Emergency Couple: Ep 15


(This Episode Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squeues)

Epsidoe 15

Dewaani!  You wonderful creature, thank you for the links to the song that Chang Min sings!! I promise I’ll respond very soon to your comments.  Omo now that I know the lyrics I’m even more a weepy mess over the end of last episode!!


I really love Dr. Shim, like a whole lot!  She won’t let Dr. Gook ignore what it means to him that he learned Jin Hee’s having been divorced.  Getting him to talk about his parents and what to do now.  But he puts up more walls saying that he won’t ever marry because he can’t keep another person in his heart.  Poor Dr. Shim, she wants to see him fall in love again even if it isn’t with her.  He feels sorry that he can’t love and it seems because he especially can’t love her.

ER-Couple_80After all the interns are on their way Jin Hee walks slowly in contemplation… she looks at her contact list and sighs looking at Chang Min’s name.  While Chang Min takes a very-very drunk Yong Kyu home he admits to his friend that he too was divorced, but drunk Yong Kyu doesn’t connect the dots.

Dr. Shim stares at Gr. Gook’s empty wine glass after he leaves and I just want to snuggle her.  While Dr. Gook worries over the knowledge that Jin Hee is divorced all alone… he is looking less and less happy about knowing.  Chang Min is remembering the day he captured Jin Hee in his home with both happiness and sadness, it’s a bittersweet moment for him.

Omo!  Sang Hyuk is so freaking adorable!  Young Ae is pregnant and Sang Hyuk just cannot contain his excitement!  He is so in love with his wife too, I just want to add that.  ER-Couple_83To the point where you might get a toothache watching him with Young Ae.  She’s devastated because it means she won’t complete her internship and will have to put off her residency for a year.

Jin Hee goes to report on a patient to Dr. Gook.  It is so terribly awkward!  He won’t look at her, she is demure and quiet.  But then suddenly he asks if she got home alright, then adds if everyone got home alright.  He’s just so very awkward.  Jin Hee attempts to make an apology for divulging that she is a divorcee, but he stops her.  Then he says something very cutting to the tone of, people who got divorced couldn’t take the responsibility of their choice and that she was one of those terrible people.  His parents divorced leaving him an orphan and he cannot separate Jin Hee from his parents.  Those ER-Couple_84scars are deep I’m sure and the type that haven’t healed yet.

Jin Hee!  Silly-silly girl!  After their sad conversation she randomly asks about pregnancy.  Specifically that if someone were pregnant they would have to quite the internship because of the radiation.  Gr. Gook jumps to the conclusion that she’s pregnant, at least that’s what his adorkable face says!  Omo too funny.

Adhering to the promise that he made Chang Min picks a table away from Jin Hee in the lunchroom.  They both look very sad and dejected.  Then after they pass one another in the walkway and can barely make eye contact.  Guh I want to squish them both!

Finally, I think Ah Reum has finally figured it out.  She’s talking to herself about it and thenER-Couple_86 looks quite surprised.  Just as she is about to run out she runs into Chang Min and she’s about to ask Chang Min if he was married to Jin Hee when the nurse and she says that Meddlesome Mommy is there to see him.

Elsewhere… Gwang Soo, Gook, and Jin Hee’s mommy are looking for Jin Hee and Dr. Gook to give the homemade meal to.  A nurse takes them to see Dr. Gook.  Jin Hee’s mom gives the food to him and asks him to take care of Jin Hee, oblivious to the drama that has unfolded.

Meddlesome Mommy is hounding Chang Min about the usual.  But she also reminds him that it ER-Couple_87is his birthday and brings him seaweed soup.  Omo!  Poor Chang Min, guh now I want to hug him even more!  Poor thing is alone on his birthday and so dejected too.  On her way out Meddlesome Mommy hears Jin Hee’s name and asks where she is.  When she can’t find her she asks to be directed to Dr. Gook’s office.  She storms in only to find… yup that’s right folks Jin Hee’s mom and family visiting.  Jin Hee’s mom is finally clued in that Chang Min works here too.  Dr. Gook is terribly confused about the two mother’s conversation because they each are trying not to reveal the divorce.  Meddlesome Mommy demands to know why Jin Hee hasn’t been fired.  Then the two mommy’s begin to scream at each other.


