Emergency Couple: Ep 21


This Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

Episode 21

The last episode!!!  Please allow me a moment to weep, I truly do not want to say goodbye to this show.  I have loved it so much!  Before I turn into a wannabe melodrama, let’s get to the show!

ER-Couple_231We are taken right back to the moment last episode ended.  Poor Dr. Gook watches as Chang Min kisses Jin Hee so sweetly.  He watches for a moment and then turns to walk silently away without them even knowing he was there.  Well he sure followed Dr. Shim’s advice, I do believe that his heart is well and truly crushed.  But maybe this sadness will be a way for him to start really living once again.  And with that new fresh perspective on life he’ll see his perfect match in Dr. Shim.

Jin Hee and Chang Min are texting one another after they parted.  It reminds me of the episode they were texting when she slept at his apartment after she broke her collarbone.  Except this time the texts are lovey-dovey and sweet and overly cute!  I just want to pinch their cheeks!  Truly, they are just wonderfully adorable.  I am so-so happy to see them happy again.  Now… all she needs to do is tell her mom and then they can really-truly begin again.

At the hospital Young Ae shows Jin Hee the divorce paper, and in response Jin Hee says that they need ER-Couple_232to have a talk.  Sang Hyuk is also telling Yong Kyu about it.  I’m reminded of how Jin Hee and Chang Min were at the end of their year of marriage.  Neither Young Ae or Sang Hyuk seem interested in talking and making amends.

The Chief and Dr. Gook are discussing an assignment in a rural area, seems two interns are going to a rural area to see patients.  After Chang Min embarrasses Jin Hee in front of the nurses by asking if she would like him to make a baby for her (omo I ER-Couple_233squaled) the pretty much run into Dr. Gook as he leaves the meeting with the Chief.  He assigns them to the remote mission.  Chang Min leaves first and Jin Hee asks Dr. Gook why he called her last night.  He pauses a moment to consider his answer and confidently tells her that he took care of it himself.  She happily accepts the answer and leaves.  Dr. Gook takes a moment to reflect, I wonder if that was his way of accepting her choice of Chang Min?

A homeless man arrives on the ambulance, he was drunk and fell down a flight of stairs.  He’s rushed in and diagnosed, but Professor Ahn will need to do the surgery because he’s the resident specialist doctor ER-Couple_234for the injuries the homeless man has suffered.  Dr. Gook is called away for another patient.  A few moments later Jin Hee comes to get him, Professor Ahn won’t perform the surgery unless a guardian signs the release paperwork, it doesn’t matter to Ahn that the man will die.  Even after Dr. Gook confronts Professor Ahn, he won’t do the surgery.  So after Ahn leaves Dr. Gook tells the Oh’s to put his own name on the release form.  I’m going to guess this will not bode well for Dr. Gook.

In the aftermath Dr. Gook calls Dr. Shim who has left early to get ready for her family’s visit.  Omo, he tells her that the empty spot is so much larger without her there!  Is this the beginning of their new beginning?  I certainly hope so.


A woman runs into the ER looking for her father, who turns out to be the homeless man that Professor Ahn refused to perform the surgery on.  Ahn did the surgery, but only after Dr. Gook signed as the guardian.  But by then it was nearly too late and the man is in a very poor condition.  The daughter rips into Dr. Gook because her father’s surgery was put off.  Chang Min manages to tell the woman that it was Dr. Gook who bend the rules and signed the release paperwork.  But that doesn’t stop her lecture, and she’s 200% right.  Life should come first for a doctor.  The best part of this scene?  Well Professor Ahn is right there of course.  The resident doctors, nurses, and patients are all looking at him and he has the decency at least to look shamed.


Once the woman is calmed Dr. Gook and Professor Ahn speak quietly.  Dr. Gook agrees not to spread rumors about Ahn’s despicable behavior in return for him dismissing the case against Dr. Shim.  It was so wonderful to see Ahn put in his place!

ER-Couple_237I need a moment… or I might just melt away from utter happiness.  Dr. Gook surprises Dr. Shim at the grocery store.  I mean like in the most adorable way!  She’s reaching for a bag and he pretends to be reaching for it too!!!  Come on, freaking cute right?  They shop together and just look so wonderfully perfect.  Back at her house she’s putting the groceries away and while he waits he starts to vacuum for her, because her daughter will be there.  Yup, I’m a happy puddle of Noona!

