Secret Love Affair: Squeeeeee!


This Episode Review Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees.

I doubt that I will effectively be able to explain just how excited I am for this show.  I have very-very high hopes for Secret Love Affair.  I was burned recently by another Noona Romance, that we shall not name, and my high hopes were crushed upon the rocks of atrocity.  However, I am going to forget that previous drama and allow myself to ride the high of excitement!!!

Seriously, as a love of the Noona Romance this really feels like it is going to be the epitome of that trope.  A strong older woman, a virile young man, age difference, forbidden love…  yeah this could be the best of all the Noona Romances.  Ok… so that is probably a huge exaggeration, but that is how excited I am for this drama!

Shall we start before I melt into a puddle just thinking about watching?  Indeed, lets watch!

Subs were a day behind!  I nearly died waiting… so lets really-really get started!

I had fully intended to write a recap, just like I’ve done with Emergency Couple and I Need Romance 3.  Really, I promise!  I even had two paragraphs written and screen caps taken… I really had planned on recapping, really!  And then… I got lost to the show and I forgot to write, I forgot anything but the show and it was amazing and wonderful and gorgeous and everything that I had hoped for.

I’ve sat here for about a half hour just loving the set up, so much, and squeeing by myself.  So I think that I will only be able to provide you amazing readers with a review.  I feel that I must preface this review with the knowledge that it will mostly be me just squealing about my feels and emotions and squees.  Perhaps as the show progresses and I become used to the magical glow that surrounds it I’ll be able to recap it properly.

Manager Oh Hye Won is a workaholic who is the Planning Leader for Seo Han Arts Foundation.  She’s married to Professor Kang Joon Hyung who is also a pianist, but currently does not have an apprentice.

Lee Sun Jae is a courier who suffers from Tenosynovitis which causes his hand to shake, the same ailment that caused Hye Won to stop playing the piano.  Sun Jae appears to be dating Park Da Mi, the same young lady that works at Hye Won’s salon as a hair washer.

Seo Pil Won is the Chairman of the Seo Han Group.  He is the father of  Seo Young Woo and the husband of Han Sung Sook.  Seo Young Woo is the CEO of the Arts Center of the Seo Han Arts Foundation and married to a man who apparently bought an apartment for a student in Vienna, which seems to be a polite way to say he’s having an affair.  Which seems par for the course of that marriage since Young Woo’s introduction to us is her in bed with a random man, who Hye Won summarily kicks out of the apartment without qualms.  Han Sung Sook is the Chief Director of the Seo Han Arts Foundation and Seo Young Woo’s step mother.  To put it plainly they despise one another with the passion of a thousand fiery suns.

So far the rest of the cast that we’ve met are Min Yong Ki, a Chancellor at the Foundation who has the power to pick who gets to perform what.  Then there is Jo In Seo who is another professor at the Foundation who is given an additional performance at the show within the first episode in which he performs with his apprentice.  Jo In Seo’s apprentice is Ji Min Woo, who was discovered by non-other than Hye Won.

I think that I might be the only one, but I loved the pacing of this show.  It was introspective, giving us a view into the regular lives of our cast of characters to allow us to know them.  There’s plenty of drama in their existence even now, but I loved being able to see them as they are before everything goes crazy.

Also… the music… I was just as lost to the music as I was to the show itself.  My ears were in a constant state of bliss, whether it was a full orchestra playing or the subtle instrumentals that played softly and perfectly through every scene.

There is just too much about the show that I loved!  Everyone is intertwined, all the stories winding together into a tapestry and has built a rich and exotic and full of life.  I am utterly and totally pleased with the first episode.

I watched the show twice in a row… I’m not sure that I’ll continue with reviewing or recapping or just squeeing in general about the episodes.  My Sunbaenim, Kfangurl, is always talking about balance.  And I think this is a choice that I’ll need to make in regards to that balance.  This show sucks me in so completely that I don’t want to think about dissecting it or reviewing it or recapping it.  So… for now until I figure out what I want to do I’m going to just enjoy the ride and love the show to bits and pieces!


10 thoughts on “Secret Love Affair: Squeeeeee!

  1. Ah well, was there ever any doubt about the squee potential in this one?? I do think many coming in with different expectations might be put off by the first ep simply because it might be considered “slow”, but their loss I say! Alot of it is basically establishing relationships and it does that well. I was legit nervous for him already at the end, which I was disappointed it ended just when the piano porn was going to start 🙂


    1. True, there was always going to be a serious level of squee with this one! I’ve seen a great deal of other netizens who dislike the slow pace, but I am really enjoying how it is building things up. With the amount of political intrigue and plotting that is happening I am actually very thankful for the slow speed it allows me to follow along. Kekeke I know I was sad that we didn’t get the piano porn at the end there! But the show has kept up the musical porn nicely, at least for me.


  2. Finally, one of your live episode posts that I can actually read, coz I sort of watched the first ep. Woot! But when I say sort of, I mean I watched it raw without subs, and skipped a fair chunk about mid-way through coz I was tired from trying to understand all the dialogue. HAHA.

