Emergency Couple: Ep 16


This Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees

Episode 16

There are only five episodes left… Only Five!  There’s so much that needs to happen, so much that I want to see happen, still so many possibilities!  With only five to go what is that I’m expecting or wanting?  Since it’s my blog I’ll just go right ahead and tell you.

1)      Oh Jin Hee, I want her to have some growth as well.  Right now she’s stuck in hate about the marriage to Oh Chang Min.  In order to really and truly heal from the divorce she needs to accept what happened and accept that he does have the ability to change.

2)      Oh Chang Min, well he needs to find his way out of this depression.  Yes, yes I know his daddy is possibly dying, and that will not help at all.  But for the growth of the character he needs to find a balance between happy/goofy self and serious self.  To truly show that he’s matured beyond the man he was during their marriage.

3)      Dr. Gook, he needs to figure himself out.  Jin Hee is not his parents.  Her divorce is different from that divorce.  He needs to place the anger with divorce where it belongs and not use Jin Hee as a scape goat.

4)      Dr. Shim, omo I love her to bits and pieces!  I want her to start seeing that she’s worthy of a happy ending too.  It is so easy to see that she’s in love with Dr. Gook, but she’s convinced herself that he needs to open his heart with Jin Hee.  I’d rather have her push to get him to notice her instead.

5)      Jin Ae, Gwang Soo, and baby Gook.  We’re on episode 16 and I still don’t really like Jin Ae or feel that I know her.  I feel more attachment to Gwang Soo than I do to Jin Ae.  She feels like she has all the mothering instincts of a tree.  I want her to fall in love with her baby and put him before her gigs and her phone.

6)      Yong Kyu, he just needs a hug!  I’d love for him to regain his confidence in doctoring and come back fighting!  I think being turned down by Ah Reum and then the mistake with the medicine has just decimated his self-worth, I want him to get that back again!

Anyway there are so many other things that I’d love to have happen, but for now I’ll just list those six which are the most important from my want list.  Now!  Onto the show!

ER-Couple_99Omo what a way to come back into the show!  Jin Hee and Chang Min are with his dad in order to save him they have to perform an emergency suture which works!  They rush off to the hospital where Dr. Gook is waiting for them.  I really like his daddy I hope that they are able to help him pull through!

Meddlesome Mommy and Uncle show up and for the first time she is showing true emotions that are for another person.  Wait, I take that back.  Somehow it is Chang Min’s fault for not knowing that his daddy was in such a bad way.  Somehow its Jin Hee’s fault it doesn’t matter that she’s the one to save daddy and is responsible for them having enough time to possibly save him.  Ugh even when her husband is lying dying on the hospital bed she’s selfish!  Can she not just mourn his illness and stop placing blame everywhere!ER-Couple_101

As she’s confronting Chang Min about all of that she places the blame on Jin Hee for his not arriving to dinner on time.  Then finally he lets go and gives her a piece of his mind.  Thank you!  I’ve been waiting for him to really and truly stand up to her with some backbone!  Meddlesome Mommy says that he’s tormenting her to the end because of his continued attraction to Jin Hee.  Because his love life directly impacts mommy, grrrrr.

After sending Meddlesome Mommy home Chang Min comes back to find Jin Hee watching over his daddy’s sick bed.  He sends her home too, but thanks her softly.  Chang Min looks like he’s going to  have a break down.  Jin Hee meekly says she’s sorry this all happened on his birthday which just makes it worse.  Guh is it just me or do you guys want her to hug Chang Min too?

Back at the Oh house Jin Hee’s sister finds out about the fight from Gwang Soo and her mommy’s bemoans the fact that the other Oh’s are going to destroy everything that Jin Hee has worked so hard for.

ER-Couple_103The rumors are flying around work about the divorced couple and Ah Reum’s suspicions are finally confirmed.  But then we’re thrust right back into the tension of the survival for Chang Min’s daddy.  A chest tube must be inserted.  I want to take a moment to squee about Choi Jin Hyuk’s acting here.  Chang Min’s a doctor, I would hazard a guess that he’s done this before or something similar to many patients.  Yet he cannot watch as his father is cut and the tube is inserted.  It is just such a subtle thing.  He stands somewhat hunched and his head turned ever so slightly away.  With his eyes brimming with tears he holds his breath.  I mean wow, just a few tiny details and actions and it conveys so-so much!  Ung so sad and yet so good!

