Emergency Couple: Ep 12


(This Episode Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees)

Episode 12

ER-Couple_09Chang Min teasing Jin Hee about not aging is adorable.  I also love that Chang Min has just accepted that he is going to take care of Jin Hee as if it is a fact that should automatically be acknowledged.  He’s even helping her get undressed.  Jin Hee is confused and keeps focusing on the fact that they are divorced.  So he gives her a time limit of 24 hours, just stay and rest and get better.  After she agrees their texting conversation from a room apart is adorable. ER-Couple_10

The expressions of Chang Min throughout this show are priceless, I adore them all.

The way he wraps Jin Hee up in the bedding, carries her out of the bedroom to the bathroom, and washes her face!  Then he brushes her teeth with his toothbrush!  Omo too cute!  He’s enjoying every second of it, you can tell by how he’s giggling and smiling.  Jin Hee is just trying not to yell.

Watching Chang Min cook… omo… ahem… I could watch that for an entire episode.  Of course he has to feed her after he cooks her breakfast, love it.  Jin Hee’s expression after she sees the spread he’s made for them is wonderful.  She’s so cute.  Chang Min says he wants every morning to be like this!  My poor Noona heart!  I want them to have mornings like this all the time!  I love them together.

“We’re like a newly married couple, right?“   This show is killing me!  In the best way!  He’s going into work at the hospital on his day off for her.  So sweet!  Also he looks smashing in that suit he’s wearing!

Jin Ae is always playing games on her phone while sitting next to her baby.  New mom can only cover so much.  I’m just not really connecting to her character at all.

Yong Kyu says the silliest things!  Like the nurse and Ah Reum won’t hear!  In front of everyone he says that it is the power of love that has Chang Min here on his day off to cover for Jin Hee.  We’re past the halfway point in the series so the cat has to come out of the bag.  I do hope that it is this episode or the next, otherwise it will feel like the story plot point has been dragged out too long.

ER-Couple_11Dr. Gook!  He is just so sweet beneath that grumpy old man veneer.  I love that he doesn’t want Dr. Shim to see child patients right now because he’s worried that she will not be ok.  She’s so strong, I adore her so much.  She’s my favorite strong and capable female character in a drama right now.  She’s touched by Dr. Gook’s suggestion, but assures him that she’ll be alright.

Omo!  Dr. Shim insinuates that she knows Dr. Gook likes Jin Hee.  His face!  I’m dying at the cuteness of his expression!  Also that he’s trying to deny it.  This is another thing that I adore about Dr. Shim.  She’s not heartbroken that her ex has feelings for someone else.  Instead she’s supportive and even finds it charming.

Poor Chang Min is having a hard time with rapport and empathy with his patients. ER-Couple_13 Dr. Shim offers some advice, treat them like his girlfriend.  She asks if he has a girlfriend and do you know what he says… yes!  Seriously?  He’s so in love again and considers Jin Hee as his girlfriend.  Now the rumors are going to really get going!

I adore Chang Min’s face when the wife of the fall down patient shows up and is willing to help her ex-husband all because of Jin Hee calling over and over again.  He is so happy to see the wife and so happy that she is thinking of helping.

At Chang Min’s place Jin Hee finds the books from when Chang Min was in medical ER-Couple_14school the first time around.  He kept them.  And inside they are scribbled on with love notes from her and by Chang Min about Jin Hee having his heart.  Seriously, this show really knows how to melt me right into a fangirl puddle.  Of course then she has to have all these flashbacks of the past few weeks with him!  I seriously hope that she has a change of heart and starts to open up to Chang Min again.

The way Chang Min looks while he is reading through Jin Hee’s patient notes is just the best.  He’s amused by her and proud of her.  So cute.

Dr. Gook is really a big softie.  He’s worried that Jin Hee showed up to work when he ER-Couple_16told her to take a few days off to rest.  So adorable.  And Dr. Gook even compliments her in front of her mom and Gwang Soo!  Then of course Chang Min shows up and sees how smiley Jin Hee is when she’s with Dr. Gook.  Omo break my heart.

