My Queen: Ep 3 & 4


This Episode Review Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees.

Lucas and Wu Shuang set out to meet the mistress who was once Wu Shuang’s teacher. It is pointed out by her co-workers and boss how callous this is, though it falls into line with what we know of her character thus far. She sees only the story, not the fallout of what will happen when the story is published. Wu Shuang doesn’t consider the politician’s wife and son or the mistress and daughter, they are an acceptable loss when compared with getting her story. She and Lucas trick her former teacher into giving them information and record it even though they said they wouldn’t. This doesn’t sit well with Lucas, though Wu Shuang ignores his protests.

My_Queen_ep3_02The politician is waiting for his ex-mistress and tells her to leave country.  He took their daughter out of school and drugged her so she would sleep and not hear him kicking them out of the country. Just another tick in the list of items which make him a nasty piece of work. Unwittingly the mistress lets some things slip that Wu Shuang told her about the politician. Things he would rather keep hidden from the world.  He then sends someone to sabotage Wu Shuang, he cannot let his darkest sins be exposed.


After trying to talk to Wu Shuang about taking care of herself and letting others help she leaves him in charge of the stakeout. Lucas remains to take pictures of the apartment while Wu Shuang goes home. Lucas finds a threatening message left by the politician’s bad guys, written on a piece of a calendar from the mistress’ apartment. He rushes off to save Wu Shuang. It’s hard to tell if it is his good guy morals or something more that make him ride so hard to get to Wu Shuang in time. So far their relationship is still more the hate/argue sort. My_Queen_ep3_04Though he often takes time to tell her that she is important enough to have people care about her. The Noona in me believes he’s so worried because he’s already starting to like her. Once at the apartment he discovers that the baddie cut the gas line, Wu Shuang is oblivious. After a struggle and an argument he gets her out, but in the process they cause a spark and the apartment explodes.


After waking up in the hospital and finding the news is saying it was suicide for a lonely single woman she rushes back to her apartment. Lucas follows, nagging her the whole way to rest and ignore the news. He’s worried that she’s going back to exact revenge on the reporter or her co-workers who are all on the scene. But it turns out she returned not for blood or to deny the request, but to retrieve the photo from the love of her life that disappeared. Her peers and Lucas witness a brief vulnerable moment from Wu Shuang. After visiting her newly married friend she ends up staying with Lucas in his apartment instead, now that hers is destroyed.


My_Queen_ep3_05The next morning they see a news report of the politician denying the accusations and they hatch a plan to make the politician pay at the charity event he’s hosting. I enjoy the easy camaraderie they have while determining how exactly to take the dirty-politician down. They work really well together.  While Lucas and Wu Shuang are prepping JJ picks up the mistress and her daughter to prove that the politician is as evil as SWS told her. Seeing the threatening message written on a piece of paper from her apartment is enough to push the mistress over the edge. She’d been suspecting him for a long time, but now there’s proof.


Lucas and Wu Shuang pretend to be magicians. The make over session is adorable! Ath the charity event they trick the politician to biting a cookie to get his DNA.  Backstage they blackmail him to resign his position. TheMy_Queen_ep3_07 mistress shows up and with her joining their side Lucas and Wu Shuang easily dominate the politician and he resigns publicly.  It doesn’t give Wu Shuang her story but it protects her teacher and her daughter.  Lucas is impressed and praises her for growing a heart. Wu Shuang, in a moment of honest vulnerability, admits to Lucas that she hates being the wicked witch. This was a wonderful moment of evolution for Wu Shuang and gives us a look into the person she really is, not the person that she’s forced herself to become. Taking that growth one step further Wu Shuang uses the money they blackmailed out of the politician to redecorate the room of the orphans at the church, trying to give them back Christmas and Santa.



My_Queen_ep4_02After surprising the kids they decide to try a “date”. Which in reality is just going out for some food after a good day of work. Though they have opened up to one another more at this point. I’m enjoying their interactions. She is grudgingly showing that she is not the cold witch and he’s becoming more and more warm towards her. On their way to find food the car breaks down.  As they are walking back Wu Shuang falls and Lucas ends up carrying her all the way home. The fact that he lifts her so easily and carries her so far makes her see Lucas in a new light, and her conviction to keep him at a distance is rattled.


