We Got Married: Global Edition Season 2


I loved the first season of the Global Edition so much that I went searching and watched then entire first season of We Got Married, the original show. It was a ridiculous number of episodes with approximately ten different couples that they followed. If anyone knows where to watch the full episodes of WGM seasons 2, 3, & 4 let me know!

So it probably comes as no surprise that I was extremely excited to watch WGM Global Edition Season 2. So much so that I couldn’t even wait and watched each episode as it aired.  Even though after live watching two shows at a time before my sabbatical I’d vowed not to live watch a series ever again, it is quite exhausting.

What I Wanted:

1)      To experience again the mega-feels I had watching WGM Global Edition 1.

2)      Syrupy sweet interactions between the couples that just made me melt.

3)      Romantic Events planned to make their partner swoon or squeal with glee.

4)      A connection between the couples that felt real and sparked up my screen.


What I Discovered:

I’m not sure if I was expecting a repeat in feels and over the top cutesy love that I got from the first one, or perhaps I just didn’t give it a fair shake, but I didn’t like it as much as the first.  Now, I’m not saying that it wasn’t adorable and sweet, because it was, but it didn’t quite give me the same feels I got from season one.  It was a good romp and a fun time that I would highly suggest to anyone in need of something fluffy and breezy.  As with the first season I get that the whole thing is scripted, but again I don’t care.  I happily put on my blinders and let the show dance me off into the fairytale land in which it exists.  Still, compared to how much I loved and adored the first season this one wasn’t quite the same.

For me it had a great deal to do with the couples themselves.  The chemistry wasn’t as in sync as it had been with the couples on season one.  They were lovely together, but it felt somewhat more staged than the first season.  Which seems silly to say, I know, because everything is staged and scripted, but the people playing the parts didn’t seem to gel as closely in season two.

Shall we take a look at the couples then?

Let’s start with Heechul and Puff.  From the first moments up until the last they WGM-Global-2_04just didn’t seem to have the right connection.  Heechul was very excited and open about his enthusiasm about building a relationship from the first interview.  That zeal continues throughout the entirety of the show.  Puff was cute and showed a lot of aegyo,  however, she never really warmed up to Heechul.  They had quite a few adorable moments together, but they just never had a spark.  Puff was too cold for me.  But that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy watching their bits on the show.  Heechul made it all worthwhile, he was great fun.

Ari and Key were by far my favorite couple to watch.  They were innocent, awkward in the most adorable way, and they really had a wonderfully sweet WGM-Global-2_02chemistry built up by the end.  At first both of them were so unsure of themselves, how to interact together, and as I said awkward.  But honestly, it was their awkwardness that really worked for them.  It was so much fun to see them slowly open up to one another and enjoy one another’s company so much.  With them I did feel a spark and it felt like a blossoming relationship.

It seemed to me that there wasn’t as many big events planned or gifts between WGM-Global-2_03the couples.  That was one thing that I loved in the first season.  Though I believe this has to do with the fact the couples weren’t as connected this season.  I did enjoy the balloons that Key gave Ari and the amusement park experience from Puff to Heechul.  However, the events throughout the show didn’t quite live up to what I wanted.

The one thing that I honestly and truly missed was the wedding dress sessions.  In the first season of this and the first season of the original WGM my most favorite part was the episodes where the new bride tries on dresses.  I love watching the groom pace around nervously getting anxious while they wait.  Then the reveal, the way they look at her in the beautiful gown, WGM-Global-2_05and her giddy reaction to him.  In the season they skipped that part all together.  That was pretty disappointing for me and I hope that next time they add it back in.

Other things that I just loved you ask?  The houses!  They did a great job with the houses again.  I love that the gents get to decorate them and try to impress their new wives.  I love the house tour part of the show.  Also, each of the honeymoons were lovely and sweet.  I also loved both wedding photo shoots, both couples were gorgeous and the photos were ridiculously good.  One of my favorite parts of the whole show were the episodes with Key, Ari, and Ari’s mom.  They were so adorable together and Key was wonderfully respectful to her mom.  I watched those interactions a few times just because they were so sweet!

Final thoughts:


Despite all the things that I wanted in the show and comparing it to the first season I really did enjoy it.  As long as you go in expecting a reality show and understanding that it is pretty much brain candy I believe that you’ll thoroughly enjoy your time spent with We Got Married Global Edition Season 2!


4 thoughts on “We Got Married: Global Edition Season 2

  1. I agree that I found Season 2 of “We Got Married Global Edition” more contrived than the first season. I did enjoy Heechul’s lazy attempts at lechery towards Puff, but she was not a willing participant. For the sake of entertainment, she could have at least acted outraged in an aegyo way. I mean, how hilarious was it when Heechul revealed the large scale portrait of himself, while their wedding photos were relegated to regular picture frames? Puff’s reaction was muted.
    I found Key and Arisa cute, but boring. If they had any advantage over the other couple, it was Key’s ability to speak pretty much fluently in Japanese. Unfortunately, Arisa was just too young, coming across as a bland, pretty child bride.
    It is worth noting that producers stated that they had no plans on creating a third season of “Global Edition”.


    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head, the second season was way more contrived than the first. That is the perfect way to describe it. I loved Heechul’s attempts at skinship, they were wonderfully funny. But Puff was just not involved at all in the whole thing. She could have at least put on an act of aegyo, like you’ve said. I died with laughter at the wedding photo incident, which was wonderful. But again Puff was just deadpan about the entire thing.

      Agreed, Arisa was much to young for it to work as a believable relationship. Though for me their extreme innocence was something that I liked. It worked for them. They seemed to gel a great deal more, regardless of her age, than Puff and Heechul which is why I enjoyed them more in the end.

      I didn’t know that they weren’t going to make a third season. That’s sad, because their second attempted flopped. It would have been nice to see them improve on the format and get back to how it worked in season one.


  2. I haven’t seen the first WGM and never had an interest. I only watched because of Key and Heechul. LOVES them. I really liked Key and Ari the most (at first) but I enjoyed Heechul and Puff at the end. They had a more realistic feel (even though it was scripted), I think they genuinely came to care about the other and that came through. They were also older, so maybe that is why I felt that. Not to mention, the language barrier was more severe but I enjoyed watching how they communicated.


    1. Arisa’s age had a lot to do with why the Key-Arisa couple were so awkward. I thought she was lovely and I liked her dorky personality. However, I wish that they would have cast a lady closer to Key’s age.

      I guess I was just so stuck on Puff’s lack of real reactions to Heechul in the beginning that I wasn’t able to see how they had connected by the end. Perhaps I need to go back and watch the last few episodes with fresh eyes.

      Though you’re right, watching Heechul and Puff try and communicate was a lot of fun. They did seem to have their own language and way of communicating by the end.


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