Lightning Strike Movie Reviews: First Edition


Sometimes I want to dive into a drama but I don’t have the time to dedicate to a show, which is why movies are perfect!  Today I’ll be doing blitz reviews of three movies; Baby & I, He Was Cool, and My Mighty Princess.

Baby & I

I’m going to readily admit that I only watched this one because of Jang Geun baby_and_ISuk.   I absolutely loved him in ‘You’re Beautiful’.  From the description I wasn’t expecting much in the way of anything with this movie.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a fun and fresh adventure that was honestly a truly good time.  Jang Geun Suk is left with a baby that is supposedly his.  To complicate matters his parents have left him on his own because he’s a right stinker in school and life.  Thus he has to raise the baby alone, except there is a quirky girl who attaches herself to Jang Geun Suk’s character and consequently helps him in taking care of the baby.

The entire movie was sweet and eccentric with a cute flair.  Since my expectations were low it exceeded them easily.  Though, that does not mean this movie was anything more than a fun romp that was mostly brain candy.  So my absolute favorite part about the movie was the voice over work for the baby, seriously the crotchety old man voice was so hilarious I laughed through the whole show.  For a quick and painless watch then this is your movie!

Noona’s Rating = 7.5



He Was Coolhe_was_cool

This one came up as a suggestion because I watched Baby & I.  I watched ‘My
Princess’ with Song Seung Hun and was extremely underwhelmed with the
show as a whole.  This is exactly how I felt about this movie as well.  Young high school girl Han Ye Won insults the big man on campus Ji Eun Sung.  And so he determines that she now belongs to him.  This is the basis for the entire movie and they have a myriad of adventures along with several other school friends.  I know with most K-dramas we must suspend our disbelief and understand that logic doesn’t always get applied to the story.  Which I’ve discovered is alos true for Korean Dramas.  Yet, even armed with a year’s worth of drama watching under my belt I just couldn’t buy into this one.

Noona’s Rating = 5.5


My Mighty Princess

I have a huge-huge girl crush on Shin Min Ah, which is why I watched this.  That and combined with a comedic action flick I was totally sold.  It was all my_mighty_princessthat I hoped it would be.  It was wacky and zaney and crazy enough that the story worked even though it shouldn’t.  The children of rare and deadly martial arts are destined to save the world as long as they can take on the mantle of their amazing parents.  It has wire-fu, amazing fight scenes, campy humor, and a ridiculous story.  It was an all-around fun time that I will probably watch again.

My most favorite thing about the whole show is the fact that Shin Min Ah’s character could take insane amounts of damage and never get harmed.  She used this martial arts skill to put on a school play in which she was the Mighty Princess and the co-stars tried to beat the snot out of her.  It was lots of fun and I totally recommend it!

Noona’s Rating = 7.5


14 thoughts on “Lightning Strike Movie Reviews: First Edition

  1. I haven’t seen any of these movies (clearly, I don’t watch that many movies!), but it’s great that you’re enjoying them and writing about them! This way, I’ll get an idea of what movies to avoid, and which ones to keep on the vague list of movies I’ve got in my head to check out Someday. 😉 I do love Shin Min Ah too, so My Mighty Princess sounds like a fun one to try out sometime 🙂


    1. Movies helped me a whole lot while I was healing. I could stay awake just long enough to watch it in one sitting before I had to sleep again. So for a bit there I watched a ton of movies, it was easier for my sluggish brain to follow a short story than invest in a full blown show once more. I’m glad to be of assistance Chaebol! My Mighty Princess was definitely worth it! Shin Min Ah was so freaking adorable and badass in the fighting scenes she made the whole movie worth it!


  2. so it’s Baby and I…the Jang Keun Seuk movie i am asking you about over the fb page…of all the movies you post…i was able to watch Song Seung Hun’s He Was Cool…nothing so great and the story is just so…soo…i don’t find any logic with this movie and i didn’t enjoy it much….hope i’ll be able to watch The Mighty Princess over the net..^^


    1. Yes it is! Sorry I didn’t get to respond to you on FB chingu! The Jan Keun Seuk movie was Baby & I. I agree, He Was Cool wasn’t really all that great. The acting was choppy and the story line was rather bland and contrived. Oh I absolutely recommend My Mighty Princess, it was a lot of fun to watch!


  3. I’m not a huge Kmovie watcher. But the ones I have seen I enjoyed. I think I’m going to try and get into Baby and I again. I keep seeing the cute poster on Netflix. I turned it on 2 years ago and the whole ‘Look who’s talking’ idea just made me groan. I wanted the baby to be cute and coo and quiet. LOL. He was cute though. But I guess I can get over it.

    He was cool keeps enticing me, but I don’t know. It doesn’t seem ‘real.’ Aside from the fact that they look nothing like High Schoolers. lol. But I can get past that. I’m not that into zany comedy, so My Mighty Princess is not on my radar. But maybe one day with nothing to do I’ll give it a try.


    1. I never thought I’d venture into movies either, but throughout these past few months they have fit in really well with the time I have available to watch dramas. I can watch an entire movie in one go and they are just enough K-Drama to sate the obsession 😉

      It took me until about halfway through the movie, Baby & I, before I got it and could see its charms. It really is a pretty uncomplicated story line. The baby was what I loved! Haha, but I can see how the ‘Look Who’s Talking’ aspect of it could be a turn off.

      Really He Was Cool was not worth the time. It was almost idiotic in plot and the acting was painfully bad. I struggled even finishing the movie, but I felt that since I’d started it and it wasn’t all that long I had to finish. If you don’t like action-comedies then My Mighty Princess might just bore you. But I plan on putting up another post here soon-ish for more reviews of other movies I’ve watched. And I’ve got a few more on the list to watch in the near future so keep an eye out!


      1. I will keep an eye out. I like getting movie suggestions. I think I caught a scene or two from He was cool and you’re right, the acting was BAD. :p I do like some action-comedy but not the manga crazy type. I’m more the Jackie Chan fan-girl. lol


      2. I’ve got a few more of these articles in the works to cover the movies I’ve seen so far so I hope to be able to suggest a few good ones. Omo! Jackie Chan! I’m most assuredly a Jackie Chan fangirl! I knew I liked you!


      3. Ah, the little movie He Was Cool was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen…like ever! Bad acting, school stories that usually hit on my nerves and the leading actress who has committed suicide ( quite sad for my girly heart!)…but then came SSH with his adorable bunny! Along came the hilarious chasing outside the hair salon with the towels on their head, the air-jumping and the usual landing on the lips of the other person and all those clishes with so much comedy in a gift wrap. I really can’t tell whether I needed some good laughter at that time or the movie was really that adorable and funny! Anyway, I still remember the actors very fondly and I’m not even a huge fun of SSH. Go figure..!


      4. First let me apologize for the extremely late reply, I am recently returned from a fairly long hiatus.

        He Was Cool was a hilarious movie all together. It was a good chuckle at least. I had no idea that she had committed suicide that is terribly sad.


      5. I myself had my fair share of long hiatus time and again, so I completely feel for you, cherie 😉 It’s the nerve-racking period of uni exams and I’m behind in almost everything.
        Glad we share the same taste on hilarity..! We’ll be catching up soon, I hope 🙂


      6. This was my second hiatus since starting the blog, I still feel guilty for disappearing. But life sometimes doesn’t allow it. I am so very glad to be back and I am having so much fun getting back into the swing of things. Oh I do hope that all your exams go well and that you get caught up! Fighting!!

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Thank you, cherie! My hopes are up for the rest of the summer right after the horror period. Beach and sunbathing will be my No.1 priority…and dramas, of course!^^


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