drama’s than The Fangirl Verdict! As soon as I saw the aurora picture I thought it would be perfect because of the flash of light which transports them through time! I’m super glad that you like it too! Omo you’re a tease! I want to know what the next dream drama is!! So jealous that Kfangurl has the inside scoop 😉


      1. LOL. I will say this about the next one, it’s not fantasy, it’s modern, and the idea is super quirky. I told K-fangurl the other day I hope I don’t get sued for it. hahahaha!


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