Chang Min was going to say hello to Jin Hee’s mom?  Her mom and Gwang Soo showed up for little Gook’s appointment.  I love that Chang Min is all about this rekindling of the relationship and is going in guns blazing.

ER-Couple_17What?  I love this show!  Chang Min outright tells Jin Hee that he is going to start all over again with her.  Seriously, love this show!  Then they just gaze at one another for a few moments and the beautiful music plays.  That scene.  Holy Cow I think I’ve re-watched it about ten times.

Yong Kyu!  My heart is totally breaking.  He is seriously the sweetest and most sincere character ever.  Ah Reum has broken his heart without a hint of remorse.  We come to him sitting and staring at the flower and crying.  In swoops Dr. Kim Min Ki, the troublemaker who tied the ribbon in the first place.  Yong Ky admits that he’s dying of a broken heart and wants to crawl away somewhere to perish.  Dr. Kim urges him to ER-Couple_19love until death, not to give up just because the girl said no.  At least he’s somewhat empathetic to Yong Kyu especially since he’s the cause of the problem.

The lead in for Park Sang Hyuk and Lee Young Ae is priceless.  A young couple arrives in the ER to get a prescription for an emergency contraceptive.  All four, the couple and Sang Hyuk/Young Ae are adorably awkward.  Then Young Ae pulls Sang Hyuk aside and tells him she’s two months late.  She’s upset that she’ll be starting her residency a year late if she is ER-Couple_20pregnant.  But Sang Hyuk’s excitement is adorkable!

Chang Min sends Jin Hee back home to rest.  She asks if he really means that he wants to start over and he cutely says yes!  But we don’t get to hear if she says yes back!  I’m dying here!

I really love that Chang Min seeks advice on all things from Dr. Shim.  They’re easy Sunbae and Dongsaeng relationship is really the best.  She’s always happy and positive, but she tells it straight and gives good advice.  And is honest about feelings which helps Chang Min see and understand things.  Then after talking to Dr. Shim he takes the stolen jacket back to Dr. Gook.  I love how he apologizes!  He admits that he gets immature when he likes someone!  Yet another request from Chang Min to give up onER-Couple_21 Jin Hee.  He’s so cute when he gets serious about Jin Hee!  Dr. Gook was so taken aback he forgot to say anything in return and Chang Min gets to walk out all cool like.

I love all the people in this show, but Dr. Shim might be my favorite.  She’s upset after hearing that Chang Min likes Jin Hee, because she really wanted to have Jin Hee melt Dr. Gook’s heart.  Regardless of her own feelings which still exist.  She was just so happy that Dr. Gook was starting to feel again.  I love her so very much.

I’m curious why Chang Min’s dad wants to meet with the brother and sister in laws all of a sudden.  Not only that he’s taking care of his wife nicely.  But Chang Min’s mom is suspicious of his behavior when the rest of the family is just telling her to accept it.  And then he goes on to say that he has been inattentive to her.  Hmmm… did Chang Min change his mind about divorce?  Dad wants to allow Chang Min to marry as he wishes.  Mom wants to control things to the end.  I’m glad he at least has his dad on his side for support.

ER-Couple_22Omo!  Poor Chang Min!  Dr. Gook won’t give up so easily and blatantly tells his brazen intern just that!  Jin Hee better be prepared to be fought over!

Annoying meddlesome mom!  She makes him come out to a restaurant when all Chang Min wants is to go home to Jin Hee!  Plus she’s invited Ah Reum out too!  He is none too pleased to see Ah Reum there.   Chang Min pretty much ignores Ah Reum and she gets the idea that she isn’t wanted.  That’s good at least.  Go on get Ah Reum!  Make up with Yong Kyu who adores you even when you’re stuck up.  Of course his mom gets all bent out of shape that he doesn’t want any part of her setting him up with Ah Reum.  I love it!  He just leaves his mom because he needs to get to Jin Hee.  He’s even brought her something special to eat it seems.  Guh Chang Min is just the most adorable when he’s in love.

