Emergency Couple: Ep 20


This Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees.

Episode 20

Give me a moment to admit my utter excitement when I was informed by my chingu Dewaani that the show had been extended by an episode!  That is just the best news ever!  I’m totally not ready to say goodbye to this show yet!  Alright, and on with the show!

I love the evolution of Chang Min’s character.  The way he lovingly tucks Jin Hee into his bed after their drunken conversation is just the most adorable thing ever.  He’s completely different than when the show began.


In the morning after Jin Hee shyly brings a towel to Chang Min but has the most adorable flashback to a similar scene from their first marriage.  But it doesn’t quite play the same way as the previous memory, much to Jin Hee’s disappointment.  While Jin Hee is getting ready Chang Min remembers the night ER-Couple_206before and how it happened and he smiles in the most wonderfully puppy love sort of way.  Their conversation is cute as well.  But even better is the way Chang Min teases Jin Hee on their drive back to the hospital.

At the hospital Dr. Gook and Dr. Shim are discussing the patient that he came back to save.  They are wonderful together, I hope that Dr. Gook gets a clue and doesn’t let Dr. Shim go a second time.  Of course that would require him to grab ahold of her right now, and I’m not sure he’s going to.  Chang Min and Jin Hee are entering the hospital and are utterly precious, teasing and joking and giggling.  It is extremely obvious that something has changed for the better between them.  Dr. Gook of course is right there to witness it.

ER-Couple_207The singer who came in with acute laryngitis is back, this time he’s overdosed on drugs attempting suicide.  Our favorite four doctors are gathered to fight to keep him alive.  Once he’s stable the Oh’s are resting and talking.  I think I might just die from the overload of cute between them!  Seriously they are just adorable!

Yong Kyu and Ah Reum are walking together.  It seems that Yong Kyu is going to stop being a doctor and focus on music.  I had sort of hallway thought he might take over Daddy’s Oh’s eco-research center.  But I think he’s too soft and innocent to be an ER doctor at least.  Though I think he would have made a great doctor, his bedside manner would have been amazing.  Ah Reum is supportive of him, she’s the ER-Couple_208only one who seems to be concerned with his welfare.  She’s changed too, thankfully.  I sort of like her now, which is good.  Though I still think Yong Kyu’s too good for her.  Their level of cute is so sweet too.

The suicide patient wakes up and is very violent, though his aggression is focused at himself.  Omo this show does a 180 so fast!  They toss so much cute our way and then bam something dreadfully serious.  He cuts his wrist in another attempt to kill himself.  It takes every resident and the Oh’s to subdue him, they’re holding him down with their bodyweight.  He’s angry with Dr. Gook because the surgery took away his singing voice and he couldn’t perform the most important stage of his life.  They have a shouting match as the whole staff and several patients watch.  Finally they subdue the singer and are able to treat him.

ER-Couple_210Guh I really just want to hug Dr. Gook.  As always Dr. Shim is there for him, supporting him, letting him pour out all his woes.  He feels like he is only prolonging pain and not saving people.  He admits to her that he is happy that he can still talk to her like that.  At least he realizes that he still depends on her a great deal.  Perhaps that is the first step in his opening his heart to her again.

Sang Hyuk and Young Ae are arguing again.  They’ve completely changed.  In the beginning they were so lovey-dovey that no one could handle it without getting a little sick.  Now they’re just at one another’sER-Couple_211 throats.  The two goofy resident doctors come in while they newlyweds are arguing and proceed to lecture them about using the hospital to air their grievances.  Out of all the relationships in this show I dislike the evolution of this pair the most.  The handling of the pregnancy scare, the way they treat one another, and just their overall interactions… I’m not enjoying it that much.

Jin Hee retrieves a file from Dr. Gook’s office where he and Dr. Shim are working.  The file is the research for the grandmother with cancer that Jin Hee will need to explain to her son.  Dr. Gook is even ER-Couple_212more awkward than usual with Jin Hee and Dr. Shim picks up on it immediately.  I really-really hope that she takes a step forward and stands up for herself instead of playing the martyr.  She deserves more than she allows herself to have.  Jin Hee takes the file and explains to the son, who tells her that he’s already received a suggestion from Professor Ahn.  Ugh meddlesome and vengeful Professor Ahn.

Jin Hee explains to Chang Min what happened.  Smarty-pants Chang Min goes right over to where Professor Ahn is explaining his suggestion to the son.  He plays up to Professor Ahn’s vanity and is invited to listen in on the explanation.  Sneaky-sneaky like he pulls the son aside afterwards and explains Dr. Shim and Dr. Gook’s recommendation and the son seems very enthusiastic about it.


Professor Ahn storms into Dr. Gook’s office accusing Dr. Gook of stealing his patients and wanting to seeER-Couple_214 Chang Min right away.  Dr. Shim walks in and interrupts Professor Ahn from scolding Dr. Gook.  Professor Ahn storms right back out saying that he’ll take care of Dr. Gook from above, leaving both Dr, Gook and Dr. Shim confused and worried.

Jin Hee is in the interns office on the phone, with her mother presumably, and she’s talk about a blind date.  She is doing her best to fend off her mother’s insistence of going on a date with a rich bachelor who is also a prosecutor.  Chang Min overhears the entire conversation, when Jin Hee realizes it she looks rather guilty.  Before leaving she asks Chang Min to go to a movie with her and they’re adorable once again together.

ER-Couple_216Finally Jin Hee asks Dr. Shim why she pushed so hard for she and Dr. Gook to get together.  I like Dr. Shim’s answer.  She thought Jin Hee was a good person, but most importantly she really liked the way that Jin Hee shook up Dr. Gook’s heart.  Perhaps this will help Dr. Shim to make a move on the obtuse Dr. Gook.  Especially with the way she smiles as Jin Hee says that she looked good together with Dr. Gook.


