Emergency Couple: Ep 17


This Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

Episode 17

ER-Couple_120Omo… guh opened right back where we left off.  Not that I had forgotten what had happened, but I wasn’t exactly prepared to be thrust right back into that heartbreak!  Daddy Oh passed away, his heart just wasn’t able to support him any longer.  Chang Min’s sadness… oh man, just looking at the pain on his face, I’m crying so hard right now.    We move to Jin Hee who remembers Daddy Oh’s last words to her, his happiness at her accomplishing her goal of being a doctor and she too breaks down into tears.  Watching her cry into her doctor’s coat, I’m yet again blubbering!

In a comment that I have yet to reply to (please forgive me Chingu!) Dewaani made ER-Couple_121a statement that she dislikes when a show calls itself a rom-com and then turns into a heavy melodrama.  And she absolutely right, that’s what happening with this show.  It makes me sad.  I miss the zingy dialogue and the quick pace and the heartwarming feels.  Not that I don’t want the show to touch on real situations and real emotions, but all we’ve done is cry for two episodes and now we’re crying again!  They need to balance it better.  They need to support their rom-com label.

WHAT?  Yong Kyu!?!  He got beat up?  And is a semi-comatose state?  What?  Omo!  Dr. Shim is on the scene, but it looks bad for my cutie Yong Kyu!  Ah Reum rushes in after changing into her scrubs and coat to see how he’s doing.  Dr. Shim drops yet antoher bomb on the group, she tells them Chang Min’s father passed away.  This show is killing me!

ER-Couple_123At the memorial service, Meddlesome Mommy and Chang Min look utterly depleted.  It’s the first time in the show that I honestly and truly feel sorry for Mommy.  It feels like she’s really mourning the loss of her husband.  Perhaps this travesty will help her to rethink the way she treats the people in her life.  His Aunt and Uncle are there and everyone looks sincerely saddened by Daddy’s death.  It hurts my heart that it took something so terrible to bring them together in a way without politics.

Dr. Gook sends Jin Hee home so that she can collect herself and deal with her sadness.  Then we flash to Yong Kyu waking up to see Ah Reum taking care of him.  She actually shows concern for his current state and happiness that he’s woken up.  Sang Hyuk and Young Ae show up and scold Yong Kyu for disappearing like that.  Afterwards Ah Reum tells the other three of Chang Min’s father and suggests that ER-Couple_124they attend the services.

Jin Hee arrives at the service for Daddy Oh, but she can’t go in and see Chang Min and his mother.  I think for several reasons.  Because they are strangers now, as Chang Min pointed out last episode.  Also, because she couldn’t save Daddy Oh even though she wanted desperately to do just that.  And lastly, because her own heart is shattered to pieces at having lost her father figure.  The interns, Dr. Gook, and Dr. Shim arrive to give their condolences as well.  Dr. Gook sees Jin Hee, she’s serving food to the guests of the memorial service much like a family member of the deceased would be doing.  He looks conflicted while Dr. Shim watches him with concern.

ER-Couple_125While Jin Hee continues to clean and serve those who have come to mourn Meddlesome Mommy and the Aunt show up to see her.  This could either be very bad or good, I don’t see there being any gray area.  Either Meddlesome Mommy is going to blame Jin Hee or she’s going to start her journey to become a better person.  Aunt leaves Meddlesome Mommy together.  Jin Hee begs to stay because serving food is the only thing she can do, Mommy says she understands.  A moment of connection for these two ladies, after so long, over something so sad.

Chang Min arrives and tells Jin Hee to let go and then in a stern voice commands her to leave.  She just stands there, forlornly.  So he grabs her wrist (grrr) and pulls her ER-Couple_126out of the room.  Jin Hee wants to stay but Chang Min needs her to leave.  He can’t handle her staying as a family member, it’s too much for him because she’s there for Daddy not for Chang Min and in his current state of sorrow it’s too much to bear.  Also he admits that he doesn’t know how to console her, but she counters that it should be her consoling him.  In the end she leaves because she can’t give him what he needs from her… guh seriously it’s only been sixteen minutes and all I’ve done is weep.

We’re tumbled into a few mini-scenes.  Yong Kyu won’t stay in bed he gets up to help.  Dr. Kim Min Ki, the same that tied the ribbon on the flower, has Yong Kyu transferred to Radiation.  Yong Kyu is both grateful and then sad, because he won’t see Ah Reum.  Dr. Kim flicks Yong Kyu’s head, where he is bandaged for the remark.  Ah Reum shows up and fusses over him, much to Yong Kyu’s delight.  Jin Hee is back at the hospital just sitting in one of the waiting areas.  Dr. Gook sits with her and empathizes with her struggles, advising her to try an accept it not get over it.  Next Young Ae asks Jin Hee to do some blood work for her because of the baby and admits that she’s terrified of giving birth and isn’t sure she can be a good mom.  On top of that she can’t stand her husband now.  Jin Hee offers advice, but ultimately isn’t much help since she hasn’t had a child herself.