Omo, more bathroom humor.  I just don’t get it!  Chang Min comes home to find her trying to plunger the toilet.

The food is Oxtail Soup, he doesn’t like it or want to eat it but he bought two servings.  So freaking sweet!

Dr. Gook is adorkable as he tries to figure out what to text Jin Hee.  Even though IER-Couple_23 totally want Jin Hee to end up with Chang Min in a seriously bad way.  I love that Dr. Gook is going to try and woo her.  But I do feel bad for Dr. Shim, she really does love Dr. Gook.

When Jin Hee brings up what he said at the hospital about starting over, Chang Min looks worried.  Poor guy.  She doesn’t seem to positive about the idea either, which makes Chang Min’s worried expression a valid response.  I have a sinking suspicion she’s going to tell him she doesn’t want to start again.

ER-Couple_25Yup… she is sure that what Chang Min is feeling not real.  In the middle of her saying no and him trying to convince her she gets Dr. Gook’s text!  Then she says no again in a stronger fashion and tries to leave!  Chang Min chases after her and grabs her wrist, holding her there.  Passionately he says he can’t let her go… and then he kisses her!!!! Omo!!!   Ok… so Jin Hee does the classic eyes wide open reaction… but omo a present day kiss!!!!!!!!!ER-Couple_26


16 thoughts on “Emergency Couple: Ep 12

  1. I really hate forced kisses in K-drama. I wish he’d wait until she’s all swoony for him. All that aside, there was so much cute in this episode!!!! ^^ I just love it when Choi Jin Hyuk smiles that lovely, smiley, crinkly, swoony, adorable smile of his *ahem* I got a little carried away there 😉 I am also totally with you about loving Dr. Shim. She’s lovely and I really don’t understand why Dr. Gook isn’t falling all over her again. Not only is she smart, put together, and just a lovely person, but she’s drop dead gorgeous. Oh well. And Chang Min’s dad was so adorable in this episode. Oh, and another thing I loved. When baby Gook is sitting on the couch in between his mom and grandma, he stares so intently at his grandma. It was the cutest most adorable thing ever! I am totally with Ricky Oppa, I want that baby!


    1. I agree, I’m not a huge fan of the forced kisses either. But beyond that I loved this whole episode. Though I don’t know that I can be objective with this show hehe I love it so much that I am probably a lot more forgiving than most.

      Right? When he smiles and his eyes crinkle up and his whole face shines with happiness I am a swoony mess on the floor afterwards.

      I am a little obsessed with Dr. Shim. I love how strong she is without being over the top or in your face with it. She is confident and self assured. I could go on and on about her, I just love the character and the actress. I want Dr. Gook to see her for the strong absolutely drop dead gorgeous woman she is.

      I want to cuddle up baby Gook! I think his name is another Running Man reference, Kim Gook (Kim Jong Kook?) though I could be reaching hehe. I want this baby too!


  2. Alright, your recaps are so wonderful I am just going to have to read them all. I am with you, I love most of the characters in this show (and trust me when I say this, that is a rare thing for me!) While CM made big strides this episode and love how he is maturing, I still think he has a long road to go. She still associates most of their marriage with unhappy memories.
    Can’t wait until tomorrow and episode 14.


    1. Aww thank you for your kind words! That has totally made my day!

      I hear you on that one, it is a rare day that I genuinely like most of the characters on a drama. Which just adds to my enjoyment of the show.

      You’re spot on. Chang Min made some great strides of maturity in this episode and it was much needed. However, he still has a good way yet to go. But I am so glad to see that he has started down the right path of growing up.

      I am hopeful that Jin Hee will start to remember the good times as well, but you’re right. At the moment she only remembers how miserable her life was there at the end.

      I am beside myself with excitement waiting for episode 14! I’ll hopefully be watching it very soon!


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