Emergency Couple: Ep 19


This Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

Episode 19

ER-Couple_179Is this the moment that they begin to start again?  Will he hear her sincerity in her heart?  Omo!  The way he teases her about her stethoscope being broken!  And then his smile!  It has been way-way-way too long since we got to see Chang Min smile!  Especially that playfully goofy smile!  I’m a very happy Noona, I’ve been waiting for this for the past five episodes!  But we’re only 4 minutes in… plenty of time for lack of communication and drama to occur and break my poor fangirl heart.

Back in the office Yong Kyu wanders in complaining about being hungry, what does he find?  The box of fortune cookies and then promptly devours one, fortune and all.  Chang Min comes in and finds him mid chomp and immediately digs in Yong Kyu’s mouth to get the fortune out.  Finally my rom-com is back!  Somewhere midway it turned into a melodrama, which wasn’t what I signed up for.  I’m super happy to have the laughs back.


There was good resolution with the grandmother and her son.  Chang Min scolded the son for not telling his mother sooner about her condition and also for not being present when they needed him.  With a sincere heart he reminded the son that he needs to spend time with his mother because later is too late.

Jin Hee is totally adorable about the fortune cookies.  She keeps asking if he has seen them and Chang Min teasesER-Couple_181 her each time!  I love it!  They aren’t back to their flirtatious fighting and cute conversations yet, but I have hope that they’ll get there.  Jin Hee feels that Chang Min helped to push her to be the woman she is today, though he demurely denies it and assures her that it was all her own willpower and drive.

Ugh Ah Reum is treating a scumbag of a patient.  He has a wound on his knee that actually does need treatment, however, he tells her that his thigh hurts and keeps trying to get her to feel higher ER-Couple_182and higher.  All the while he’s creepily sniffing her.  She catches on to his nastiness just as Chang Min also picks up what is happening.  He swoops in to save her and poses as her husband, the patient meekly scuttles away.  Of course Jin Hee witnesses this and instantly becomes jealous.

Chasing Chang Min down she confronts him.  He explains what happened and Jin Hee agreed that Ah Reum is sexy with a good body.  Yet again Chang Min teases her, saying that she won’t have the problem of male patients coming on to her all the time and he’s glad for that.  So she stands and tries a few sexy poses in her mirror to prove that she too would be the victim of male patients.  Ah Reum walks in and discovers her.  Yet again a wonderfully cute and humorous scene!  I’m glad that they’re moving back to funny!  The two ladies begin a tentative friendship as well.


Is it just me, or does this episode have the feel of a final episode?  There are several stories being wrapped up with a pretty bow.  However, we’re only 15 minutes in so anything can happen.

Chang Min goes to visit his mother who is still abed with depression and sorrow.  She asks to see Jin Hee, I wonderER-Couple_184 what she wants to say?  But then she begins to breakdown.  In her depression she is sure that her husband left because she wasn’t good to him.  She regrets not holding his hand one more time, not nagging him less, not trying harder…  guh I cried right along with her.  Poor dear!  My opinion of her has turned around now, she’s become human.  I am very-very sorry that her evolution to real person status had to come at such a heavy price.

The next day Jin Hee has every article of clothing that she owns and everything that Jin Ae owns as well strewn about her room.  She’s got her hair in curlers and is complaining that she doesn’t have a single thing to wear.  Both her mother and sister are flabbergasted at her behavior.

At the hospital Chang Min is seeing a female patient who is argumentative, has a temper, and accuses him of sexual harassment for wanting to examine her for a cough.  Jin Hee is examining a male patient who is writing on the bed but won’t allow her to help him.  So they trade patients.  Turns out the patients are husband and wife, the husband cheated so the wife poured boiling water on his family jewels.

ER-Couple_186Dr. Gook is back and Jin Hee greets him.  He’s way more awkward than normal and she seems oblivious as to why.  So she brings up the grandmother who has cancer and asks if he knows of any treatments.  After they discuss her for a few moments she asks if he had a good break.  His response is a mysterious question, if she had a year to live would she remain a doctor or live her life to the fullest.  After she leaves Dr. Gook’s office they both have a moment where they stare off into space.  Dr. Gook realizing he’s still in love and Jin Hee realizing she’s out of love… at least that’s how I interpreted it.

Right back into caring for patients.  Dr. Gook is at the helm of yet another medical mystery.  Turns out to be laryngitis so bad that the airway is blocked and intubation must occur, however, if Dr. Gook fails he could kill her.  The intubation is a success but it turns out that the patient is a singer and this is an issue.  It seems operating on the obstruction will be a detriment to her singing career.  Dr. Gook just can’t catch a break.

As Chang Min is leaving the hospital he nearly hits a dolled up Jin Hee.  Omo… ok… I need a moment to catch my ER-Couple_188breath.  Her outfit!  The glasses!  The rose!  Excuse me while I snicker for a few seconds.  Chang Min’s face is just the best, I mean really, look at that expression!  She stalks forward towards the car trying her best to appear sexy and yet he sort of just stares at her like he’s seeing an alien.  She gets in and tells him to go.  He asks why she’s doing something she’s never done before and she tells him it is to make him feel better.  Yet again he refuses to take her out to eat saying he’s going home, which makes Jin Hee pout cutely.  One more time we get treated to Chang Min’s smile.  He’s getting a lot of ER-Couple_189enjoyment out of teasing her.

In the end he agrees and they go out to eat.  Aren’t they just the cutest couple ever?  They giggle and laugh and talk and flirt.  It is just the most adorable scene.   Afterwards they’re walking on the same street where Chang Min used to carry Jin Hee and try andER-Couple_190 console her, back when they were married.  She’s afraid that one day she’ll go to the hospital and he won’t be there and she’ll never see him again.  He’s worried that they will begin again and then hurt one another again, and after that they won’t be able to recover.  Chang Min asks her to be sure, really and truly sure, that this is what she wants.  Omo!  I almost have my OTP!!!


