Emergency Couple: Ep 18

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This Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

Episode 18

ER-Couple_147Jin Hee found the ring and shows it to Chang Min!!  She’s flustered because Jin Ae stole it and sold it.  He openly admits that he got it back.  Then he turns the tables and asks why she still had it.  To which she responds, “Our fate must not be over yet.”  Be still the beating of my fangirl heart!  I nearly fell out of my chair with excitement!  Then in nearly the next breath she admits that she is afraid that she will love him again, that she will go crazy with love for him again.  To which he responds that she should leave.  He’s convinced that she’s only feeling this way because of his father.  Chang Min believes she’s only feeling sympathetic because he’s having a difficult time, it isn’t love but her need to take care of others.  So he asks her to leave… ugh my fangirl heart is now on the floor.  Guh!  I need them to be together like I need to breathe!

So she leaves… just like that… not even a seconds argument about leaving!  But Jin Hee does take the ring with her andER-Couple_148 she stares at it.  I sincerely hope that this is the moment that she truly begins to remember the good things about her marriage.  What I want for the both of them is to try and understand what happened to them.  Accept the things they did to cause the rift and make it better.  I want them to heal together.

On her way home she calls him, but he doesn’t answer right away.  Jin Hee calls right away again worried.  After verifying that he’s alright they say goodnight.  Chang Min looks even more depressed than he did when he was sick if that’s possible.  Jin Hee looks sad to be going home.  Ugh my noona heart is just hurting for them!

Dr. Gook is fishing and thinking about his time with Jin Hee, specifically his confession to her.  He looks heartbroken that she left in order to go and check on Chang Min, right in the middle of their heart to heart talk.  Pretty much proving his point that there is still something between herself and Chang Min.  Poor Dr. Gook!  He just needs a giant hug!

ER-Couple_150Jin Hee is seeing an elderly lady at the ER.  She does her best to get the woman to allow her to get in contact with her guardian, but the grandmother insists that Jin Hee explain the issue to her.  So without preamble Jin Hee informs her that the tumor is larger and she has pneumonia.  Grandmother explodes with fear and worry, calling her son immediately.  Jin Hee is pulled aside by Dr. Shim and reprimanded for not reading the patient file first.  The grandmother’s son wished the cancer and tumor to be kept a secret.   I’m guessing she’s going to be in trouble for this misstep, putting her right back in the radar of the higher ups.

Chang Min pulls up to the hospital and sits there in his car brooding.  He remembers his father’s advice, that the conceptER-Couple_151 of selflessness in love is dumb.  Specifically the, “I love her so I have to let her go” concept has no place in real love.  More sad Chang Min expressions, each time I see him it breaks my heart.  I miss the silly and goofy Chang Min who was in love all over again with Jin Hee.  I need smiling Chang Min!!  Afterwards he’s in the hospital proper and waiting for the elevator.   Ah Reum arrives and Chang Min thanks her for stopping by, but also apologizes that she got hurt because of him.  In a very grown up and mature move Ah Reum says that she realized that there was no room for her in his heart and now she’s alright.  I’m actually very surprised, I thought she was going to be a sulky thorn in his side for the rest of the show.

ER-Couple_152Jin Hee comes looking for the grandmother but she’s not in her bed.  Worried she runs out and right into Chang Min.  After admitting her mistake with revealing the cancer to the patient, Chang Min agrees to help her find the elderly woman.  They separate and go to opposite ends of the hospital in search of her.  Chang Min discovers her attempting to demand medication from the pharmacist.  She’s agitated and yelling and then suddenly collapses.  Yong Kyu appears at the same time as Chang Min catches the grandmother and lowers her to the ground.  Yong Kyu gets the stretcher and a team to care of the woman with Jin Hee in tow.

Once the grandmother is in a room in the ER Dr. Shim arrives and they discuss her condition.  The tumor is so large that it has spread from the left lung to the right.  They are unsure of her treatment.  Then the son arrives and yells angrily at ER-Couple_153Jin Hee for revealing his mother’s cancer.  She admits that his mother’s condition was severe and she wanted an explanation.  By law Jin Hee was required to tell her what was going on.  The son demands to know why he wasn’t called.  Of course because his mother said not to bother him because he was too busy.  Dr. Shim and Chang Min arrive on the scene, but there is no calming the son down.  He refuses to accept that his mother is just that sick and places all the blame on Jin Hee.