The Oh’s are at the seaside working for the rural hospital.  Jin Hee is loving it, so much so that she goes on house visits for patients leaving Chang Min to handle the ER.  He teases her about it but you can totally tell that he doesn’t mind.  After work they ride doubles on the bike, omo!  Like really, I died just watching that scene they are so cute!  I could have watched them play and laugh while riding the bike for a full five minutes and been perfectly happy.


On their way home they find a group of people huddled around a man on the ground.  Immediately they set to work to save him.  Yet again this show showers you with the cute and sweet before plunging you right into a serious scene.  The man is unconscious and his leg wound won’t stop.  They have to perform an emergency procedure on the broken leg to stop the bleeding and it is a success!

The mommies meet…  even though Meddlesome Mommy has turned a new leaf I still get worried when ER-Couple_241she appears on screen.  I’m not entirely convinced that she’s learned how to treat other people well.  However, she proves my anxious feeling to be for naught.  She kindly apologies to Jin Hee’s mom for hurting Jin Hee in the past.  And on top of that thanks Jin Hee’s mom for going to the funeral.  It would be nice if these two ladies could become friends, I think they both need someone who understands the sharp pain of watching their husbands pass away first.  It seems that Jin Hee’s mom also knows that the Oh children are dating again the mommies agree to leave it up to the kids to make the right choice.

ER-Couple_242Back at the rural town Jin Hee and Chang Min are sharing a romantic dinner outside, they are so freaking cute!   They are living together here, which is totally amazing!  They share a sweet and yet serious moment.  Jin Hee admits that she is very happy living and working with Chang Min, but the idea of marriage frightens her.  Omo… Chang Min… I need another moment… seriously he got me right in the Noona feels and I had to pick myself up from the gooey puddle I’d become on the floor.  He says to her that they shouldn’t rush things, it took her so long to become the person she is now.  Marriage isn’t a finish line in life, he wants her to live and be happy.  Oh my gosh!  I’m a very happy Noona right now.


Dr. Shim is waiting for her parents and daughter at the airport.  It is a super sweet scene!  As they are leaving Dr. Gook shows up out of nowhere and offers to give Dr. Shim’s parents a ride while Dr. Shim ER-Couple_245drives with her daughter for some bonding time.  Right in the feels, again!  During the drive Dr. Shim’s mom asks Dr. Gook if he’s single again, seriously too cute!  Jin Min asks her mom if she and Dr. Gook are a couple which is just too cute!!!

Yong Kyu is working with Jin Ae and Gwang Soo’s band now.  I guess he quit the hospital and went after his dream.  Ah Reum stops by with food and they talk for a little.  It seems that Yong Kyu’s dreams are all going to come true because Ah Reum asks him ER-Couple_247out on a date!  His shy little smile just about killed me!  Seriously I think Yong Kyu is almost as cute as Baby Gook!  I’m still a firm believer that Ah Reum isn’t good enough for Yong Kyu, but he’s over the moon happy about it so I guess I can be happy for him.

Jin Hee is working on researching the condition of a patient, she calls Dr. Gook for help.  He advises her that her suspicions are right, but warns her to verify her findings with the specialist there to avoid getting into trouble.  A few seconds later Chang Min calls in regards to the same patient.  He gruffly gives him the same answer and tells Chang Min to stop calling.  The two resident doctors with Dr. Gook are freaking adorable!  They suggest that he go and visit them because they are on their own.  I hope he does!


Dr. Shim picks up Dr. Gook after his shift at the hospital with Jin Min.  It seems that little adorable and bossy Jin Min wants to meet Dr. Gook and make sure he’s an alright guy.  Freaking cute right?  So they goER-Couple_248 out for dinner together.  Jin Min is working at making a match between Dr. Shim and Dr. Gook.  After obtaining a pinky-promise from Dr. Gook to treat her mommy right they eat.  Ugh they are just the most precious family ever!  I really hope that something happens so that Dr. Gook and Dr. Shim can be together!  I don’t want Dr. Gook to be left alone in Seoul when Dr. Shim and her family return to Korea.

