Emergency Couple: Ep 13


(This Episode Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees)

Episode 13

ER-Couple_27Oh no… Meddlesome Mommy is going to walk in and ruin this moment!  Granted Chang Min is forcing her to kiss, but still it is a beginning even if not the best option.  And there she is, shocked to see Jin Hee leaving Chang Min’s apartment.  At least Chang Min is standing up to his mom about Jin Hee being there.  Which from what I can gather, is way more than he did when he and Jin Hee were married.  Either this will be a wakeup call to Meddlesome Mommy or she will get a bazillion times worse.

After leaving Mommy all flustered and upset Chang Min is driving Jin Hee home he takes her hand so sweetly.  He promises her that he will never again allow his mom to belittle her or yell ER-Couple_28at her.  Also that he has a lot to pay her back for because of everything she went through while married to him.  Then he has to go counter Jin Hee’s protests that there is nothing to pay back.

“No, I really didn’t know you at all.  When I was living with you, I didn’t have room to look into your heart… and I didn’t even have enough heart to do that.”

My Noona heart is a puddle on the floor!  How can Jin Hee turn him down like that?  Ok… I understand, I really do.  Chang Min’s family tore her down, while married he decimated her confidence and heart.  After being divorced she basically had to rebuild herself from scratch. Now that she’s finally on her feet, standing strong and gaining confidence she can’t allow herself to open up again.  ER-Couple_29Opening up to Chang Min again puts her in danger of losing herself to the abyss of depression.  At least Chang Min understands that the divorce was much harder on her than him.  That shows that he’s matured a whole lot since the first episode.

Jin Hee’s mom is so sweet, a little kooky, but totally sweet and a supportive mom.  I love that she wants nothing but the best for Jin Hee.  But I also love that she’s totally suspicious that her daughter is dating someone.  I wonder what sort of war it will start when she discovers it is Chang Min?

You go Chang Min!  Keep defending Jin Hee to your Meddlesome Mommy!  Mommy is angry because she feels that Chang Min is doing this to her.  Not that he’s in love and wants to try again for that love, but that it is only an act against mommy.  Which is so selfish!  Meddlesome Mommy drives me crazy.ER-Couple_32

I really hate Chang Min’s mom now after seeing the way she treated Jin Hee!  The flashback to Mommy yelling at Jin Hee in the street about how she ruined Chang Min’s life, seriously how can she call herself a good person?  That is horrible.  I want to hug her very much!  Then when Jin Hee is looking at the mug with their wedding photo on it, yeah just break my heart right now!

Chang Min is out walking then takes a seat on a park bench to think about the twenty-four hours Jin Hee spent in his apartment.  I love the look on his face, guh he is totally in love and I love it!

I must admit I really like Gwang Soo’s character.  He’s wonderful with his son Gook and ER-Couple_33obviously loves Jin Ae very much.  Plus he’s adorably oblivious about things and makes comments about things he shouldn’t.  I love that he is talking to Jin Hee about getting back together with Chang Min.  His reasoning is adorable.  We get married without practice so it has a higher percentage of failure.  Now that she’s gone through it once she has a better shot of making it work the second time with Chang Min.

After that sweet scene we’re moved immediately to an emergency patient who is unconscious and comes with an infection warning!  Jin Hee is his doctor of course!  Guh!  No one wants to go in there and help her!  They’re all terrified of this CJD.  But Chang Min charges in!  Omo this scene!  I am such a wuss when it comes to blood.  It is a miracle that I love-love-love action movies, don’t you think?  It is probably not as nasty as I feel that it is.  Omo!!!!  Jin Hee gets spalttered with blood!  Chang Min washes her immediately and wants to force her out, but she won’t go!

Dr. Gook reprimands the other interns who won’t go in and charges in too!  Omo!!!! Chang ER-Couple_34Min has been splashed with blood too!  Dr. Gook wipes Chang Min’s face down after they get the bleeding to stop.  The testing shows that the patient is negative for the CJD and there isn’t a worry of infection.  Thankfully!!!

Once the patient is cleared Jin Hee sits and remembers the whole scene, she looks truly affected that Chang Min came to her rescue in there.  Then he shoes up and scolds her for not getting cleaned up yet and she returns the playful banter, love it!

And we get some lovely fan service in the form of Chang Min in the shower… omo… this Noona needs a moment…

ER-Couple_36 ER-Couple_35

After getting cleaned up Ah Reum passive aggressively confronts Chang Min about the dinner fiasco the other night.  Without any preamble Chang Min tells Ah Reum he is divorced!  I was really-really hoping that the show wouldn’t drag that plot point out any longer.  Yet another reason why I love this show.  They know when communication is needed and deliver on that communication!  I’m actually surprised that Ah Reum is so ok with the idea.  I thought she would be much more upset over learning he had been married before.  The only thing I really wanted to was for him to say it had been Jin Hee that he had been married too.ER-Couple_38

Omo! So cute and embarrassing.  The nurse says that the Chef has been burned and won’t be able to use his hand Jin Hee mishears and thinks that it is the Chief and runs over all worried!  Only to find out that it is the Chef not Chief in front of Chang Min and a bunch of doctors.