ER-Couple_154When they are walking away Chang Min admits to Jin Hee that he needs to save the grandmother.  After being unable to save his father he must save the elderly woman.  Guh, stab me right in the noona heart!!!  He leaves to do research so that he can find a way to save her life… seriously I’m just weeping right now.  He’s more than sad, it’s like he’s been sapped of all emotions except sadness.  Yet now he’s both extremely sad and determined not to let this woman die.

Dr. Gook is reminiscing again of Jin Hee and everything they talked about while she had visited him.  He pulls out a postcard and begins a letter to his father!  I think Dr. Gook is beginning to heal the pain of his childhood!  That’s very good, I want him to find his way past the anger and pain of his difficult past.  Even better than actually writing the postcard he puts it in the mail!  Now I’m weepy for a whole different reason, so good!

Jin Hee arrives to the room where Chang Min is desperately searching for a way to save the grandmother’s life.  Cutely Jin Hee tries to get Chang Min to interact with her, but he turns her down.  Then she begins to ramble about how he appeared like Superman to save the day.  We almost get a little smile out of Chang Min, but not quite.  In the end she decides to stay and help him look.  While they are silently searching books and the web the two goofy residents show up for a much needed does of humor.  Their faces as they decide that they should go quickly so that Jin Hee and Chang Min ER-Couple_156can be alone are hilarious.

Later that night Jin Hee comes with food and coffee.  But now they are sitting together and working.  A little later Jin Hee is asleep, exhausted from the search.  Chang Min tentatively touches her cheek and then sighs angry at himself for having a moment of weakness.  Fast forward to the morning, Jin Hee wakes up and Chang Min is still working.  In that moment he ER-Couple_157finds a medical journal article that Dr. Gook published that exactly solves the issue they are faced with.  Dr. Shim calls Dr. Gook immediately.  He’s the only one who can do it and so he has to rush to the hospital to do the procedure.  On his way in Professor Ahn sees him… uh oh!   Swiftly Dr, Gook, Chang Min, Jin Hee, and the nurse prep the patient and Dr. Gook begins the procedure immediately with a lot of very specific equipment.  They are going to rapid freeze the tumor and then break it to remove the blockage.  In one swift, accurate, and confident sweep Dr. Gook saves the woman’s life.  But Professor Ahn can’t leave well enough alone and scolds Dr. Gook for coming in.  Grr stupid Professor Ahn, don’t you know he just amazingly saved the woman’s life!!?!

Jin Hee is adorable.  She brings Chang Min a custard treat and is bubbly and a little bouncy while they eat their snack.  It is just too cute!  But then suddenly Chang Min says he’s going to leave, she jumps up to follow.  Chang Min heads out and runs into Dr. Gook.  There is a lot of growing up and maturing going on in this episode.  He humbly apologizes to Dr. Gook for being an immature ass.  Dr. Gook tells him that if their positions were reversed then he would have done theER-Couple_161 same, in essences telling Chang Min he understands.  Dr. Gook informs Chang Min that Jin Hee doesn’t have any feelings for him, but Chang Min tries to deny that he will pursue her.  I think he realizes that Jin Hee’s heart has found her path, now Chang Min just needs to get back on track.

Right after they boys part ways Jin Hee nearly slides past Dr. Gook in her hurry to get to Chang Min.  She not so subtly asks if he returned just for the surgery.  He assures her that is the only reason he returned and then asks if she’s looking for Chang Min.  She’s adorably surprised that he knew, but readily accepts his directions and speeds off.  Leaving Dr. Gook who looks like he feels bittersweet about the moment.

ER-Couple_164Chang Min is getting in the car and putting on his seatbelt when Jin Hee lets herself in and buckles up.  He tries to get her to go, insinuating that she doesn’t know what emotions she’s feeling.  But she insists that he drive.  She wants him to take her out to eat, but he takes her home instead.  He’s convinced that she’s only feeling pity and nothing else.  She tries to deny it, but when he asks her what she’s feeling she can’t respond.  Guh!  They’re killing me!  Although she’s pouting, she listens and gets out of the car.  Swiftly he drives away leaving her standing in the street.

Jin Hee can’t sleep, she’s seriously thinking about what Chang Min said.  Guh she needs to understand that it isn’t pity andER-Couple_165 hurry up and make Chang Min see that she’s in love with him all over again!  Her mom comes out, who also can’t sleep.  Her mom is worried about Meddlesome Mommy, she knows the pain of being left behind after her husband dies.  No matter the past her mom is worried about Chang Min and his mother.  Guh so sweet.  Chang Min calls his mommy who is back in the hospital, but Aunt is taking care of her.  Meddlesome Mommy is demure and shows honest concern for Chang Min who must endure this hardship alone.

