Emergency Couple: Ep 14

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(This Episode Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees)

Epsidoe 14

ER-Couple_51Omo the drama!  Chang Min looks like he was just hit watching Dr. Gook walk Jin Hee inside.  Dr. Gook looks like a kid in a candy store waiting for Jin Hee to go inside.  Jin Hee sits down to read the book she borrowed from Dr. Gook’s car unaware of the emotional pain that Chang Min is experiencing.

Dr. Shim arrives again to help Chang Min with his feelings, she’s very good at helping him work through his emotions.  He’s finding waiting for her to be a difficult thing.  I’ll bet it is even harder now after watching Dr. Gook with Jin Hee the night before.  So he’s trying to avoid her, so as not to push.

Then they both are assigned to the emergency patient, a young boy who comes in with fractures and a puncture wound.  Yet again the Oh Team is there to save the day! I wonder if their synergy will be off now that Chang Min is trying to avoid her.

Yong Kyu also has a patient, who cannot stop coughing.  He has some sort of bronchial infection.  Yong Kyu says he’ll write a prescription but asks if the older man takes any other medicine.  He does, something that he’s taken for a year for high blood pressure, but he doesn’t know what it is.  Yong Kyu tells him to continue and take the drug he’ll prescribe.  I smell something bad coming here.  Poor Young Kyu!

The little boy that the Oh Doctors are helping turns out to have no one.  His parents abandoned him and hisER-Couple_53 grandmother died last year.  Guh, I’m a weepy mess the little thing is all alone and now he’s hurt!  After Dr. Gook straightens the bone he assigns Jin Hee to cast it.  She hasn’t done it before and doesn’t do it exactly right and Chang Min comes in to help.  Chang Min is very demure and almost depressed while assisting and Jin Hee is unsure of herself.  Though she gains confidence while Chang Min even though he scolds her the whole time.

Ah Reum watches Chang Min and Jin Hee with the kid and by the end they are all three joking together.  Yet again making it obvious that they are very familiar with one another.  I wonder if Ah Reum has put the pieces together yet?  He told her last episode he had been married and is now divorced.  I hope so, because she needs to see that she’s a much better match with Yong Kyu.  He shares all her same interests and adores her.  Not that I think that she deserves my precious and sweet Yong Kyu, but she’s barking up the wrong tree with Chang Min.


Sweet Yong Kyu goes to Ah Reum to comfort her.   At least she isn’t planning on stealing Chang Min away, but she does plan on making him see her and hopefully fall in love with her.  Then he gives her a bouquet of candies for White Day.  Ah Reum points out in front of all the other interns that Jin Hee did not get anything for White Day.

ER-Couple_55Our soft hearted Devil Dr. Gook goes to talk to the little boy who is afraid of the hospital bill that he’ll owe after all the pictures and the cast.  The little boy says he’ll pay with the last of his money and then Dr. Gook takes him out to eat.  The poor little man eats like he hasn’t eaten in days, guh I just want o hug him up and take care of this poor little guy!  Dr. Gook gives the little man some stern advice on how to survive in the future.  It’s a little bit tough love, but it will help him in the end since he’s all alone in this world.  Omo!!! Dr. Gook!!!!!   He admits to the little boy that he too doesn’t have any parents!  As if I didn’t love and adore Dr. Gook so freaking much already!  Now I love him even more!  Ung!


Jin Hee takes the empty table behind Dr. Gook and the boy… and overhears everything.  That is going to make her even more sympathetic to him and open to his awkward flirtations.  Which puts Chang Min further away.  Especially since all she can remember now about the marriage are the bad things, at least in my opinion.

While Jin Hee is checking the cast Chang Min comes to help.  The little boy asks if what Dr. Gook says is right.  Jin Hee says the loveliest thing, an idea she gained from the book she borrowed from Dr. Gook.  The boy needs to look at what he wants in his heart.  Then he needs to work and study very hard to get those things.  Each dot or dream will connect to the next and to the next until he has his very own stars in his heart.  And then when he has those stars he will be able to be strong without having parents.

ER-Couple_58A nurse arrives and tells them that the boy’s guardian has arrived.  It turns out to be the priest that married them!  The priest assumes they are still married and is so very pleased that after they burst into the church and demanded to be married that they are still married and both doctors together.  Chang Min starts to tell him the truth by Jin Hee talks over him and plays along.  Much to Chang Min’s surprise.  I wonder how many people in the hospital saw Jin Hee link arms with Chang Min?

When Dr. Shim and Dr. Gook arrive at the boy’s bed the priest is there with Jin Hee and Chang Min.  Innocently the priest starts talking about his history with the Oh’s and how they are fated to be together and look so good working together.  They awkwardly hurry the priest away leaving behind a smirking Dr. Shim and a very confused Dr. Gook.  I think they’re secret is about to be spilled to the whole hospital floor.ER-Couple_59

Honestly, I’m ready for it to be out in the open.  They’ve dragged it along as being a secret for a very long time.  It should come out this episode or next.

