Emergency Couple: Ep 11


(This Episode Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees)

Episode 11

Jin Hee’s smiley sleeping expression is just the most adorable!  The memory/dream of happier times was also freaking adorable.  I am absolutely in love with these little snippets of their past that the show is giving us.   It makes me want happier times for them in the present even more though!

Dr. Gook’s lecture is cute.  He wants to be stern and yet he just watching her with a cute puppy dog expression.  Especially with the way he was holding onto Jin Hee’s hand to keep her in the bed.

ER-Couple_03Poor Chang Min!  Ousted for liking Jin Hee first thing in the morning by Yong Kyu!  I’m glad that he didn’t deny it, he just got all cute and sheepish about it.  I wonder if Yong Kyu will keep it to himself?  I love that he knew right away that Chang Min liked Jin Hee too, very cute.  And just as I predicted poor Yong Kyu ends up with Dr. Gook’s jacket that Chang Min stole in a fit of jealousy.

The whole scene with Dr. Gook sitting on Jin Hee’s bed and showing her the X-Ray is cute.  I love that he was explaining it so sweetly, about the fracture and healing time.  Like he was talking to a patient not a doctor.  Of course the way Chang Min is watching them is totally cute too.  But what I love even more is that once Dr. Gook leaves Chang Min swoops in.  He takes the packet of information and pills he made for meningitis and stuffs it in his pocket.  She of course asks for it right back.  That whole exchange between them is so sweet!

I’m still not feeling Jin Ae, she’s sitting there playing on her phone while she and her husband eat and her mom takes care of Gook.  They both seem like freeloaders and Jin Ae doesn’t really seem like a very good mom.  Hopefully we get to see more into her personality with the next few episodes.

Omo!!!  Jin Hee and Chang min are in the cafeteria and Chang Min is feeding Jin Hee!  So freaking cute!  He’s loving it, like he is practically glowing.  WhileER-Couple_04 Jin Hee looks like she’s going to murder him! Love it!  She wants to get out of there as quickly as possible and he’s just happy to sit there and eat happily.  I’m dying because he’s complimenting her on eating well, so precious.

The conversation in the hall about who likes who and looking the other way while the other one dates was a hoot.  Chang  Min truly doesn’t want her to date and doesn’t want her to believe that he’s dating Ah Reum.  But Jin Hee can’t respond when he asks if she’s dating Dr. Gook.

Once again I love the way they talk to one another in this show.  Hardly anything is kept close to the breast.  If someone finds something out they talk to the involved party about it.  Case in point, Dr. Gook confronts Dr. Shim about the blood work.  We find out that Dr. Shim has a four year old daughter who was born out of wedlock.  The baby-daddy isn’t around anymore and turned out to be a bad person.  Guh poor Dr. Shim!   I’m not sure why she would leave her four year old daughter in the states?  I couldn’t leave my child.  If the little one is sick why not stay there with the kid?  I don’t get it.

Gwang Soo with Gook in the baby carrier is just about the most lovely thing ever.  His apology to Chang Min for the punch was cute, also he kept pushing the fact that someday they could be brothers.  That I love.

ER-Couple_05Another fabulous part where the show doesn’t hold back the flow of information.  Jin Hee overhears Dr. Shim on the phone with her daughter.  And instead of making it a big secret Dr. Shim just tells Jin Hee straight up what it was about.  Then helps her to change her bandage.  Though Dr. Shim’s sad expression as she tells Jin Hee that Dr. Gook is worried about Jin Hee just about breaks my heart.

So sweet that Chang Min goes to see Dr. Gook and offers to double up his workload so that Jin Hee can take time off to heal.

Ah Reum is breaking Yong Kyu’s heart!  I knew that she would!  Guh I want to jump through the screen and hug him.  His tears totally hurt my Noona heart!  How dare Ah Reum break his precious heart!

The father son moment on the phone is delightful!  Awkward and a little strained, but absolutely delightful!  I love that Chang Min now doesn’t want his parents to get divorced.  You can totally see that he is growing up.  I also like the idea of Chang Min and his father patching up their relationship, that makes me very happy.

Oh my gosh!  I didn’t realize I was going to need my tissue box for this ER-Couple_06episode!  Chang Min throughout the entire scene where the fall down patient goes into v-fib and he’s doing chest compressions I’m a blubbering mess of tears.  He’s pouring his heart out to this comatose patient while trying to save him and tears and slipping down his cheeks.  Then the way Jin Hee is gazing at him!  I was almost sure the patient was going to die!  Oh man I’m a mess right now.

