What a Good Day

Today has been a particularly amazing day for me in dramaland and the blogverse.  I’ve written a post previously about how lucky I feel with the friends I’ve made since starting this blog.  Those feelings have only multiplied since that post, A Thankful Noona.  So far the people I have met and conversed with have been some of the most creative, witty, fun, and lovely people.  And today I feel even more lucky for having found dramaland and the blogverse.

First, and most importantly, I participated in a squee-date with the gorgeous and daebak Michele, dewaani, and Sunbaenim KFangurl.  We made our first attempt to watch Running Man episode 138 with guests Kim Soo Ro, Kim Woo Bin (affectionately known as Woobie around here), Lee Jong Hyun, Lee Jong Suk, and Min Hyu Rin last week.  But due to a power outage in my neighborhood because of a severe blizzard we had to stop watching about halfway through.   Not to mention my webcam had broken so I could see the ladies but they couldn’t see me.

Today we made our second attempt.  It was successful on all accounts!  With a working webcam and power on my part.  Omo, it was so much fun!  Though my son thought the camera was there for him to show off, but even with his distractions we had a truly lovely time!  I usually laugh quite a lot when watching Running Man on my own, however, it was even more hilarious watching with the gals.  We giggled and snickered so much!  It was really great to be able to laugh and talk about the silly stuff the Running Man gang was doing.  And of course to squee about the adorkableness of the guests. (credit to gif owner)

I absolutely want to do that again! I believe we are going to make an attempt with the Australia Running Man episodes, which I think is a fine plan!  I must admit I think I might be addicted to these squee-dates.  Putting faces to the ladies that I’ve been chatting with was so wonderful, it was a huge bonus to being able to squee and giggle together while watching Running Man.

Truly, it was perhaps the best part of my day and I am really looking forward to more squee-dates!

Second and Third, my blog had the highest to date views at 803 for the day and I hit 10,000 views in total for the lifetime of the blog!  It happened while I was on my squee-date!  Because the ladies could see Blog_proofme I didn’t break out into goofy song or dance, but I wanted to!  I am just so overwhelmed that so many of you fine and amazing people out there in dramaland and the blogverse take time out of your day to poke around my little corner of the web.  I am so honored to be a part of this community.  And even more honored that so many of you find my garbled ramblings interesting enough to come back!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

To celebrate this occasion here are some banners that are free for the taking!  If you need them resized or would like text added just let me know and I’ll happily oblige!






Lastly, but most certainly not least, I made my second K-Pop purchase today!  A few of the songs I discovered all on my lonesome, which I’m very proud of.  However, more than a few were suggested to me by two amazing K-Pop fans.  My song purchases include:

Led Apple, “Time is Up”  |  B.A.P., “Warrior”  |  Blockbuster, “Nillili Mambo”  |  M.I.B., “Dash”  |  all suggested by the absolutely gorgeous dewaani!

FTIsland, “Falling Star”  |  Royal Pirates albums “Shout Out” and “Drawing the Line” both suggested by the fantastic Britni!

BTOB, “Wow”  |  JJ Project, “Bounce”  |  2PM, “Hands Up”  |  AOA, “Get Out”  |  Led Apple, “Run to You”  |  Blockbuster, “Very Good”  which I discovered all by my lonesome (*insert cheesy applause*)

So, all in all today has just been a truly marvelous day and I’m so very-very thrilled to be here with you fine and admirable folk.  Here’s to a long and fruitful and fun time in dramaland and the blogverse!

(credit to gif owner)


24 thoughts on “What a Good Day

  1. Aw! You’re so sweet!!!!!!! It really is so fun watching Running Man with you and the other ladies! I am excited to try and make the Australia episode work. It really is a fun thing we’ve all discovered being here in the K-universe. I am a little tempted to snatch the Woobie header, but I’ll let kfangurl have first dibs on things Woobie…ㅋ And congratulations again on hitting 10,000 views ^^~ fighting! ~


    1. Aw. You sweet, dewaani! 😀 But it’s ok, you can have the Woobie header.. I’ve got a nice little collection of Woobie headers already, so I’m happy to release them dibs you’ve so sweetly given me! 😀


    2. It was such a blast wasn’t it! I am so looking forward to our next squee adventure! I usually laugh a lot with Running Man, but it was even funnier with you gals!