I’m going to hazard a guess that Dr. Shim will be the one to help Young Ae.  She seems to be the wise one in the hospital, full of sensible advice and knowledge.  Not that she is applying any of that to herself.  But, hopefully she’ll see her own worth too because Dr. Shim is amazing.

ER-Couple_127Uncle comes back and sits with Chang Min who looks like a stiff breeze would be the end of him.  Seriously, he isn’t even crying at the moment and yet just looking at him brings tears to my eyes as I empathize with his misery.  Uncle tells him why his father gave up being a doctor, this is the first time that Chang Min has asked the question.  It seems that Daddy Oh’s patient died, even though he truly did his best to save them, but in the end he blamed himself so much he could no longer be a doctor.  Uncle sincerely cares for Chang Min in this scene and tells him not to blame himself.  That it wasn’t his fault and there wasn’t anything he could have done.  Also he offers a kind warning, that this feeling will only get worse the longer he’s a doctor.  Basically warning him that he is bound to lose patients.  But he doesn’t want Chang Min to give up being a doctor like his father did.

Meddlesome Mommy is remembering everything that happened in the past few ER-Couple_128weeks, all the subtle things Daddy Oh did.  All the signs that were there, which she could not see over her selfishness.  She has a good and hard cry.  Afterwards Jin Hee and her mom arrive at the service.  Jin Hee’s mom offers some sincere words of support to Meddlesome Mommy, as she too lost her husband.  It is a tender moment and Meddlesome Mommy thanks her for her sympathy and for coming.  For they leave Meddlesome Mommy stops Jin Hee and thanks her, omo, and she means it from the bottom of her heart.  Jin Hee crumbles under what that means, tears up and bows respectfully before leaving with her mom.

This episode is hurting my heart.  Yet there are these little moments, like Meddlesome Mommy thanking Jin Hee, that shed just a little light on the scene.  But the fun is definitely gone from Emergency Couple.

ER-Couple_129Chang Min goes to his father’s office.  He too remembers the strange behavior of his father in the last few weeks.  Such as his father asking him to go on a fishing trip.  He also sees that his father has his birthday circled on the calendar.  He too breaks down and has a hard cry, screaming for his father.  And I’m sobbing right along with him.

Abruptly we’re brought back to Dr. Shim and her search for matching blood with her daughter.  She’s on the phone with the baby daddy asking him to get his blood tested when he hangs up on her.  Dr. Gook witnesses the conversation.

It feels like the writers are tossing every bad thing they can into these last two episodes.  All those little things that they’d subtly mentioned and wove into the plot line and just being dumped in.  The finesse of the early story telling is missing.

The hospital chief calls Dr. Gook in and puts him on a suspension!  Which it seems ER-Couple_131was difficult to negotiate, Professor Ahn wanted Dr. Gook fired immediately.  Instead Dr. Gook will be suspended for two weeks and his pay decreased.  Immediately he storms out of the office.  What does he do?  Confront Professor Ahn of course.  He makes a stiff apology, but on the tail end of it he also tosses in a threat for good measure.  It seems that Professor Ahn has a lot to fear, including but not limited to a sexual harassment case… Dr. Gook sure didn’t take that sitting down.

ER-Couple_133Young Ae finally goes to get an ultrasound, Dr. Shim does the honors.  It turns out the test was wrong, home pregnancy tests only have a 90% accuracy rating.  Young Ae is ecstatic that she isn’t pregnant but Sang Hyuk is devastated.  This story line has just felt off for me.  And now, I don’t like that this is how they’ve dealt with it.  It seems like they cheated their way out from actually having to tackle a hard topic.  Young Ae doesn’t understand that Sang Hyuk is sad and depressed and her happiness over the loss of the baby makes him angry.

Back at Dr. Gook’s office Dr. Shim watches him pack his things.  She says that she’s only here in Korea for a year and then she’s returning to her daughter.  Dr. Gook comes across the picture of them when they were dating while packing, she insists ER-Couple_134that he let go and throw it out.  Dr. Gook adamantly denies that idea.  I’m afraid that he’s going to give her false hope, because he’s still hung up on Jin Hee.  But by keeping the picture Dr. Gook is telling Dr. Shim she still has a chance.

