Review: We Got Married: Global Edition Season 1


So… some things happened that left me reeling.  I won’t bore with the details, but I will be quite happy when this week is done!  Anyway, after watching Episode 1 & 2 of Secret Love Affair about three times each, and I really had the best of intentions to write reviews or squees or recaps or something about them.  But this week has been hellish enough that I just wasn’t able to, combined with the way I got sucked into the show each re-watch and forgot to write… well yeah nothing came of my desire to write for Secret Love Affair.

I was in need of something that would make me laugh, be semi-mindless watch, and just filled with an overload of cute.  We Got Married: Global Edition has been on my to watch list for a while.  Not expecting too much I clicked play.  Let me just put this out here right now, it was cracktastic in the absolutely best way possible.  In between real life, work, kiddo & hubby, I devoured all fifteen episodes in those three days.  I absolutely loved and adored every nanosecond of it!

It was everything that I needed to help me through!  I’m not even sure that I can explain to you why it was so amazing, but I’m sure going to try!


From their first meeting to the very end.  I loved both couples so much that I want to squish them and hug them and keep them forever.  Each couple was adorkable and awkward in the most delightful way.

Gui Gui and Taec pulled at my heartstrings something fierce.  Gui Gui is just happy, carefree, and filled with a childlike wonder with everything around her.  Taec reminded me of an old man, he was grumpy-ish, stuck in his ways, and afraid of everything.

At first their interactions were very distant and I wasn’t sure that I would like them.  Everything felt too stilted and they didn’t have much chemistry.  Then their snowball fight happened and I was a goner.  Taec was protective, playful, and unable to resist her wishes.  Especially when she looked at him with her big eyes and said, “Oppa.”  Guh the way that just melted him was the best in the whole world.  Sugary sweet!  Gui Gui was happy to be there with him from the first.  She was so outgoing, generous with her heart, and open to anything.

WGM_Taec-GuiGui_02 I loved the combination of their personalities.  Gui Gui’s childish nature and his old man self, they were perfect compliments for one another.  From beginning to end they gave me an overload of cute!  She enchanted his friends and cracked a hole in Taec’s grumpy facade.  Even though he was always whining about what she asked him to, he did everything she asked.

Some of my favorite scenes with them were the wedding photos, guh the pictures were just so gorgeous!  Also I loved their honeymoon and then the amusement park date.  They were always trying to push one another to try new things and it felt to me that they were truly becoming a couple.


The Hongki and Mina couple were also cute.  Less tooth achingly sweet and more warm and comforting sweet.  Though they took longer to warn up to one another than Taec and Gui Gui, but once they did ung they made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

They were absolute and complete opposites from one another.  Mina was elegant, sophisticated, and reserved.  Hongki was loud, outspoken, and always in search of WGM_Hong-Mina_02attention.  To add to that their interests were so utterly different I was surprised that they could find anything in common.  Which added to their stiffness as a couple in the beginning.

However, once they found their groove they were just so funny together.  They competed over everything, it was too cute.  Some of my favorite moments for them was when Hongki decorated their bedroom, she was so touched by the whimsical scene.  Also I thought the proposal was just heart melting! And lastly the day they spent at the street fair.  Though I must take a moment to squee about the fact the Hong-Mina couple was a Noona Romance!


When the couples had to “break-up” I was a weepy mess!  It felt like Gui Gui was truly heartbroken.  I mean she was sobbing so hard she could barely breath and poor Taec was holding her and trying to put on a brave face.  The song for Mina from Hongki!  Holy Cow!  It was so utterly romantic and bittersweet!  I cried through the entire last episode.

So, yes I absolutely understand that most of this was probably scripted and they may have even rehearsed some of the scenes.  But honestly I really could care less.  The show made me happy and really that’s all that matters.


2 thoughts on “Review: We Got Married: Global Edition Season 1

  1. Aw, my dear Candy. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a hard week. *soothes* But yay that you found something to lift your spirits! I’ve been meaning to check out the WGM global edition coz I dig Taec’s brand of dorky buff, but have never gotten around to it. It’s good to hear that it’s a fun watch tho! And, the weekend is here, so YAY for the end of your hard week? 😀


    1. Please accept my sincerest apologies for taking so long to reply. I’m currently dealing with an injury which makes it difficult to sit at the computer for long periods. I am truly appreciative of your time and the fact you’ve commented here! Thank you for your patience!

      *is properly soothed* Thank you my Chaebol! Oh yes, this show was just exactly what I needed! I loved it so much that I went out and found copies of all the seasons with subs! So yeah when I’m feeling better and able to spend more time sitting/laying down I am going to work my way through every episode ever! Hehe

      Taec was hilarious, he’s such a dork and like an old crotchety man that is stuck in his ways. But he totally gets melted by Gui Gui. And Hongki was just a cute overload. I totally suggest it for when you’re in the mood for light and fluffy!


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