My Queen: Ep 1 & 2



This Episode Review Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees.

It has been ages since I have watched a drama of any sort.  Let me tell you, I have missed it greatly.  Once I was well enough to sit and watch a show then I was faced with the exceptionally difficult question of what to watch.  My lovely and amazing drama blogsphere friends offered some excellent suggestions, one of which was Witch’s Romance (thank you Drama Fan!)  I very much want to watch that show, however, the Taiwanese version has been on my watch list for ages.  So I thought I’d start there, and since I’m such a humongous fan of Noona Romances, it just seemed to fit perfectly.

Having stepped away from dramaland for so long I forgot how campy some dramas can be, don’t get me wrong that’s oneMy_Queen_02 of the things that I adore about them.  But, My Queen opens up and is extremely campy from the get go.  The other thing that this drama reminded me of was why I love Noona Romances.  Our heroine, Shan Wu Shuang, is a strong woman with a successful career who can take care of herself and is dependent on no one to thrive in a world primarily ruled by men.  Just like many a chaebol lead that has the power and success, she has quite the terrible personality.  Cold, uncaring how her actions affect people, with quite a temper, much like the Wicked Witch.  Though we learn some of her chilly outlook on life is brought on my having lost the man she loves to the unknown.  He literally leaves to take pictures of polar bears and is never heard from again.


My_Queen_01Lucas is our Hero.  He’s eight years younger than Shan Wu Shuang and is a pro-part-worker.  He is carefree man who lives life to the fullest.  Even with so little he has a good life filled with friends and good times.  He and his partner, JJ, will do most anything for a fee.  They will dress up as Santa, teach martial arts as substitute teachers, fix the lighting at temples, etc.  Lucas has wisdom that is beyond his years, that he often shares with the people in his life.  He too has suffered loss, though his is more permanent.  The woman he loved and who loved him died in his arms.


From the get go hilarity and trouble ensue.  Shan Wu Shuang’s mom prays for her at the Fox Temple and takes thirtyMy_Queen_03 beatings to ensure her daughter will marry.  Which sets the tone for the show as a whole.  Our leads are embroiled in an immediate battle because in Shan Wu Shuang’s  need to reveal a political leader as having a mistress and bastard child she steals the bike that Lucas (as Santa) is giving to orphans.  Despite crushing the dreams of these poor waifs she manages to destroy her enemy, Romeo’s dreams of being assistant editor by turning in her pictures on time and revealing the most love politician as an adulterer.  In his chase for her Lucas is hit by a gangster’s car and ends up having to pay the scary man a large sum of money.


My_Queen_04Not only is Shan Wu Shuang terrible to Lucas, the orphans, and her side-kick photographer Rocky, she’s a nasty piece of work to her co-workers.  Even though her boss loves the piece that exposes the mistress and hidden child her co-workers hate her even more, it might have something to do with the fact that she rubs it in their faces that she beat them again.  They dislike her so much so that they decide to hire the pro-part-timers to trick Shan Wu Shuang into believing that JJ likes her at the company party.  The restaurant owner demands a kiss between JJ and Shan Wu Shuang and just before they kiss JJ sneers that he can’t kiss an old woman.


Not to despair, Lucas has heard of the job and swoops in while Shan Wu Shuang is being laughed at and kisses herMy_Queen_12 soundly.  Afterwards he takes her out of the place much to the consternation of her co-workers.  After breaking down and arguing with Lucas she realizes that she doesn’t want to be alone on Christmas.  So of course she invites Lucas to come home with her.  Shan Wu Shuang is certain it’s a one night stand, Lucas believes he’s going to give her some company and possibly play cards.  She comes out in a naughty nighty and seduces him.


My_Queen_10However, before they can seal the deal she sees his wallet with is ID card and discovers that he’s 8 years younger than she.  That splashes cold water on their intimacy and she promptly kicks him out calling him a kid and scolds herself for being naïve and desperate.  Though when she assures him that they shall never see one another he tells her that he’s her neighbor and saunters off with a smile.  I enjoy his confidence and the fact that he’s not really angry at for kicking him out.  Instead he lets her push him away and instead chalks it up to a new experience.


The next day Lucas sees that Shan Wu Shuang’s co-workers have written horrible reviews of the pro-part-timers and he My_Queen_08goes to confront them.  In the middle of the confrontation  new co-worker Jia Jia shows up.  She’s an ugly duckling, shy, and clumsy.  She brings with her a package for the wicked witch, it turns out to be an exploding cake.  Sent by the politician that Shan Wu Shuang ousted as an adulterer.  As the politician works the media to make it appear like Shan Wu Shuang’s article was nothing more than a hoax, he’s also threatening her trying to scare her off the trail.  Instead it makes her more dogged, but her boss determins that she’ll need protection.  Lucas is employed on the spot as her bodyguard, much to Shan Wu Shuang’s consternation.


Romeo challenges Shan Wu Shuang stating he doesn’t believe that she can prove without a doubt that the politician is actually an adulterer.  She of course accepts the challenge.  If she wins, Romeo comes to work in a thong.  If he wins, Shan Wu Shuang comes to work in a playboy bunny outfit.



2 thoughts on “My Queen: Ep 1 & 2

  1. I recently finished the K-drama remake of this (Witch’s Romance) so I don’t see myself jumping into the T-drama version (quite honestly for me, it generally tends to go J>K>T when it comes to dramas) but it was very interesting to see that they kept so many of the original series’s elements. Though in the K-drama I didn’t think she seemed that horrible to her co-workers, rather they just seemed unreasonably jealous of her success (for which she actually works really hard, which is why their reaction/revenge seemed even more blown out of proportion).

    Also, did I mention it’s nice to have you back after your ordeal? As someone who enjoys a lot of the same tropes in dramas, I missed your commentary!

    (Also, as an aside– there’s a new J-drama currently airing, Platonic, with an older(40s)woman/younger(30s)man thing going. I like it so far but quite honestly it’s shaping up to be a rather sad story [woman falls in love with man with terminal cancer who offers to donate his heart to her sick daughter] so maaaaybe it’s not something you care to tackle during your recovery. Also, WordPress is acting very weird to me right now so I apologize if this posts twice [or more].)


    1. I don’t blame you for not jumping directly to another country’s version of the same story. I’ve done that once and I found it a bit hard to get back into the very same story just with different names. I’ve recently watched my second J-Drama and boy I am really-really liking them! I think I’ll be watching many more J-Dramas in the future. The thing I’ve noticed with T-dramas is that they are quite a bit longer which allows for more drag in the middle of the drama.

      I’ve finished the drama now, though it is taking me a long time to write my episodic reviews. The show revealed more and more about the leading lady and the more I learned the more I realized that she wasn’t necessarily evil to them, but she didn’t explain herself. So her actions were perceived as horrible, but weren’t as self centered as they assumed. But the same was true for the T-drama version, her co-workers were jealous of her ability which added to the problem.

      Aww thank you ever so much! I am so happy to be back. It is still a slow process and I’m not able to write as much or as long as I would like, but I’ll get there! I’ve missed chatting with you on our beloved tropes as well!

      Platonic? I will add it immediately to the Noona Meter! As I said I’ve discovered a newfound love for J-Dramas. I’ve only watched two, Last Cinderella and Anego. But wow they were both amazing. The story sounds good, very good, but yes I think perhaps I’ll place it on the back burner for a little while. Though my current goal is to watch as many of the dramas I’ve got listed on the Noona Meter as possible so I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually!

      WordPress behaved and only posted it once 😉 Thanks again for stopping in and chatting with me!!


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