Yong Kyu and Ah Reum are on their date.  Ah Reum is a little put out that Yong Kyu let Gwang Soo eat all the food she brought.  I guess she really does care and really has opened her heart to him.  They listen to a song together, sharing a set of earbuds, cute!  And then Yong Kyu gets the nerve up to kiss her sweetly on the cheek.  They snuggle on the park bench and watched the water show on the bridge over the Han River.


The Ohs are staying in the same house, separate rooms.  Chang Min texts Jin Hee but she doesn’t respond.  So he goes over to her room via their shared balcony and knocks.  He’s frustrated because she won’t answer and worried she’s angry because he told her not to eat so much to watch her figure.  Then she whips open the curtains, she’s wearing a robe.  With a flirty smile she opens the robe to reveal a skimpy nightgown.  Omo! His expression is priceless!!!  She closes the curtain and he bangs on the door.  When she opens the curtain the second time the robe is open and she playfully dances for him.  And just when you think she’s going to open the door she closes the curtain again!  Leaving Chang Min to suffer all night alone.  The next morning he’s grumbling that he couldn’t sleep when he sees Jin Hee by their bike.  They have a playful chase while he mock-scolds her for not letting him into her room after that show.  Oh my gosh I am in love with this entire episode!!!!!!!!!!


ER-Couple_253Dr. Gook and Dr. Shim arrive that evening to visit the couple and share a meal.  The Ohs bemoan the fact that Dr. Shim is going back to America, they’re sad she’s leaving and sad they can’t learn from her anymore.  The four of them share a lovely evening talking and laughing.  It is adorable!  Afterwards they’re sharing tea outside and Dr. Shim asks what the Ohs plan on specializing in, together they answer Emergency Medicine!  Cute!  This episode is really overloading me with the cute feels and I love it!

Dr. Shim wants to talk to Chang Min and so they wander off together leaving Dr. Gook and Jin Hee together on the bench.  It suddenly becomes very-very-very awkward between the two of them.  Dr. Shim asks Chang Min to watch over Dr. Gook when she leaves.  And also says that the Ohs remind her ofER-Couple_255 she and Dr. Gook when they were both residents.  But I think it is all a cover to get Dr. Gook and Jin Hee to talk.  They need closure of their almost relationship.  Dr. Shim is one smart cookie.  And they do talk.  Dr. Gook admits that he called her that night because he wanted to see her.  Jin Hee sits and listens silently while he goes on to thank her for making him feel this way!  Guh the feeeeeels!!!!  Then he gives her this boyish smile and then tells her now he feels like he can finally meet someone and give his whole heart to her and even marry her someday.  Guh!!! So good!!!!!  And with that they are both at ease with one another.   Though Jin Hee asks him if he really is going to let Dr. Shim go, but he doesn’t get to answer because Chang Min and Dr. Shim return.

The Ohs return back to Seoul and their hospital and are given a wonderfully sweet welcome back.  Sang ER-Couple_256Hyuk and Young Ae have decided to take time to stay together and talk things out for now.  The Ohs learn that Yong Kyu is going to study music abroad.  Dr. Gook gets a postcard from his father who gives a roundabout apology for the mistakes he made in the past.  Then he runs off, driving like a maniac to get to the airport.  He finds Dr. Shim and her family and tells her to have a good trip, but that she has to come back.  Ugh I wanted them to be together like right now!

At the hospital Chang Min and Jin Hee run into one another at the cat picture in the stairwell, both heading to different departments.  Before she can run past him, Chang Min stops her for a kiss!  Guh, love it!


A three way collision is bringing multiple ER patients so Dr. Gook orders all the specialists and interns to be brought to the ER in preparation.  Jin Hee stands in the middle of the erupting chaos and watches it for a moment.  While the ER employees are scrambling to deal with the emergency we hear Jin Hee and Chang Min talk about the ER.  Life and death intersect there, it is a place of death and a place of miracles.  The mistakes made there can be detrimental but even so those who work there must stand up after the fall and keep going because if they don’t more lives will be lost.  The ER is much like their lives.  If they can accept their mistakes, understand falls will happen, they will know miracles too.  Together Chang Min and Jin Hee meet life head on… and live happily ever after!!!!



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