Chang Min storms off to complain to himself about Jin Hee’s reaction when she thinks Dr. Gook is hurt only to be overheard by Dr. Shim.  She urges him to back down because she wants Dr. Gook to be in love, but of course Chang Min refuses.  At least he now understands how serious Dr. Gook is about pursuing Jin Hee.  Wow!  He tells Dr. Shim that he and Jin Hee had been married!  She advises him not to say a word about it so that Jin Hee won’t feel uncomfortable and put her in an awkward position.  I love Dr. Shim even more now, she really is my most favorite strong female character.


Jin Ae shows up and calls Chang Min, not Jin Hee.  What does she want?  Money of course!  To pay for her credit card bills.  No shame, this girl has absolutely no shame.  She admits to Chang Min that she stole Jin Hee’s wedding band and pawned it.  Chang Min goes with her to the pawn shop and buys it back.  He’s amazed that she kept the ring for all these years.  Chang Min agrees to lend her money but enforces the idea that she never tell Jin Hee about it.

ER-Couple_41Dr. Gook looks for Chang Min because the fall down patient will need the kidney transplant from his wife which means he needs to be transferred.  He finds Jin Hee instead who agrees to do the transfer for Chang Min.  Then she shyly thanks Dr. Gook for his text.  He looks so adorkable in that moment!  Shy and awkward!  But even more cute is Jin Hee’s expression as she skips away after thanking him for the text!  Guh, love it!ER-Couple_42

Chang Min arrives first to the hospital where the fall down patient is going and completes the paperwork.  But he sees a document with his father’s name on it…   He tells Jin Hee about it, his dad stayed in the ICU but told no one about it.  I like that he feels able to admit that to Jin Hee.  As soon Jin Hee and Chang Min part ways Dr. Gook calls and Chang Min overhears the conversation.  I just want to hug him, he seems so devastated at how happy Jin Hee is to hear from Dr. Gook.  Especially since she just turned Chang Min down for a ride.

Meddlesome Mommy shows up and tells Chang Min’s dad that he’s seeing Jin Hee again.  She’s devastated by it and thinks she’d be better off dying.  Daddy says to realize that Chang Min’s life isn’t her life and she needs to let Chang Min have his own life.  But she can’t handle that.  She wants daddy to give her a way to get rid of Jin Hee.  Grrrr frustrating lady!

ER-Couple_44Chang Min goes to look at their lock, his and Jin Hee’s.  Poor boy!  Dr. Shim’s advice ringing in his head… let Jin Hee discover what she wants, don’t force her or push her or announce your love to the world before she’s ready.  Otherwise she’ll run the other way.  But all he wants to do is love her now, properly.  Poor boy.

It flashes back to their 100th  (I’m guessing) day and he teases her that he doesn’t know what day it is.  As she’s pouting a silent magician shows up and does a quick act.  Enlarging a tiny box into a large gift box and in it holds a wedding dress, the wedding dress.  Guh! So freaking sweet!  Now Chang Min is there, where that happened, and sad all by himself.


Jin Hee goes to the bar by the hospital, Dr. Gook and Dr. Shim show up there too.  Dr. Gook is adorkable again, he looks so uncomfortable in his own skin being there with Dr. Shim where Jin Hee can see.  Of course Dr. Shim invites Jin Hee to sit with them, why wouldn’t she?   I love Dr. Shim!!!  So much!!!  She asks Jin Hee about her ideal man.  If she likes a man who makes her heart flutter or a man who is familiar!  Dr. Gook keeps scolding Dr. Shim but she just keeps going.  She asks if he would rather talk about life or the affect Jacob’s Disease has on doctors, he votes for disease talk.  Oh poor Dr. Gook!

After Jin Hee asks if there is anything between her Sunbaenims they step outside to find that it is raining heavily.  Matchmaker Dr. Shim suggests that Dr. Gook drive Jin Hee home whileER-Couple_46 she take a cab.  The awkwardness that occurs on both Dr. Gook’s part and Jin Hee’s is precious!  With that Dr. Shim skitters off into a cab leaving them to figure it out on their own.  Of course he decides to take her home.

My heart is shattered.  Dr. Shim’s expression in the cab.  It is the first wavering in her strong ER-Couple_47persona that we get to see.  She loves Dr. Gook, wholeheartedly and is being selfless in a way that I can approve of.  Most selfless acts in Korean Dramas are dumb.  But that selfless act doesn’t mean she isn’t hurting inside.

Jin Hee and Dr. Gook are cutely silent in the car.  Suddenly Jin Hee asks if Dr. Gook likes someone familiar or someone who makes his heart flutter.  But quickly changes the subject to Jacob’s disease.  Dr. Gook tells her someone who makes his heart flutter!  Her expression is fantastic.  Then he continues as if nothing happened.