The hospital is in an uproar that Dr. Gook treated Chang Min’s daddy and not a specialist.  The head boss man comes down to Dr. Gook’s office to hound him about that very fact.  Dr. Gook states that he did call and tell the cardiologist department that it was an emergency but no one came.  The boss man scolds him that he should have told the other department who it was in the ER then every ER-Couple_104doctor would come running.  I have to admit that I love that Dr. Gook sticks to his guns and says the patient’s name and family don’t matter, that the other doctors should have come regardless of who it was.  Yet the politics of the hospital demand otherwise.

Omo, I was so happy with this drama.  It was straightforward, people communicated, there were straight lines that were easily followed.  Now… the rumor mill in the hospital is exploding at apocalyptic levels.  Professor Ahn, a specialist, thinks Dr. Gook treated Chang Min’s father in order to get a promotion.  The nurses are convinced that Jin Hee is flirting with Dr. Gook in ER-Couple_105order to succeed.  They’re even convinced that the food her mom brought was nothing more than a bribe.  This conversation of the nurses was overheard by Professor Ahn who immediately attacks Jin Hee.  He tells Jin Hee that Dr. Gook thinks she’ll be easy and that she shouldn’t be throwing herself at her boss like that.  This conversation is in turn overheard by Chang Min.


Chang Min charges in… I need a moment to cool down, that anger/protection face of his… yeah wow… but Omo! What a fake out!  Dr. Gook has overheard the whole conversation too!  It isn’t Chang Min who throws the punch it’s Dr. Gook!  Whoa I didn’t see that coming at all!  Dr. Gook scolds Professor Ahn that he shouldn’t be saying such things to Jin Hee when Professor is actually mad at Dr. Gook.  And Professor Ahn pretty much tells Dr. Gook that his job is now in jeopardy.  Wow…


Daddy Oh is awake!  But then in comes Meddlesome Mommy and makes it all about her again.  She really needs to get over herself.  She yells at him after he’s been awake for like then seconds.  She frustrates me terrible.

Nosy Nurse is with Jin Hee and Dr. Gook as they treat a burned foot (gross!) and she’s eyeballing them both as if everything they do and say is just cementing the rumors in her mind.  I’d bet money that she goes out and spreads more lies.  After finishing up Jin Hee talks to Dr. Gook, saying he went too far with Professor Ahn.  He is upset that the Professor was using her divorce against her to get back at Dr. Gook.  Does this mean that his opinion of her being divorced has changed?  Nope, he admits her divorce makes things harder on him.

Dr. Gook is contemplating in his office again, he does that a lot.  However, he thinks about Jin Hee’s wish that her divorce could be a non-issue and Dr. Shims superb advise that he cannot have a relationship without healing the scars of his parent’s divorce.  He picks up his phone and pulls up a contact, dramafever didn’t translate the Hangul but I’m going to guess it was either his mom or dad.  A step in the right direction!  But then he changes his mind and goes charging out to find Jin Hee, demanding that they talk.

Back in his office Dr. Gook actually apologies for his comments about divorce, heER-Couple_108 realizes that he’s hurt her.  Omo! Omo! Omo!  Then he gently brushes her hair from her face and sincerely apologizes… and then….and then… he leans in sweetly… and what????? That was a daydream! *dies a screaming puddle of angry noona*

Instead of the sweet and well thought out concept he daydreamed he almost yells out his apology in an awkward cadence, almost as if he’s afraid that if he doesn’t hurry he won’t get the words out.  He tells her that he doesn’t care that she’s divorced, finally!  He grew a brain!  Omo that was hilarious I totally fell for it.  Jin Hee is left in a state of shock when Dr. Gook abruptly leaves after that.

The Oh family on Chang Min’s side gather around Daddy Oh’s bedside and are informed by Dr. Gook of his condition.  Even there the dinner with the minister is brought up, the whole family is selfish.  Chang Min is slowly starting to change and evolve out of that.