    Yay that you’re enjoying the show – and I say follow your heart. If you would rather just soak it all in and then write about it after it’s all over, that’s fine and legit too ^^

    Thanks too, for the shout-out. Yes, I guess I’m always talking about balance, eh? Not that I’m actually *achieving* it or anything, but at least I’m talking about it? XD


    1. Please accept my sincerest apologies for taking so long to reply. I’m currently dealing with an injury which makes it difficult to sit at the computer for long periods. I am truly appreciative of your time and the fact you’ve commented here! Thank you for your patience!

      Yay!! I’m glad that I finally have a post that you can read! Hehehe. Oh man, yeah I can imagine trying to work through all the dialogue and the intrigue of plots and the twists would make your brain hurt without subs! Do you plan on going back and watching it? I’m dreadfully behind, with being hurt I’ve had to pick and choose what I watch in the time that I’ve got. But now that ER Couple is done I’m going to get caught up with SLA!!

      I’m very-very happy with my choice of just squeeing and watching SLA instead of recapping it. My plan is to put out a few more squee posts just talking about what I like and how I’m feeling about the show, stuff like that. But I don’t feel guilty for not recapping it.

      The first step is to acknowledge that you need to make a change, so you’re on the right path!! I think balancing is an ongoing project. You’ve always got to reevaluate and correct the course!


  3. My understanding is that this is based on the same novel as the 2005 film Tokyo Tower. In the film though, they obviously must’ve condensed the story and cut straight to the good stuff (case in point: Toru’s arse in the shower scene ;P). So having seen the story in another form, I’m not sure how I feel about investing ~16 hours into another version (yeah, I’m that person that doesn’t bother watching K-drama remakes of J-dramas I’ve already seen, and vice versa). I plan to give it a chance but if it gets too melodrama-y, I’m out– I can take that for the length of a movie (and I thought TT was pretty good) but not 16+ hours– and I’ll just keep up with your commentary, whatever form it takes.
    On the optimistic side, I watched the 20 minute preview and I swear to god, that scene where they play piano together… *fans self*
    As an aside, I totally understand where you’re coming from regarding how/what to blog about the show. I could never write recaps myself. It seems like way too much work and I always assume anyone interested is already watching the show anyway. I’m more of the casual “lookit-how-awesome-this-is-go-watch-it-NOW” sort of blogger– that probably falls under ‘squeeing’, right? The other problem is, if you’re following any currently-airing dramas there’s the added pressure of keeping up with the week’s releases. IMO that’s really when it can get to be too much and it stops being fun and feels more like a job you aren’t getting paid to do. That’s why I much prefer seeing people’s reactions to events in the drama, positive or negative. That’s just my 2 cents, anyway.
    P.S. I swear I’m not stalking you, but I just sent a friendship request at My Drama List (kittyflumpin).


    1. Yes, replying to my own comment: I’ve watched the first 2 eps now, and apart from the 20 year age difference it seems there’s not much resemblance to Tokyo Tower, in the initial set up at least. I enjoyed what I saw, though behind-the-scenes power struggle with the school is kinda zzzzzzzz… More orgasmic piano scenes, please.


      1. The school intrigue and power plays are a not grabbing my interest as much as I had anticipated. I’m hoping that after the initial set up of who is in which pocket and who is betraying who that the show will find a better flow between the romance and the school stuffs. But I’m only 4 episodes in lol so I’m not really sure of the rhythm yet. But yes, more piano porn please!!!!!!


    2. Please accept my sincerest apologies for taking so long to reply. I’m currently dealing with an injury which makes it difficult to sit at the computer for long periods. I am truly appreciative of your time and the fact you’ve commented here! Thank you for your patience!

      I just found that out myself, though I have yet to watch Tokyo Tower (but I want to!). I’m discovering that a lot of dramas/movies are remakes of popular and successful dramas from other countries.

      I’m on the fence with the idea of re-watching a story I’ve seen in another format from another country. If I really loved the story concept then I’m totally ok with giving the new rendition a try. But I will wait awhile before I watch the new version so that the old version isn’t so fresh in my thoughts.

      Sadly I am dreadfully behind in watch SLA (*cries*) I can’t remain in a sitting/resting position for too long so I’ve had to pick and choose what I use that time for. But now that ER Couple is done I’m going to go back and catch up (very-very slowly) on SLA. However, from the first four episodes I think we’re in for a very heavy melodrama-y ride. This will be only my second melodrama… and I’m not sure that even the amazing Noona Romance plot can keep me involved. I like my drama happy because real life is cruddy enough on its own, I don’t need to cry because a show is making my heart break.

      But seriously! That scene of them playing the piano together! Oh man… that was HOT!

      Recapping is a HUGE commitment! I wasn’t really aware of how big it was until I dedicated myself to do it for INR 3 and ER Couple. I think I burnt myself out on it because I was recapping two shows at a time. But regardless I’m happy with my choice just to watch and Squee about SLA, you’ve got to make choices to balance out the blogging with the drama. Hehe, yup that would fall under squeeing and squeeing is so much fun and we can always use more squeeing posts about dramas!

      You can stalk me, its ok! LoL. I got your friend request! Thanks! I’m always happy to have more friends to compare dramas with!


  4. This drama was sooooo heavy. Their chemistry was crazy. The bestie noona and I watched a lot of it together but it was too emotionally draining for her. I had to finish it, it made me a fan of Yo Ah In, though.


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