Noona Killer – Ethan Ruan

The first time that I saw Ethan Ruan was in “Fated to Love You.”  I have never cried as much watching a drama as I cried watching that one.  Even though I needed to take a break from the emotional roller coaster, I was completely enamored by Ethan Ruan.


Currently I am watching “My Queen”, which also stars our Noona Killer.  Even though I haven’t finished “Fated to Love You” the type of character that he plays in “My Queen” is extremely different.  That impressed me immensely.


In the former he is the typical Chaebol.  Arrogant, childish, selfish, entitled, and sickeningly rich.  The character was easy to dislike, but boy did he look good in suits.





Being that I’m such a dongsaeng in the drama world, and even newer to the Taiwanese dramaland I’m not certain if it is just the style or not.  However, in both roles mixed amidst the serious scenes and stories he manages to do some of the silliest things.  That natural goofiness just makes me adore him all the more.


In “My Queen” he’s a free spirit who has a painful past which he covers up with smiles and laughter.  A man with wisdom past his years.  I immediately adored his portrayal of Lucas, were his character in “Fated to Love You” took awhile to warm up to.


Beyond the fact that I truly enjoyed the fact that he portrayed two very different people with great skill.  Ethan is quite lovely to look at.


He is the reason that I’m seriously considering going back and actually finishing the emotional roller coaster that is “Fated to Love You.”  If only to watch him a little longer.




Even though I’ve sort of set up my drama watching plan which would encompass more Noona Romances than anything else, I’m seriously considering watching something of his next.


Whatever my drama viewing consists of I’m pretty sure that I’ll be watching a few more shows with Ethan.  So join me in welcoming Ethan to the ranks of my Noona Killers!!








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