ER-Couple_109Ah Reum… I had sort of hoped that the character would change and grow on me.  But she’s way too much like Meddlesome Mommy for my tastes.  She confronts Jin Hee with the knowledge of the divorce.  She tells Jin Hee that Chang Min likes her way more than she originally thought.  Even that didn’t melt Jin Hee!  Seriously?  But Jin Hee tells Ah Reum to take her time with Chang Min if she really does like him.

You know I really have no idea who Jin Hee is going to end up with! Right now Jin Hee isn’t really leaning towards one or the other…

That brings us to Sang Hyuk and Young Ae.  She’s not sure that she wants the ER-Couple_110baby and poor Sang Hyuk is just devastated that the thought.  Ah Reum sticks her nose in and Young Ae runs off.  I’m glad that Sank Hyuk didn’t tell her anything.  Then for the first time all day they begin to wonder where Yong Kyu is… no one has seen him all day…  My poor sweetheart!  Guh I hope that he’s ok!

Daddy Oh yet again says that this is the only time he will see Jin Hee and Chang Min together.  Jin Hee begs him to get better, reminding him of his own words to her; a patient’s will is important to the healing process.  After she leaves Chang Min admits he wants to rekindle their love, but Jin Hee is afraid.  He tells his daddy that he should step back and allow her to find love.  Omo and finally ER-Couple_111someone in a drama vetos the idea of selfless sacrifice.  Daddy Oh tells Chang Min that’s a bad idea and if he loves her then he should love her.  Thank you Daddy Oh!

For the first time Ah Reum shows concern for Yong Kyu.  She’s not good enough for him, but at least she seems upset that he’s not showing up to work.  She flashes back to a conversation that they had about an indie rock concert and goes there.  And she finds him, looking completely miserable and lost.  He tells her that he isn’t fit to be a doctor and looks so pitiful that I want to just hug him up!

Meddlesome Mommy is watching over Daddy Oh by herself when his vitals start to get bad and he is barely able to breathe.  She runs out to the nurses station looking for the doctor in charge and runs into Jin Hee.  Forgetting her anger andER-Couple_113 selfishness she tells Jin Hee what happened and she races back to Daddy Oh’s room.  Jin Hee works to save him as quickly as she can.  Dr. Gook hears about it and goes to rush over as well.  Dr. Shim attempts to stop him because Daddy Oh is no longer a patient of the ER and it will cause trouble.  But he ignores her.

In the end Dr. Shim and Dr. Gook rush him into surgery leaving Jin Hee, Chang Min, and Meddlesome Mommy to worry.  They are in the waiting room… waiting… everyone looks so drained and terrified.  Jin Hee is standing away by herself… finally Chang Min goes to her and tells her to go.  He doesn’t want her to ER-Couple_115have to live through this, because their strangers now.  But she refuses and begins to cry.  Omo, Chang Min slowly pulls her into his body and holds her gently.  I’m a blubbering mess as she sobs against chest afraid that Daddy Oh will die.  Chang Min murmurs softly in her ear, telling her it will be alright.

After three surgeries Daddy Oh is stable again.  This episode has been a rollercoaster!  Meddlesome Mommy faints from worry and exhaustion is settled in a room to rest.  Jin Hee won’t leave… and in their exhausted state she opens up to Chang Min, at least a little.  She tells him after the divorce when she had no meaning or purpose in life Daddy Oh was the only one who came to her.  He told her that it was nothing more than a scraped knee and she needed to get up and live life.  It was with that energy, the energy of a father figure that she got this far.  She begs Chang Min to let her stay because she needs Daddy Oh to be alright.


Meddlesome Mommy asks to be alone with Daddy Oh after Dr. Gook tells her ER-Couple_118straight that it will be hard for him to live through the night.  She sits with his hand in hers and really-really shows genuine concern for her husband without a selfish bend to the words.  Ugh my heartstrings!  Jin Hee falls asleep on Chang Min and Meddlesome Mommy falls asleep on Daddy Oh.