      Kfangurl does have a serious claim on Woobie hehe. I’ll happily make you Woobie headers through dewaani!

      Omo I am so excited about hitting 10,000 views! I just cannot believe it! hehe Thank you!


      1. They live on the East Coast, and I’ll be leaving the U.S. soonish…so yeah. I’ll just have to make sure I earn some good money so I can fly out and visit them. ^^ And the hugs are most appreciated! ❤


  2. Congrats on being able to do your live squeefest! I’ve actually always wondered what that was when other dramabloggers talked about it, lol. If you ever would like any more music recommendations…I’m full of them 🙂
    Beautiful headers btw.


    1. Thank you! It was so much fun! I totally want to do more live squee-fests with all you lovely people in the blogsphere! It was just so much fun to see those lovely ladies and talk and squee. My son joined in too, he’s a big fan of Running Man. I am so thankful the ladies were patient with he and I, he’s a handful and thought the camera was for him to show off hehe.

      Yes please! I would love more K-Pop recommendations! I have totally fallen for the work of K-Pop and want more! So recommend away! I’ll be looking into buying more music in the near future!

      Thank you! I am re-learning photoshop so any excuse to make headers is welcome because it makes me practice! You’re welcome to any of them! Or if you’d like a specific header let me know and I’ll do my best to make it!


      1. Ah, I forgot to say congrats for your views and your all-time high. Those always make you happy to hit such new milestones.

        Kids & cameras. When present, they will generally always start mugging…unless they are camera shy. My niece is going through a phase when she always turns away from the camera now making me an unhappy aunt.

        I will have to think over what to recommend to you! I like a wide variety of music 😛 I did just do my February playlist if you want to check that out on my site.

        I really wish that when I was in college my art professors would have gone more in depth on photoshop, illustrator, and indesign instead of giving us a textbook and expecting us to know what to do. My attempts…aren’t the best. But I get an E for effort 🙂 Even if rusty, your skills are very good.


      2. Thank you very much NeeNee! I’m still shocked that my little blog has hit 10,000 views! It is really just so cool.

        Too true, kids and cameras usually mean the kiddo will turn into a performer. I’m proud that my little man didn’t get too crazy while the camera was on. That would make me a sad Auntie too. My niece is 4 and is temperamental about being on camera hehe.

        Any recommendations would totally be welcome. I’m still so new to the K-Pop world that I need help in finding songs/groups 🙂

        Oh man having to learn photoshop without hands on instruction would be hard! I don’t think I’d be able to learn it from a book. Thank you so much! I’m slowly re-learning the program. If I can ever help with stuff let me know!


  3. Wow, Jaime, what a day indeed!! It was great fun chatting and squeeing with you, and meeting your little man as well – little Mr. Social that he is! 😉 Yes, I’m sure we’ll squee together again. I might pass out from the Woobie awesome the next time, but well, I’ll brave it for you guys, hee ^.~

    Congrats on hitting 10,000 views! And on the all-time high of 803 views in a day! What amazing milestones! Definitely worthy of a celebration! *throws sparkly confetti, and a tiara for good measure*


    1. It really was the bestest of days! I am really looking forward to our next squee session! Hehe my little monster was very upset that we had to go lol, he wanted to hang out with you lovely ladies for the rest of the night. He told me several times how pretty my friends are but said he wanted blue hair like your avatar. Hehe

      We’ll be there to take care of you in a virtual sense when you pass out from too much Woobie on your screen! Be strong Kfangurl! It’s for the good of squeeing, I have faith that you can do it!!

      Thank you!! I am so shocked that 10,000 views happened so quickly! The blogsphere is an amazing and wonderful place. Yay celebration time! *dances in sparkly confetti and proudly wears the tiara!*


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