In the middle of the screaming match (which makes baby Gook cry, booo mean mommy’s!) Chang Min and Jin Hee burst in, which causes more screaming and questions.  They drag their respective mom’s out leaving a terribly confused Dr. Gook.   Dr. Shim is left in the wake of the screaming ladies and rushes off to Dr. Gook’s office.  Omo!  Things have certainly come to a head!  There will be no way to hide the truth now, and it is really finally time for it to be out in the open.  Chang Min and Jin Hee need to deal with it and they need to handle the aftermath of their friends and colleagues finding out too.

Unable to get the screaming mommy’s very far they have it all out in the lobby.  Jin Hee’s ER-Couple_89mommy yells about Chang Min being a jerk and destroying Jin Hee’s life.  Meddlesome Mommy’s screams that Jin Hee made Chang Min’s life nothing but darkness and ruined his chances of marriage.  Then blames Jin Hee for seducing Chang Min all over again.  In order to end the fight Chang Min picks up his mommy and carries her out while she kicks and screams.  In the aftermath Meddlesome Mommy tells Chang Min that his father kept in touch with Jin Hee and helped her to become a doctor.  (When will we know what happened to daddy last time?  I’m worried about him!)

ER-Couple_90We come back to precious Dr. Gook who is flashing back to every conversation with Chang Min about Jin Hee and the lightbulb goes off.  So that’s Dr. Shim, Ah Reum (probably), and Dr. Gook who know they were married and then divorced.  Just after he has this epiphany Jin Hee comes in.  Looking very embarrassed and dejected I might add.  She does her best at apologizing for the behavior he witnessed.  He asks if Chang Min is her ex to which she admits.

Omo Yong Kyu!  Seriously I want to cuddle him and tell him that everything is going to be alright.  He is trembling and unable to focus when he’s called to take care of a patient.  The moment he attempts to examine the man he just can’t.  He looks so lost, confused, and terrified!  He asks the nurse to call another doctor and leaves the patient in his hands.  While he’s sitting trying to endure his emotions Ah Reum finds him.  She wants him to see Dr. Gook because he’s trembling, has cold sweats, and can hardly breathe from the stress of his mistake yesterday.  The poor baby refuses.

Jin Hee comes in to find Chang Min with the thermos his mother gave him.  She remembers its his birthday.  But both of them are down, exhausted after their mother’s battle.  Briefly they talk about what happened.  Jin Hee tells him now he must understand why they can’t work.  Chang Min looks even more depressed after that.  To add insult to injury she wishes him a happy birthday on her way out the door.  Ugh the worst timing for that.  After bluntly breaking his heart again she wishes him a happy birthday.  That’s such a selfish move.

The gossip breaks out all over the hospital!  It is finally common knowledge.  Dr. Gook tellsER-Couple_91 Dr. Shim that he knows everything now about Jin Hee, but just as he mistakenly adds pregnancy to the list Young Ae comes to tell him the truth.  I am very glad they didn’t run with that gag for long.  It was well done.  Just enough to make it humorous but not enough to make it annoying.  She retires to the office the interns use for research where Yong Kyu is.  They commiserate in silence together before a resident doctor comes to scold Yong Kyu for abandoning his patient.

Both Jin Hee and Chang Min arrive to schedule surgeries for their prospective patients.  Only one room is available and they bicker over which patient gets to go first.  Dr. Gook arrives and they ask him to settle it.  He picks Chang Min’s patient.  Now… I wonder if ER-Couple_92Chang Min’s patient was actually the worse off of the two, or he picked Chang Min because he feels betrayed that Jin Hee has been divorced?  He does back up the choice with a whole bunch of medical logic so it appears that it was the right choice.