Dr. Gook is drinking alone at a Korean BBQ place and thinking about his conversation with Jin Hee.  He is ER-Couple_193definitely not over her and he’s most assuredly not accepting her rekindled feelings for Chang Min.  This is especially clear since he’s gone to the same place he watched Jin Hee make all those drunk phone calls from.  He’s got it bad.  The more he drinks the more he thinks about every interaction he and Jin Hee had.  Drunk and nearly passed out he ends up at Dr. Shim’s place and actually tumbles onto her.  Instead of kicking him out on his drunk ass, she takes him in and lets him crash on her couch.

To show his gratitude he lets his guard down and she can see how he’s falling apart over Jin ER-Couple_194Hee.  True to form she puts up a strong front and lets him.  But then she has enough, as he rests his head on her lap using her to comfort his heartache.  She throws water in his face and screams at him, telling him to either go get Jin Hee or stop making her wait!  I was so proud of Dr. Shim!  Until I realized it was just her internal reaction.  It was a daydream sequence that never happened… ugh this is a part of the story as a whole that I truly do not like.  Instead of actually telling him how she feels, Dr. Shim allows herself to be used for his well being, sacrificing her mental health in the process.


The next morning Dr. Shim and Dr. Gook arrive at the hospital together.  Having her façade firmly in place Dr. Shim teases Dr. Gook about sleeping together.  Who overhears?  Well Jin Hee of course.  Dr. Gook immediately looks panicked and Dr. Shim worries that Jin Hee will think that they had really slept together.  Jin Hee is shocked ER-Couple_196at hearing that, but I had thought she was over him.  Wouldn’t she be happy that he’s found someone?  Jin Hee’s there on her day off to ask about the grandmother with cancer.  She arrives at Dr. Gook’s office and they discuss the treatment.  He then sends her off to go on a date… I think it might be the final send off in their never got off the ground relationship.

Jin Ae shows up at Chang Min’s house with the cutest little baby in the whole universe!  Her mom is out with ER-Couple_197friends, Gwang Soo is working to earn some extra money, and Jin Ae has some auditions ER-Couple_198to go to.  So instead of asking her sister, what does she do?  Hoists the littlest Gook off on her ex-brother-in-law!  He’s flustered and at a loss so he calls for back up.  Jin Hee arrives in seconds to help.  Omo!!!  This might be my favorite scene of the whole series.  Jin Hee and Chang Min taking care of baby Gook!  I apologize in advance for all the screen caps, I couldn’t resist!


When they finally get Gook to sleep Yong Kyu shows up.  Chang Min tries to turn him away but Jin Hee appears behind him wearing one of Chang Min’s shirts.  Of course he immediately gets the wrong idea.  Before they can react Gwang Soo shows up too.  So they all sit around the table drinking beer and eating chicken.  Yong Kyu admits that he wants to quit being a doctor to do music so Chang Min suggests that he and Gwang Soo be friends.  Chang Min encourages Yong Kyu to start again and promises to support him.  When Gook wakes up and the party is broken up.  Gwang Soo and Yong Kyu make a hasty retreat to leave Jin Hee and Chang Min alone.


ER-Couple_202What do they do when they’re alone?  Drink the rest of the beer between them of course!  Both of them are drunk, but that doesn’t stop them from talking.  I wish this talk had happened sober, but I’ll take what I can get.  They actually discuss what went wrong with the marriage.  What ailments they were suffering.  What they had wanted during their time together.  They really needed this.  And after… Jin Hee passes out.  Nearly as drunk as she is Chang Min barely manages to carry her to his bed.


Before he can release her Jin Hee snags him and tells him that she is going to start again with him!!!  Yes!  I am one very-very happy Noona!  Chang Min sweetly tucks her in and the scene fades to the morning… where they wake up in bed together… naked!  Omo!!!



5 thoughts on “Emergency Couple: Ep 19

  1. I love reading your recaps! 😀 I’m so glad this drama is back to being a rom-com. I really don’t like melodramas, so I was getting tired… Jin Hee & Chang Min are soo cute!! But I just can’t get over Baby Gook!! Gosh, he’s the adorablest baby ever!! Poor Chief Gook 😦 I agree, when I saw that Professor Shim scene I was so proud of her! But I was really disappointed that it was only a day dream. I wish she would have done that… The last scene! kekeke 😀


    1. Please accept my sincerest apologies for taking so long to reply. I’m currently dealing with an injury which makes it difficult to sit at the computer for long periods. I am truly appreciative of your time and the fact you’ve commented here! Thank you for your patience!

      Thank you so much for the sweet words! I’m really happy that you enjoy my rambling recaps! Indeed, I was very-very happy when the show finally went back to being a rom-com. I was way tired of the melodrama, I did not sign up for a melodrama! Baby Gook outshines even the cuteness of Jin Hee and Chang Min! Seriously, he’s like the most adorable baby ever! Me too, I was so proud of Dr. Shim! I really wish that they wouldn’t have made that a daydream, she totally needs to stand up for herself!! Omo! Yes the last scene!!! hehehe


  2. Thanks for all of your hard work doing the review/recap. Great job and I agree with a lot of your points. I am so glad they are finally getting the com back into romcom because that melodrama was killing me. I don’t think I could handle CM looking pitifully sad like that anymore. It was crushing my heart out. I am hoping for a good, non-open, fluffy ending. I need to see CM and JH kiss, please.


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