Comeback Tour: Opening Number

I’m at the start of my Comeback Tour, and falling in love with dramaland all over again. To kick off my return to being healthy and cognizant enough to watch dramas I started with some Running Man. The episode where they used “You Who Came From the Stars” as their theme had me rolling on the floor! After that I watched a few episodes of “We Got Married Global Edition 2” I so love that show, it is just about as good as the first season. With a few variety/reality shows under my belt I was ready to dive into my first drama in months. I picked “My Queen.” Hopefully I’ll be completing my review of it soon! However, it reminded me of why I love the Noona Romance so much.


Which led me to thinking about my project here on the blog, The Noona Meter. I created it just before I was injured and had to take some time away from the blogverse. I was worried that it would fizzle out and be somewhat broken when I finally managed to return. So I went looking at my handy-dandy stats information here on wordpress. I had been keeping record of views and keyword searches that brought people to the blog specifically for the Noona Romance before taking my sabbatical. I’m glad that I had that, it has allowed me to see if the project has been successful or not.images


Honestly, I was surprised by the results. Surprised and thrilled. In my absence there were various searches made for Noona Romances which brought 150+ people here. In a few months that feels like a rather huge number! I might have done a little happy dance right in my chair. The list that I’ve compiled with the help of other Noona Romance lovers was helpful to quite a few people! To top that off the Noona Meter has been viewed over 560 times since I left.


Seeing this has reinvigorated my desire to make the Noona Meter the place to go to research Noona Romances. images7Even in its infancy the list has had some great success. I’m even more inspired to make it better! So as I get back into dramaland I am going to make my primary goal to watch as many of the shows on the Noona Meter as I can. I’m not entirely sure that I’ll be writing reviews on all of them, but I do want to have some information about each show on the list.


Tentatively I think I might do a short (3-5 paragraph) synopsis for each show that I have watched and include the Noona Meter poll to allow others to help give a wider opinion. Then if I get the urge I can write a full blown review or recap at a later date. Though I am open to suggestions and ideas! Or if you know anyone who also shares my level of obsession for the Noona Romance who might like to write a review or two for the Noona Meter I’d love to get in touch with them.


It is so wonderful to come back to dramaland and the blogverse after so long away. Hopefully with my renewed attention I can really make the Noona Meter the place to be!images4


6 thoughts on “Comeback Tour: Opening Number

  1. Yay!!! I just finished watching “A Witch’s Romance” – the Korean drama based off of “My Queen”. It should also be added to the Noona Romance watch list ^^ I am so glad you are back! And that the Noona Meter is doing so well! ❤


    1. I’m looking forward to watching that one! I loved My Queen in a cracky sort of way. Which makes me want to watch a Witch’s Romance even more. I’ve added it to the Noona Metter as well 🙂 I’m so happy to be back as well, I’ve missed all my drama friends so so so much!!


  2. Yay that you’re back Jaime!! 😀 See, the dramaverse waited for you – your Noona Meter is doing nicely, & the blog’s been chugging along quite well even when left to its own devices. Of course, nuthin’ like actually having you back! Here’s a big slobbery welcome smooch for ya! *smoooooch~* 😉


    1. I have to admit I was a little worried about the blog and the Noona Meter. I’ve put a lot of work into it and it saddened me to think that it might have suffered from my absences. Which when you think about it seems quite silly lol.

      Awww thanks Chaebol!! It is so wonderful to be back!!


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