ER-Couple_167Dr. Shim and Dr. Gook have a cute moment together.  She’s cooked a meal that he teases her is overboard, they share wine and smiles.  Dr. Gook is even more adorable when he grins like that!  He cutely admits that he wrote his father a postcard, I love how happy and excited she is for him!

The next day Chang Min arrives and there is a box waiting for him.  Inside are individually wrapped fortune cookies.  When he cracks open the first one he finds the dictionary definition of Pity written on the fortune slip.  Omo!  The definition states that pity is to sympathize with another as if you are feeling it too, to sum up.  And the antonym is hate… Jin Hee!!!! What does this mean?  Omo!!!ER-Couple_168

Yong Kyu is watching his phone and not where he’s going, which allows him to walk right into Ah Reum and toss her tray of food all over the floor.  They both duck down to clean it up.  When they turn to talk they are almost kissing!!  In that second Ah Reum looks at Yong Kyu in a completely different light.  Throughout lunch Yong Kyu gives Ah Reum the cutest of smiles.  She spies him grinning at her in her compact mirror.  Ok… so I’ve said many times I don’t think that Ah Reum deserves Yong Kyu, he’s just the sweetest and most innocent guy ever!  However, in the past few episodes she’s the only one who has shown true concern for him.  She’s taken the time to make sure he’s alright and help ER-Couple_169him to figure out what it is he wants from life.

After work all the young couples are outside in a park.  Jin Hee and Chang Min watch while Yong Kyu, Ah Reum, Young Ae, and Sang Hyuk play badminton.  Song Hyuk and Young Ae are arguing about the baby incident.  Chang Min butts in and tells them to stop fighting over a baby that doesn’t even exist yet and for Sang Hyuk to worry about his wife first.  Jin Hee’s expression made me giggle a whole lot.  Young Ae says she’s going to divorce him, Jin Hee immediately scolds her for that.  What an adorable scene!

Next Jin Hee finds out about the money that Jin Ae borrowed from Chang Min.  She gives her a stern talking to and informs Jin Ae that she’ll repay the money.  Gwang Soo comes out with baby Gook and learns of the borrowed money at the same time.  This prompts Jin Hee to go to Chang Min’s place, after calling him she waits there beside his door.  In the time it takes him to arrive she thinks back a moment just like this where she’s waiting for Chang Min to arrive home.  It was the beginning of her descent into depression.  Yet even though she feels worthless and listless he does his best to comfort her.

Back in the present Chang Min arrives and Jin Hee pays him the money.  With the most adorable pout she asks if he liked the cookies, he says no.  She pouts more and informs him that she was almost late to make them for him.  He asks her why she did it then.  Jin Hee pouts even more and says that she looked up the definition of pity and it didn’t sound bad.
Which almost gets a smile from Chang Min!

The next day there are more cookies.  This time his fortune says that he is destined to go to a coffee shop northwest of his current location to meet a precise person.  Jin Hee is waiting there looking anxious and so she calls him.  Chang Min is ER-Couple_176actually outside on his way there, but teases her that he hadn’t seen the cookies and she pouts again while he watches her.  Then she sees him and grins at his teasing.  However, once inside he doesn’t allow her to confess her feelings.  Instead he once again proceeds to tell her what she’s feeling.  He’s convinced this time that it is mere infatuation and in a short while she’ll be better and over him.  He wants her to find someone that makes her heart thump and insinuates that the person who can do that is nearby.  Chang Min is still certain that Jin Hee likes Dr. Gook a lot and that he likes her.  With that he leaves her before she can even get a word in edgewise.

ER-Couple_177At the hospital for their next shift they are tending patients beside one another.  Jin Hee can’t concentrate on her patient because she keeps getting distracted by Chang Min as he bandages his patient.  I mean, I can’t blame her.  I’d be distracted by Chang Min too if he were working next to me.  Before she can diagnose her patient she excuses herself because she can’t concentrate and steps to the end of the bed for a moment.  Chang Min walks passed and all she can hear is her own heartbeat thudding in her ears.  In a sort of daze she watches him walk by.

Once she’s done with her patient she begins to run around the hospital looking for Chang Min.  In the process she sees all the places that she and Chang Min were together, the elevator, the stairway with the cats, and while she’s running she begins to think about everything that has happened between them in the past few weeks.  When she finds him she grabs him and tells him to come quickly.  Dragging him back to the stairwell with the car painting she puts her stethoscope in his ears and presses the pad to her heart.  As he listens to her rapidly beating heart they gaze into one another’s eyes… guh!!! Seriously that’s where we’re left!  I’m dying to know what happens next!



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