On their way out of the hospital Jin Hee apologies to Chang Min and he sadly asks why she didn’t believe his words and only believed the Chief.  Before she can answer, he answers for her… because she doesn’t’ trust him and that makes him even more depressed.  Guh Chang Min is breaking my heart into little tiny shredded pieces!!


He heads to his Uncle’s hospital and guess what, yup that’s right!  Uncle Doctor asks him to repay the favor he owes by going to the dinner that his mother planned with the Minister’s family (Ah Reum’s family that is.)  He concedes of course since he agreed to fulfilling that I.O.U.  On his way home from the office he calls Ah Reum, she cuts him off and tells him she doesn’t really want to go through with this dinner either, but she feels that they should be polite.  At least she’s seeing that he’s not the guy for her!

At the restaurant Meddlesome Mommy asks Uncle Doctor about a hundred times if Chang ER-Couple_94Min will come, he assures her that he will.  But they both complain that Chang Min’s dad isn’t there when he promised he’d attend.  Will we finally hear what happened to him?!?  But he won’t answer his phone so I suppose we don’t get to know just yet.  The Minister’s family arrives… but Chang Min isn’t there… that spells trouble for Chang Min.  If he goes against this request I’m afraid for Jin Hee’s future.  While they wait for Chang Min they banter with overly polite compliments.  Meddlesome Mommy calls Chang Min to scold him, he agrees to come but tells her in no uncertain terms that this is the last thing she can expect from him.  She then asks if he’s spoken to his father, he gets ahold of his dad’s assistant to learn he fainted and went the ER a few days before.  She also tells him that he went out to the fields and no one has seen him since.

Chang Min makes a U-turn and calls Jin Hee immediately.  She admits that she went to see his father a few days ago.  Chang Min goes straight to his father’s doctor and gets more information.  His daddy’s heart is failing it seems and cannot be operated on.  Omo!  Jin ER-Couple_96Hee rushes to Daddy Oh’s office and finds the prescriptions putting the pieces together.  She discovers that daddy collapsed on the beach and calls Chang Min.  The paramedics bring Daddy to the office where Jin Hee tries to help since he refuses to go to the hospital.  Chang Min arrives in a panic.  Omo poor Chang Min!  Once again he is faced with seeing one of his parents in a deadly state.

Daddy is barely awake, he can hardly talk or breathe.  But he looks at Jin Hee and Chang Min over him and says now that he sees them together he’s happy.  I’m a blubbering fool ER-Couple_97here, crying so hard.  Daddy won’t go to the hospital… he knows it’s too late…  They can’t help, they can’t fix him… and he goes into a fit, unable to breathe… While they can only watch….  And… credits!  No!  They cannot leave it like this!  I can’t wait a whole week!  Ugh!!!


4 thoughts on “Emergency Couple: Ep 15

  1. I wonder if they really are going to kill Chang Min’s dad off…I can see them doing a fake sort of thing because in the preview at least it seems like they make it back to the hospital with the dad…but maybe I’m seeing it wrong.

    Chang Min broke my heart this episode too! T T I want the two of them to figure things out and make things work and get over their differences and have some real and meaningful relationship and character growth.

    And that Baby Gook! I want to just cuddle him to pieces! So much!

    As for Dr. Shim, I feel so sorry for her…and that Dr. Gook, man he’s so gorgeous.

    Oh, and the songs. It seems like there were two different songs. He starts with singing one song and then it merges into the OST version of the links I sent you. I am not sure what the first song was…sorry.


    1. Seeing as I have been absent for so long I feel bad responding now since there is only one episode until the series is complete.

      I was totally ready during this episode for some real conversation. I thought they were ready for it too.

      Omo Baby Gook is so freaking cute I can hardly handle it!

      That’s ok! I’m sure if I look I’ll figure it out hehe someone on the web will surely know.


      1. Haha. No worries. There are two more episodes though I thought. They extended it one more episode so that it ends without having to leave another drama starting off on an uneven schedule. I haven’t had a chance to watch 18 & 19 yet though…but I’ve seen some adorable pics from the episode ^^


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