The next morning… ugh I just can’t even… I can’t… I had to walk away… I cried for a good ten minutes before I could manage to finish this.  Ugh… Daddy Oh!  Meddlesome Mommy wakes up to the heart monitor running flat… everyone rushes in…  The doctors state his heart is too weak and his condition is too bad for anything to be done.  Chang Min furiously gives compressions.  Meddlesome Mommy begs Jin Hee to save him, babbling that if anyone can save Daddy Oh then Jin Hee can.  The doctors look on as three hearts break.  Daddy Oh is gone…


This episode tore me apart!  Ugh… I need to go curl in a ball and cry some more.  Daddy Oh!!!!


4 thoughts on “Emergency Couple: Ep 16

  1. There were so many moments in the episode where I was like “Just hug her Chang Min! Just hug her!” and when he finally did, I was like “YAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I totally agree with you about Jin Ae. It’s just a symptom of not particularly strong writing, directing, and acting.

    I LOVED the scene where Dr. Gook punched the stupid professor! Daebak! I was like, yeah! (I promise I am not a violent person).

    I’m so glad that Dr. Gook told her that the divorce didn’t matter, but I was a little mad that the almost kiss was his imagination :/ Would it hurt the show for her to kiss him? Seriously, poor Song Ji Hyo is so exhausted from filming, the least thing to give her would be a nice kiss scene with Dr. Gook 😉 His super brusque reaction though in the real scene was kind of funny, flustered, and adorable. I luff him so!

    I’m not super happy with the pregnant couple storyline. If they really didn’t want children, well then they should have planned better. I will not be happy if the show has her abort the baby. Actually I will be infuriatingly angry! That is not the way to approach woman, having children, and work outside the home! They are a married couple and it’s not just her choice about what to do with the baby. Any decision that is made needs to be made by both of them.

    That scene where Chang Min and Jin Hee are at his father’s bedside and she tells him how his dad was a strength to her when she felt down after the divorce. My heart felt so wrung for her, and I just wanted to hug his dad for being so awesome to her!

    I am super glad though that Chang Min’s mother has finally started warming to Jin Hee! It’s about time.

    And I’ll be honest, I actually like that his dad died. It brings a gravity to their character development that I appreciate. I will say however that I am tired of K-drama’s that are billed as romantic comedies (such as this one) but which then turn into melodramas. It’s irritating. If they wanted to go all melodrama, which they are doing, that’s find. I just wish they wouldn’t call it a rom-com. There has been much too little funny and cute! *sigh*


    1. Please accept my sincerest apologies for taking so long to reply. I’m currently dealing with an injury which makes it difficult to sit at the computer for long periods. I am truly appreciative of your time and the fact you’ve commented here! Thank you for your patience!

      I know right!!!!!! Jin Hee needed a hug so badly and yet he just never made a move, so when he did I just about fell out of my chair with happiness!

      Jin Ae was a disappointment to be sure, they built her up so much in the beginning episodes that I was expecting a full fleshed out character and story. Alas, that was not the case. I liked Gwang Soo much more than Jin Ae lol.

      Hehehe! I was the exact same way! When he punched Professor Ahn in the face I was clapping and giving my screen thumbs up. My husband thought I’d gone a little loopy.

      I absolutely believed that his daydream scene was real! So when it rewound back to reality I was a little lost. However, I’m glad that he told her that divorce wasn’t an issue. It was a big step for him. But his awkward and dorky speech made me giggle so I was appeased.

      Chingu we are both on the same page with the pregnant couple. Omo, I was extremely displeased with that whole thing. A pregnancy should be a mutual choice, and everything having to do with that pregnancy should be a conversation that happens between the couple. Just because it is her body doesn’t mean that she is the only one who can make the decisions. She married Sang Hyuk and to me marriage means that you’ve given over part of your body and soul because otherwise its just a piece of paper. Ok I’ll get off my soap box now lol.

      Chang Min’s dad is such a fantastic character. I was so glad that Jin Hee had him to help her to survive after the divorce.

      You know, the more I think about it the more I’m ok with his dad passing. I just wish it hadn’t been dragged out over so many episodes because it turned my rom-com into a melodrama for about half the run (at least that’s how it felt). However, I think that his dad passing was a catalyst for so many things that were good and without it the evolution of several characters would never have come to fruition.


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