Chang Min is parked outside of Jin Hee’s house holding her wedding band, a little stalkerish. ER-Couple_49 But he’s trying to figure out how to deal with his emotions and how to win Jin Hee back so I can forgive him for it.  Of course he’s there to witness Dr. Gook bringing Jin Hee home.  Poor Chang Min!  Dr. Gook gallantly takes his coat off and covers Jin Hee so she won’t get wet between the car and her front door.  Dr. Gook might as well have slapped Chang Min!  Omo!



15 thoughts on “Emergency Couple: Ep 13

  1. *sigh* I loved everything about this episode. It felt slower, and a little more reflective. And I love how much Chang Min matured in this episode. I really, really do. That mother of his, I won’t even waste my words on her. Ugh. I totally agree with you about Gwang Soo. He is the best! And I really love his marriage analogy. I just want to give him a hug. And I loved the emergency patient scene, and just everything! And Dr. Shim – my heart aches for her. She is truly, truly lovely. And Dr. Gook when he’s all awkward! Adorabubble!!!!! I love it!!!!!! I kind of want Jin Hee to end up with both men…though I know I can’t have that. *sigh* Dr. A case of SLS I most definitely have, but I also just loved Chang Min so much in this episode.


    1. I have loved the quicker pace of this show, it has totally set the mood and given us so many wonderfully lovely moments. I think the quicker pace of the first 12 episodes was needed in order to keep the mood. I loved that this episodes slowed things down and allowed us to see an introspective Chang Min and I loved it. Omo his mom I want to strangle lol.

      I just loved Gwang Soo’s idea of marriage and his advice to Jin Hee. He just seems so innocent in his intentions, and genuinely wants to see his Noona happy.

      The characters in this show are just some of my favorite in dramaland right now. Dr. Shim, the scene of her in the taxi is just so heartbreaking. And Dr. Gook is adorkable with Jin Hee, I just love it!

      LOL! I know right? I want to see her with both of them too! I’m right there with you, I’ve got a serious case of SLS with Dr. Gook.


      1. *sigh* SLS is the WORST when you love both of them. And that’s saying a lot because we’re both so Choi Jin Hyuk biased 😉

        I think you’re totally right about the pacing, and I also want to strangle his mother. Ack! She is so awful! Dr. Shim! Love her!


      2. Right? This is probably the worst that I’ve had SLS. I honestly will be ok if she ends up with Dr. Gook… and that’s saying a lot since Choi Jin Hyuk is very important to me lol.

        Every drama needs a character like the mom I suppose, doesn’t make me dislike her any less lol.


  2. I’m not watching this since I’m really really behind k-dramas and not that in the mood to watch them but I am regularly following recaps on dramabeans and I think there’s some great characters’ developments over the past episodes. I have a soft spot for Choi Jin Hyuk so even when he took that boring Kim Tan’s brother character in The Heirs, I still love him. I like SJH’s variety persona more than her being an actress so I’m actually quite impressed that those screencaps show her emoting well. I had the impression of her being quite stiff as an actress but I guess she improved a lot over the years.


    1. If you do get the urge to watch a K-Drama in the near future I would absolutely recommend watching this drama. It is totally amazing!

      The recaps at Dramabeans are fantastic, I am really loving reading them as well! I am right there with you having a soft spot for Choi Jin Hyuk, I could really watch him sit and read a book out loud and be perfectly happy. Then again I love his voice too, omo just so good.

      Song Ji Hyo is just really doing a phenomenal job. I love her Running Man persona so much too. But she is really surpassing my expectations in this drama.


  3. I want more details about how CM and JH broke up 😦 I feel like we are missing a lot of info. and we might be able to learn more once JH’s mom find out that CH is back in her daughter’s life. The mom might freak out so badly that she will spill all the details about how much JH suffered. I like CH’s character but I am still team Chief Gook; it’s hard for me to want JH to go down the path with CH again. She’s been through so much and I am not sure if CH realizes how much his mother and him wronged her. Thanks for the recap!


    1. I think there’s a lot we aren’t getting yet. I know that they grew apart, and that Chang Min’s family was terrible to her, but I think you’re right there is something big we’re missing. Or maybe a whole bunch of little moments that we aren’t seeing yet that led to them hating one another.

      Omo I agree, Jin Hee’s mom is going to have a giant melt down when she finds out that Chang Min is back.

      I think Chang Min is growing up, for the first time in his life. I don’t believe he will make the same mistakes as he had done in the past with Jin Hee. But I can absolutely understand Jin Hee’s reticence in getting involved with Chang Min again.

      Also, Dr. Gook is giving me severe SLS. In such a bad way!

      So glad that you enjoyed my post!


  4. I loved all of your thoughts on this episode and I thought it was great. I did think that whole chief/chef moment was embarrassing. Anyway, one point I would like to make is I liked how JH pressed CM about his dad, at first when she asked what was wrong while they were at hospital he first tried to blow her off and told her there was nothing wrong. I loved how she asked him a second time. I can’t wait until tomorrow and episode 14 comes out!!!


    1. Yes! She knew something was wrong with him and even though he was determined to say there wasn’t she pushed him because she knew otherwise. It was such a great moment because it showed how well they know one another’s moods and emotions. Also she was strong enough not to believe the blatant like. Loved that as well!


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