Jin Hee is working diligently to try and cover some of the slack.  However, she randomly learns from the nurses that Dr. Gook has been suspended for the Professor Ahn incident.  Dr. Shim tells Jin Hee where Dr. Gook is now hiding out.  This is yet another showing of Dr. Shim trying to push Jin Hee and Dr. Gook together.  He looks mildly concerned at the idea of Jin Hee finding him, but doesn’t give it too much thought since he goes back to eating his noodles after the phone call.  But then Jin Hee calls him and says she’s in the town where he’s staying.  In utter adorkableness and cuteness (which has been missing for far too long from the show) he rushes around the house trying to get ready to see her.

ER-Couple_136Dr. Gook takes Jin Hee back to the house for a few moments of extreme awkwardness.  They just sort of look at one another after she gives him the banchan her mother made for him.  He gruffly tells her not to do this again.  Then Jin Hee notices he shaved!  Which shocks her, but he cut himself and he mumbles that it’s because he did it in a hurry.  Cute!  Jin Hee apologizes that this happened to him because of her, but he grumpily tells her that it wasn’t her fault.  However, he insists that she work harder now.

Switching to Chang Min he’s in bed and looks like he might be extremely sick.  Yong Kyu calls and tells him that he’s in Radiology now, but Chang Min hardly reacts.  After hanging up it looks like Ah Reum insisted that Yong Kyu call because she’s worried but doesn’t believe she can help him.  Poor Yong Kyu, he looks so sad that Ah Reum came to him only to look into Chang Min’s wellbeing.  I really want a happy ending for Yong Kyu.

Lots of switching between people and scenes this episode.  We’re back with Jin Hee and Dr. Gook.  Omo… I didn’t expect this.  She’s admitting to Dr. Gook that she ER-Couple_138wants to go to Chang Min and comfort him but she isn’t sure how, but also that she is having a hard time believing Daddy Oh’s gone.  Which means that Chang Min is having a harder time with it.  Someone needs to go and make sure Chang Min is ok.  Dr. Gook admits that Jin Hee and Chang Min remind him of his parents and that his parents are divorced too.  He then offers some advice, “no one knows if they’ll be happy by getting married to someone.”  This line prompts her to remember the book she borrowed from him.

ER-Couple_139A second later she produces the book out of her bag and begins to read the paragraph to Dr. Gook.  About right and wrong answers co-exist in every decision.  After sweetly reading from the book Jin Hee’s stomach growls and that prompts Dr. Gook to cook for her.  He sets up a BBQ, but forgets something inside so Jin Hee tries to light the BBQ on her own but instead she manages to light her jacket on fire instead… she screams and he rushes out to save her.  It is a sweet and fun scene (so glad we’ve moved away from melodrama!).

Finally their food is cooked and their ready to eat, but instead of eating right awayER-Couple_141 Dr. Gook puts his coat over Jin Hee so she won’t get cold.  After a moment’s hesitation on Jin Hee’s part they do finally eat and it’s cute.  Afterwards they share some hot drinks inside.  They talk and she asks why he hasn’t married and hints that it might be because of his parents.  For the first time he admits that she might be right, a roundabout way to face the issues he’s harboring.

As Dr. Gook drops Jin Hee off he actually admits that he has feelings for her!!!  Omo!!!  But… in the same breath he says that he knows Jin Hee and Chang Min are not over and she needs to understand that first.  She totally agrees with him too.  Before he can say anything else Jin Hee’s phone rings.

ER-Couple_143Ah Reum has been banging on Chang Min’s door, but he hasn’t answers and he’s not answering his phone.  She tells this to Jin Hee and she rushes over immediately.  She tells the security guard that she’s Chang Min’s wife but has been living abroad, she came home because Chang Min’s father passed and the security guard lets her into the apartment.  She finds Chang Min passed out in bed.  When he won’t wake up she calls for an ambulance, but then he does wake up.  He weakly assures her that he’s alright.  Then she breaks down and apologies for not coming sooner, admitting that she should have come sooner, but that she couldn’t find the courage to come to him.

Then she cooks him some porridge coming to give it to him in bed after having ER-Couple_144administered some fever reducer.  He looks much better, but tries to kick her out.  She refuses and says that she’ll leave once she sees him finish the porridge.  Ah Reum shows up and Jin Hee admits to Chang Min she only came because Ah Reum called.  Ah Reum refuses to go in and see Chang Min… maybe she has finally gotten the idea that right now Chang Min isn’t ready to look at anyone but Jin Hee.  Before Ah Reum leaves, Jin Hee thanks her for calling her.


After Ah Reum leaves Jin Hee is in the kitchen and finds her wedding ring… Omo… Before she can even process this knowledge Chang Min comes out looking utterly depressed.  Then Jin Hee shows him the ring…. Oh my gosh!!!



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