Sang Hyuk and Young Ae come up and they are talking rudely to one another and the priest almost spills the beans again, though I’m pretty sure the actual married couple walked away highly suspicious of Chang Min and Jin Hee.

Dr. Shim appears while Dr. Gook is brooding and brings pudding cups.  She tries to get him to talk about how he’s feeling since meeting the little boy.  He admits that he hates the idea of marriage because he fears that he could do what the little boy’s parents did.  Marry, have a child, divorce, and then ignore the child as if he never ER-Couple_61existed.  Dr. Shim is sweet and kind and supportive, but he won’t accept her insight.  Instead he blatantly says that the kinds of people who marry and divorce easily are people he can never forgive.  I wonder, seriously, how he’s going to react when he knows that Chang Min and Jin Hee are those sorts of people?

Dr. Gook catches Jin Hee on her way out and asks her to talk to him for a while.  Why does my poor Chang Min always appear when Jin Hee and Dr. Gook are together?  He looks like a lost little boy watching Jin Hee go off with Dr. Gook.  His heart is breaking.  I don’t think that ChangER-Couple_62 Min was really all that emotionally affected by the divorce.  I think he was drained from a relationship that didn’t work well for reasons on both sides, but getting out of the marriage was a relief for him.  While Jin Hee suffered real and true heartbreak.  To me it feels like Chang Min is going through that same level of heartbreak now while he watches Jin Hee go to the arms of another man.

Dr. Gook takes Jin Hee to the restaurant from their late night house call visit.  She asks what he wanted to tell her and he shyly admits that he just wanted to eat with her.  Jin Hee’s face is precious!  Guh and awwwwww he tells her that he wasn’t in a good mood today and thought he’d feel better if he ate with Jin Hee!  The feels!!!!

Before she can find out why and broody and grumpy Chang Min arrives and interrupts them.  Chang Min confronts Dr. Gook and ignores Jin Hee.  Which puts him right back into the childish behavior bracket.  He tells Jin Hee that he doesn’t have business with her and yet keeps hounding Dr. Gook to admit that he has feelings for Jin Hee.  Which Dr. Gook does much to Jin Hee’s surprise.  Then Chang Min says that Jin Hee is his girl!  Again a bit immature, but if Chang Min claimed me as his girl I’d go running!


Embarrased by his behavior Jin Hee tries to apologize.  Chang Min wrist grabs Jin Hee (yet another bad move on his part) and drags her out leaving a super sad and forlorn Chief by himself.  Once in the hall Jin Hee breaks free and slaps Chang Min (good for her!).  She demands to know what he’s doing and demands that he ER-Couple_66remember how terrible they were to one another.  She yells why he wants to repeat it and he adamantly says he isn’t repeating.  I love the strength of Jin Hee in this moment.  She forces him to see more than just the lovely things he has been focusing on.  They said the worst sorts of things to one another, broke up, and left only scars.  She hasn’t healed yet, she hates him, and she can’t yet forgive.  After telling him not to come any closer she leaves.

It was everything he needed to hear, but sadly happened in the worst possible way.  But Chang Min’s immature behavior of claiming her and dragging her around to comply with his will forced the issue.   Now I want Jin Hee to remember some of the good things too, because they did have good times.

Chang Min ends up drinking at a restaurant, and Dr. Gook arrives.  He tells a story and compares Chang Min’sER-Couple_68 feelings to it.  He realizes now that the Oh’s have known one another a long time.  He gives Chang Min some very sincere and good advice.  Try to see if he can endure what he’s feeling alone because Jin Hee is too distant right now.

After everything Jin Hee ends up at the metallic tree which holds the lock she and Chang Min put there.  Perhaps she’s remembering the good things too now that she got everything off her chest?  Yes!  Yes she is, she remembers them putting the lock there all those years ago.  Guh they were so adorkable back then!

Jin Hee goes home and asks who would get Gook if Gwang Soo and Jin Ae broke up and starts a cute argument.  Guh baby Gook!  I wants him!


Ugh… Meddlesome Mommy is back!  She shows up at Chang Min’s uncles wanting him to help her in getting Chang Min married to Ah Reum… blarg.  I would be my prettiest penny that Uncle calls in the favor that Chang Min owes him now to appease Meddlesome Mommy.  Yup… he’s going to use that and make Chang Min go to this function with Ah Reum’s parents… great.

On the other side of town Jin Hee goes to see Chang Min’s father.  She’s checking on his condition, the information that Chang Min shared with her.  He seems flustered that she knows at all.  He assures her that there is nothing for her to worry about.  Then sees her out.  I think Daddy is hiding a big secret, that’s why he’s being so nice to Meddlesome Mommy too.  Omo!  Just as Jin Hee drives away he collapses!  What?!?