Jia Jia, who unwittingly delivered the bomb cake to Wu Shuang shows up while Lucas is carrying her to theMy_Queen_ep4_03 apartment with another package.  It’s the playboy bunny outfit sent by Romeo since she lost their bet.  Wu Suang in a snit sends Lucas to walk Jia Jia home, not trusting that the clumsy and timid girl can make it on her own.  They end up meeting with JJ to fix his car.


My_Queen_ep4_05The next day at work Wu Shuang confidently shows up in her bunny outfit. She saunters back and forth in front of them looking really good. Her co-workers are upset that she looks so damn good instead of humiliated. Which just makes Wu Shuang very happy. However,  Jia Jia shows up dressed as Sailor Moon in an attempt to negate the humiliation she feels that Wu Shuang will be feeling.  But instead it makes everyone fall My_Queen_ep4_06in love with how adorable Jia Jia is and that makes SWS jealous. In her innocence Jia Jia makes Wu Shuang dislike her more, when she already dislikes the poor girl because Lucas is kind to her. Not that Wu Shuang will admit that she’s attracted to Lucas, she’s not yet grown enough to make that declaration, even to just herself.


Their boss declares that they are going on their annual company trip, which translates into a heated and physical competition between Wu Shuang’s team and Romeo’s team.  Laying down yet another challenge they disperse.  At home Wu Shuang discovers the debt that Lucas owes to the mobsters because he was chasing her. They’ve shown up and are threatening her since Lucas isn’t home. Not that she tells him, instead she tests him to see if he’ll admit the debt. When he doesn’t she becomes even more determined to win the company challenge so that Lucas will get the bonus.


My_Queen_ep4_07The next day the company meets up and heads out to the trip location. The stingy boss sends them in a rickety van that dumps them on the street a few miles from the hotel itself. Jia Jia gets severely motion sick and is barely able to walk on her own. Chivalrous Lucas immediately holds her up and helps her walk, making Wu Shuang irritable. They all end up at the wrong hotel where they discover some rich young bloods (ABCs, American Born Chinese).  One of them notices Jia Jia who is and being tended by Lucas.   While Wu Shuang is trying to settle their check in she discovers that Jia Jia was in America and the rich boy was her boyfriend. The ABC boyfriend gives her a sad story about his relationship with Jia Jia (who he calls Cindy), their parting, and that he’s been searching for her ever since. The hidden romantic in Wu Shuang gobbles up the story and believes every word of it.


The group determines it is the wrong place and heads to a rundown place owned by their cheapskate boss. They My_Queen_ep4_08divide up into their roommates and prepare to meet down at the beach for their endurance training. Lucas and Rocky share a room.  Rocky admits that he has loved Wu Shuang for a long time and threatens Lucas to stay clear of her and focus on Jia Jia.  But Lucas tells Rocky that if he really wanted to go after Wu Shuang that Rocky wouldn’t be able to stop him, bolstering this charge by using Aikido on the poor photographer.


My_Queen_ep4_09A little while later they meet down on the beach. Wu Shuang has sworn Rocky to secrecy about the fact she is sick and also that she wants to win to get Lucas the money. Even though he’s unhappy about it, Rocky obeys. Their boss straps weights to their backs and makes them run in the soft sand to a flag and back. Wu Shuang gives it 200% and of course wins. Jia Jia is still sick and weak, which makes her unable to finish. In swoops Lucas to her rescue, angering Wu Shuang to the breaking point. She screams at them through the megaphone, scolding them fiercely. In her anger she tells Jia Jia not to compete so as not to drag the team down. Lucas is immediate up in arms, protecting Jia Jia, poor Wu Shuang gets even more fired up over that. In the end Lucas takes Jia Jia saying that he’ll give her some more training so she can participate likes she wants to. Romeo’s team hopes that the internal drama and struggles of Wu Shuang’s oppressed team spells success for them.



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