Omo Oppa – Lee Pil Mo

What can I say…  I’m wholeheartedly obsessed and in love with Emergency Couple.  The show has completely taken over everything and I just want to watch and re-watch the episodes.  So it is no wonder that my Oppa is Lee Pil Mo.  More specifically, Lee Pil Mo as Dr. Gook Cheon Soo.


I am still very new to the drama world, I’ve only completed twenty-six dramas.  So far the first time I’ve seen Lee Pil Mo in is Emergency Couple.  Which is yet another huge reason to love the show.


Seriously though how can you not enjoy that smile!  It is so playful and happy.  I just want to squish him!


Can’t you see the sly look in his eyes to top off the beautiful grin?  It just makes his smile even more wonderful.


The character that he plays is just the most lovely.  He’s smart and skilled, and also utterly awkward with the women in his life.


See how wonderfully adorable he is when Dr. Shim attempts to correctly button his shirt?  He looks like she just pinched him instead of just lightly touched him.


Isn’t he just the cutest!  He doesn’t know what to do when he’s caught in an awkward scene he just gets that goofy expression and stares at whoever encountered him.


Also, have you seen this face?  This scene in the show made me laugh so much! Love Dr. Gook!


Dr. Gook is giving me an intense case of Second Lead Syndrome!  I mean look at that smirk!  How can you not love it!


I want to grab his cheeks and squeeze them.  Especially when he makes that expression with his eyes and just the barest hint of a smile.  He’s so adorable with Jin Hee.


Also, Dr. Gook has a truly lovely little lost puppy look.  Don’t you just want to take care of him when he looks like that?


And so I present to you all the adorkable, awkward, and lovely Lee Pil Mo as Dr. Gook!


14 thoughts on “Omo Oppa – Lee Pil Mo

  1. I’m just as obsessed with EC! And Dr Gook is so fricking adorable I just can’t!!! Love his lost puppy look! Love him!! <3_<3


    1. Oh my! I love this comment! You expressed it amazingly. And 99% of the humanity would not understand it. Maybe you neither…
      But I got it and love it. So thanks! 😀


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