ER-Couple_72Yong Kyu’s elderly patient shows back up and is now coughing up blood.  I just knew something bad was going to happen there!  The older man took all the pills he’d missed for a few days plus what Yong Kyu had prescribed to him.  But it turns out the pills he’s been taking for a while react badly to the antibiotics and even worse when the dosage is higher.  Chang Min rushes in and takes over, Yong Kyu can’t do anything other than tremble and watch while his patient coughs up blood.  A troupe of doctors including Shim and Gook run over and take the patient away.  Leaving a terrified and horrified Yong Kyu alone.

Dr. Shim suggests that Dr. Gook take the interns out for food, he grumps but does it anyway.  A doctor couple apparently has been divorced and they gossip about that for a little bit insinuating that divorce is terrible.  Jin Hee finally admits that she’s been divorced and scolds them for talking badly about people who have been divorced.  The whole table is shocked by it and then she leaves.  Dr. Gook looks hurt by this news and Chang Min looks even sadder.


Chang Min follows her out and admits that he finally understands how she feels.  Thank you drama gods!  He went from immature teenaged brat to adult man.  I’m so glad to see some character growth in him!  Back at theER-Couple_75 table Ah Reum finally gets a clue… I think…  Dr. Gook rushes out to find Chang Min standing with Jin Hee.  I wonder if he understands now as well.  I guess I got my wish that the news was broken this episode.

Guh Chang Min apologies for only thinking about himself and Jin Hee thanks him for worrying about her and caring about her.  I want to grab them both up and hug them so hard!!!

Then interns say goodnight to Dr. Gook and Dr. Shim and go to karaoke.  Sang Hyuk and Young Ae are all into it and even Ah Reum is smiling.  But Yong Kyu, Jin Hee, and Chang Min are all down.  So Sang Hyuk and Young Ae get Chang Min to sing.  Please excuse me for a moment ER-Couple_76as I squee and turn into a puddle.  Chang Min’s voice is one of my favorite voices of all time.  Chang Min’s singing voice… stick a fork in this Noona I’m done!  But Chang Min’s song seems sad, dramafever didn’t have subtitles!  But it felt sad and everyone seemed sad at the table.  While he sings with tears in his eyes they flash back to happier times between Jin Hee and Chang Min.  Jin Hee is a weepy mess too.  I’m a weepy mess!  We’re all crying!

Omo… but right there at the end their eyes meet… the feels!!!!!!!!


14 thoughts on “Emergency Couple: Ep 14

    1. I haven’t watched episode 15 yet, but from the preview I got the idea that Dr. Gook was treating Jin Hee coldly all because he now knows she’s divorced.

      I wonder if this stigma against divorce is a real thing in Korea or if it is being exaggerated for the show. Regardless, I’m sad to see Dr. Gook focus on that one thing and not all the things he really adores about Jin Hee.


      1. Sadly I think it’s real and it’s not only in Korea. A lot of other Asian, African, and Middle Eastern countries have stigmas against divorce 😦


  1. Oh Dr. Gook!!! He’s an orphan too! Ah! The feels, I really don’t like his divorce prejudice though…but I am guessing his parents being divorced (or am I just extrapolating that from the context) probably influences his feelings about it.

    I am glad that things are getting out in the open about Chang Min and Jin Hee being divorced…even though it’s not quite out in the open. That part with the priest was hilarious though ㅋㅋㅋ

    The song that Chang Min sings is actually the show’s Part 1 OST, Scent of a Flower sung by Im Jung Hee, and his version is going to be the Part 5 version. Here is the translation of the lyrics: http://popgasa.com/2014/02/07/lim-jeong-hee-scent-of-a-flower-%EA%BD%83%ED%96%A5%EA%B8%B0-emergency-man-woman-ost/


    1. I am so very sorry that replying to comments has taken so long! I’ll be slowly making my way through my notifications, thank you for being so patient!

      Yup his parents were divorced and then left him to care for himself, much like the young boy patient they helped. The one who was under the care of the priest who married the Ohs. I think that the divorce prejudice is cultural bias, I’ve seen it crop up a few other places. Though with my current state and pain meds because of my injury I can’t remember where heh.

      The priest was so funny! I really loved that scene so much.

      Thank you so much for the link! Guh I love it so much! You’re truly the bestest!


      1. I hope that you are feeling better. I feel so sorry for you friend. Don’t apologize for being slow with responses. I’m amazed you’re keeping up with recapping etc. You are amazing! Fighting!


  2. Loved the recap and your thoughts about CJH singing, I agree with you…his voice is so amazing and the way he was tearing up while singing really moved me.


    1. Please accept my sincerest apologies for taking so long to reply. I’m currently dealing with an injury which makes it difficult to sit at the computer for long periods of time. I am truly appreciative of your time and the fact you’ve commented here! Thank you for your patience!

      Thank you so much! I am very glad that you enjoyed the recap! So true! His voice is like velvet, but it was also the emotions that he was singing with that got me!


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