With a surprise call from Meddlesome Mommy Jin Hee can’t go to the movies with Chang Min, instead she agrees to meet with Mommy.  I’m including a picture of Chang Min’s pout because of reasons.  ER-Couple_218Daddy Oh supported Jin Hee with tuition too, wow he was really involved in Jin Hee’s life.  I had hoped that Meddlesome Mommy would turn a new leaf… but no… she tells Jin Hee to get as far away from them as possible.  Oh wow, she totally surprised me there!  I was completely expecting her to continue to be terrible and push Jin Hee away.  However, she basically insinuates that she can’t make Chang Min’s life her own and asks Jin Hee not to involve her in whatever choice she makes with Chang Min.  Even though Meddlesome Mommy can’t actually apologize it gives them a nice sense of closure to the past.

Dr. Shim tells Dr. Gook that her parents and daughter are visiting, I was hoping that she’d ask him to meet her daughter.  Hopefully that happens.  Jin Ae confronts Jin Hee, somehow knowing that she’s slept with Chang Min.  Omo, Baby Gook is just too cute!  Jin Ae teases Jin Hee about the whole thing.  Changing the subject Jin Hee asks where Gwang Soo is, turns out they had a huge fight and he left.


Gwang Soo calls Chang Min and they meet up for a drink.  Seems that Gwang Soo gave the money he’d been working so hard to save up to a friend without talking to Jin Ae about it.  Chang Min is giving some ER-Couple_220brotherly advice, in essence telling Gwang Soo never to do anything without conversing with his wife first.  On the other side of the bar, at least it looks like the same bar, Jin Ae and Jin Hee are having a drink.  Jin Hee is also giving advice.  She tells her sister not to look at the shortcomings of her partner, they won’t change even until the end.  Instead focus on what she liked about Gwang Soo.

Yup, they were all in the same place.  I love that Chang Min and Jin Hee are giving advice.  It is just cute.  But it seems to have worked.  Because Jin Ae and Gwang Soo walk away arm in arm.  Chang Min walks Jin Hee home and she admits to him that she met with his mother and tells him his mom said to do what they want and life their own lives.  Before going in Jin Hee cutely kisses Chang Min’s cheek and he looks like a lovesick puppy, I love it so so much!!!


Back to the suicide patient, Jin Hee and Dr. Gook are treating him.  Dr. Gook tries to comfort him with advice on how to get through this time.  And Jin Hee takes it in as well.  Later she admits to Chang Min
that her wounds of the past are healing.   He asks if she’s confessing to him and she teases that she’s not.ER-Couple_223  Yet again, cute overload.  Then her phone rings and the caller is trying to set her up on a blind date.  She tries to hang up but Chang Min takes the phone and tells whoever it was that he’s dating Jin Hee and to stop setting her up on dates!!! Omo!!! So good!

Grrrr Professor Ahn is such a tool!  He whined so much that Dr. Gook is in trouble again and the higher ups are going to make Dr. Shim go back to America!  Seriously!?!  Ugh this guy needs to realize that his inferiority complex isn’t just a complex, he’s totally inferior to Dr. Gook!  In ER-Couple_224usual Dr. Gook style he storms out to confront Professor Ahn, with Dr, Shim close on his heels.  She’s finally able to talk some sense into him, and during the conversation he admits that he doesn’t want to see her go back to the states.  But she is going, because she wants to be with her daughter.  Now she is able to do so more freely because she knows how Dr. Gook feels.

Chang Min finds out about the drama with Professor Ahn.  He goes to Dr. Gook about it.  I truly love that Dr. Gook is totally supportive of the actions that Chang Min took.  He helps to alleviate some of the guilt he was feeling about Dr. Shim’s dismissal.  Their relationship has totally changed and matured.


Omo!  The cute!!!  After work Chang Min runs up to Jin Hee and takes her hand, pulling her out of the hospital at a run.  They run with the hugest smiles on their faces together and it just totally melts my ER-Couple_228heart!!  Chang Min takes her to a theater; she’s so exhausted that she keeps falling asleep, too cute!  Chang Min on the other hand is so involved in the movie that he’s in tears, but when Jin Hee falls asleep on his shoulder she takes up all of his attention.

Dr. Gook and Dr. Shim meet for drinks.  He wants her to allow him to go through the proper channels and get Professor Ahn’s decision revoked.  Sternly she tells him no, that she wants to go back.  Finally she’s got some backbone where her own feelings are concerned.  She knows that he’s only doing this as a colleague that is killing her.  She admits that she can’t continue like this no matter how he appears she knows his intentions and its more than she care bare.  Guh she needs a hug!

ER-Couple_229We switch back to the overly cute and precious Oh’s how are eating at a food truck and just totally in the new love stage. Or would that be new-old-new love?  Whatever the case I love them so much and their antics together just make me a happy puddle of Noona goo and I want to see an entire episode of just them being cute!!!

Later in the hospital staff room Dr. Gook is thinking about Dr. Shim’s words about needing to change.  She said that he needed to be prepared to be hurt and face it otherwise he’ll never grow emotionally or be able to heal.  So he takes off in a cab and is dropped off at the bus stop that he knows Jin Hee takes.  A second later Chang Min and Jin Hee step off the bus and are being cutesy.  As they are saying their goodnights Chang Min steps in for a kiss… omo what a kiss!  Dr. Gook stands still and watches, his heart breaking.  Ugh so many feels!  On one side I’m a girly-squealing mess because the Oh’s kissed!  On the other I’m a weepy mess because Dr. Gook’s heart is shattered.   Of course this is where we’re left!  Ugh!  I cannot wait for the last episode and yet I totally can wait for it!  I don’t want to say goodbye to this show.



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