The private moments between Jin Hee and Chang Min are great.  As they are sitting on the bench in the hallway after saving their patient and talking about the thing that connects people which cannot be explained by science.  In my Noona heart they are both thinking of their connection that can’t be explained.

Dr. Gook has sentenced Jin Hee to time off!  And Chang Min won’t let her drive.  He was waiting for her in his car so that she wouldn’t drive home with her injured shoulder.  Once again he kidnaps her and puts her in his car even with her protestations.

Omo!  Chang Min!  He is sad that she moved out of their home from when they were married.  He wants to talk about the good times they had and is worried that Jin Hee only remembers the end.  Then he has to go an ask about her mom and remind her to take care of herself.  So cute together!  I love that they are discovered by Gwang Soo and Jin Ae!  And getting invited to have drinks together!  Jin Ae and Gwang Soo kidnap Chang Min into the house!  I’m dying here, so silly and fantastic.

ER-Couple_07Their little impromptu party is adorable!  Jin Ae is pretty cute with Gwang Soo.  Then oblivious Grang Soo asks about how Chang Min proposed.  Chang Min’s smile as he prepares to tell the story kills me!  Just melts me right into a puddle.  Have you ever seen anything so adorable?  As he tells the story Jin Hee is laughing and giggling and they are leaning in close together!  Omo I’m going to die right now.  So wonderful!

I’m really enjoying getting to see Dr. Shim and Dr. Gook together.  They are just so comfortable together and can talk about everything with ease.  Dr. Shim’s daughter is so freaking cute too.

Poor Jin Hee, she’s about ready to explode when Jin Ae and Gwang Soo’s stuff shows up.  They seem to feel like it is their right to just move in with them and aren’t worried at all about how it makes Jin Hee and their mom feel.  Omo!  Chang Min’s escape with the movers is hilarious!  Pretty Clever actually.

He’s out there waiting to see her after the whole thing goes down and then he kidnaps her again!  Omo!  He takes her to his apartment?  This just gets better and better!  He wants to take care of her and she of course wants nothing to do with that!  As she goes to walk away… a back hug… omo yup I’m totally done for!  Holy cow!  And he adds… “It hurts me.”  How can she resist that?ER-Couple_08


10 thoughts on “Emergency Couple: Ep 11

  1. Hmmm…while I am not super thrilled that he kidnapped her to his apartment…I am glad that she’s there. I just loved all the moments in this episode with the two of them. I really, really hope that they don’t make a big deal about foisting the second leads onto them. They have their own little love story to try and figure out. There were just so many good moments between our Dr’s Oh, but my two favourite might have to be when he’s doing CPR and begging the man to stay alive and how she looks at him and then also the part when he’s telling their proposal scene. All those lovely smiles!!!! I also really loved the pillow fight flashback and how adorable he was when he escaped with the movers! I want more cute like that! (and not too many tears please)


    1. I apologies I am so behind on comments! I understand how you feel about the kidnapping. I think Chang Min is just so childlike now that he’s realizing that he loses her again. I think he just wanted to be with her and just took her. But I wish he wouldn’t have done it regardless.

      This episode just made me so happy, I loved all the Dr. Oh’s moments! Yes! That scene is one of my favorites so far. Chang Min is so serious and passionate about saving the patient and Jin Hee is amazed by that.

      Right? The mini party at Jin Hee’s house where Chang Min is talking about the proposal! All his smiles! Guh he totally kills me!

      I love the flashbacks so much I want to see way more about how they were happy back in the day.


  2. I love this episode for so many things. Dr Gook-Chang Min showdown, Strong Woman Professor JiHye, Happy-go-lucky couple Gwangsoo-JinAe, ChangMin-one-sided-love *as if!* to jin hee, Caring Dr.Gook sitting on the bed showing the collarbone x-ray, all series of ‘kidnapping’ and let just say everything! ❤


  3. I loved reading your thoughts about the drama, while it does have a few flaws I think it is just too wonderful for words. I have watched Choi Jin Hyuk in a lot of things and even suffered through Heirs, but I have to say I just adore him with JH. Whether they are fighting or he is pouting his bottom lip at her, I just love them together. I can’t wait for the next episode. I am addicted to this show.


    1. I’m a tad obsessed… that should probably be pronounced a lot obsessed and I know that I am having a difficult time seeing the flaws. Or perhaps I’m having a hard time acknowledging the flaws lol. I know they are there, but for the moment I’m ignoring them. 😉

      I dropped Heirs at episode 13 I just couldn’t struggle with the horribleness of it all. Though I may go back and finish it someday of only for Woo Bin and Jin Hyuk.

      Oh yes, totally. Chang Min and Jin Hee are so adorkable together, it doesn’t matter if they are bickering or having fun.


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