Emergency Couple: Ep 10

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(This Episode Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees)

Episode 10

They are both poor lost puppies right now and I want to hug them.  Jin Hee got angry that Chang Min was uncomfortable with her being attracted to Dr. Gook, but I don’t believe that she doesn’t feel anything.  I think she’s still hurt over their relationship and how it ended and yelling was a defense mechanism.  While Chang Min isn’t sure why he’s so angry or why he’s so jealous.  He can’t see that he’s falling for Jin Hee all over again.

Omo! How freaking adorable!  Chang Min is scrawling out notes about meningitis so that Jin Hee can properly care for her sick nephew.  Instead of printing it all out he wants to show how much effort he put into it.  Only to be shown up by Dr. Gook who prescribed a preventative medicine to the whole family because they’ve been exposed to the nephew.  Chang Min’s puppy dog face, again!  Seriously he is going to kill me with that expression!  I will be a puddle of Noona on the floor.

The scene at Jin Hee’s house with Gwang Soo and Jin Ae is a hoot.  I’m not sure how I feel about Jin Ae.  I think I need to know more about her.  So far I dislike her a lot.  It took seeing her baby in a hospital bed crying and having a spinal tap for her to show any motherly emotions.  Now she seems blasé about life in general.  I know that babies are exhausting, but she seems distant even for an exhausted parent.

Chang Min!  I am really enjoying the progression of his character.  We’re only into episode 10 and he’s already shown a lot of growth.  He’s much more mature now than he was when the series began.  Of course he’s still childish in many ways, but I am really liking the way he’s changing slowly.

Flashback time!  Oh yes I have wanted to see this very much.  I have been very curious to see how Jin Hee and Chang Min met and fell in love.  Their smiles are so freaking adorable after they helped to save the girl.  That is just about the cutest way for them to have found one another.  I want them to be adorkable like that again together!  I want it so freaking badly!

They dreamt about one another?  Omo yes!  Love it so much!  Their cute awkwardness at the elevator is the best.  The way he looks at Jin Hee is just amazing.  And of course they’re pressed up against one another in the elevator!  Because that makes sense.  But Yes!  I loved every silly moment of it.

The quick change between cute scenes and the intense medical scenarios is sometimes jolting.  I didn’t like it at first, but I think I’ve changed my mind.  It keeps the show from being so silly.

I’m happy that Jin Hee found the packet that Chang Min made for her.  That is one thing that this show is good at, it doesn’t keep a lot of secrets.  Also, I love that now Jin Hee is jealous!  After watching Ah Reum wash off the lipstick stain from Chang Min’s coat she leaves in a huff.  Then scolds him, but he’s quick to remind her that she said she didn’t care if he dated.  Love it!

It surprises me that Chang Min’s mom is so adamant about the divorce.  But I guess once she set her mind to it she was determined to have it happen.  Though she and Chang Min’s dad are cute together.  I like the way he keeps asking if he can speak, but every time she interrupts him he threatens to go so she quiets down again.

ER-Couple_01Chang Min is going to kill me!!!  Yup, I’m going to keel over.  That pouty face that he gives to Jin Hee to get her to eat with him!  Omo!!!  And she gives in!  Well I would have given him anything he wanted right then and there.   I hope that we get more cute moments between them.  I like that they are sharing memories together too.  So adorable.  I most definitely want more of that!

Dr. Gook looks like he got caught with a girl or something as Dr. Shim finds him trying on the jacket from Jin Hee.  I feel bad for Dr. Shim, she wants to date Dr. Gook again but she can tell that he’s taken with Jin Hee.

Ah Reum discovered that it was Jin Hee’s lipstick on Chang Min’s coat and confronts Jin Hee.  Again this show does a good job about not keeping secrets.  Because right after the lipstick conversation Jin Hee lets Ah Reum know that she knows Ah Reum is the minister’s daughter.  But why does Ah Reum answer in English?  That seemed forced, just a way to show off the actress’ English language skill.  But, a minor nitpicking thing to talk about so moving on!

Yong Kyu is adorable again.  His puppy dog love for Ah Reum is lovely and sweet!  Too bad Ah Reum seems to be a somewhat shallow character.  I see heartbreak in poor naïve Yong Kyu’s future.  Especially since it is Chang Min’s mom that she’s talking to as her mother in law.

Chang Min is being a little snot!  And I love it!  He’s so jealous of Jin Hee’s appreciation of Dr. Gook that he’ll resort to spilling a drink on the jacket and trying to make it look like an accident.

The call that Dr. Shim took… must have been about the child mentioned earlier.  I think that perhaps Dr. Shim and Dr. Gook have a child together?  And that child is sick?  Oh the mystery!

Did Chang Min just steal Dr. Gook’s jacket?  Omo!  He’s being so childish right now because he’s jealous!  So adorable!  And he’s laughing about having stolen it too!  I just want to hug him and then smack him upside the head for being so ridiculous.  Because I think he stuffed the jacket in drunk Yong Kyu’s bag!

Then he goes and waits for Jin Hee to get out from the hospital and kidnaps Jin Hee!  Dr. Gook calls because the fall down patient is convulsing but Chang Min won’t take her back.  He even goes as far as to say that Dr. Gook just wants to call her back!  Omo so silly!  But then he slams the breaks and she hit her chest!  But is obviously not alright.  He’s so worried about her and immediately gets out of the car to take care of the injury!  Granted he caused it, but he’s being so sweet.

Dr. Gook is freaking cute!  He is obviously very worried that she’s been hurt!  And I love that he yells at Jin Hee for being worried about the other patient instead of being worried that she’s hurt.  Then he’s grumpy to Chang Min for having hurt Jin Hee and they have a small battle of wills.

It is so adorable that Chang Min was trying to get her away from the hospital, he obviously wanted to be just with her.  The Noona in me is loving this so much!  Now he’s standing watch over her while Jin Hee sleeps to be sure that she’s alright.  Wonderful!

Dr. Gook admits to Chang Min that he’s interested in Jin Hee and Chang Min admits to Dr. Gook that he has come to like Jin Hee!   I am looking forward to watching these two fight for Jin Hee’s affections.

Oh wow!  Dr. Gook finds out about the blood test Dr. Shim had ordered and now knows she was going to fax it right away to a hospital in the states!  Again, excellent way to keep information moving unlike a lot of other dramas.

Another flashback!  Omo!  I’ll take the flashback kiss!  A hundred times yes!ER-Couple_02  But I would love a present day kiss between Jin Hee and Chang Min even more!  But they can keep showing us kisses from when they were in love and I’ll be happy.  OH OH OH!!!  Chang Min is going to start to really woo her!  Oh yes please!  And I get a kiss to end the episode!  I’m such a happy Noona!


3 thoughts on “Emergency Couple: Ep 10

  1. I loved this episode so much. Thanks for your thoughts on it, I enjoyed reading it. I loved that flashback scene, it was so sweet and the music surrounding the scene fit it such a touching way. I loved how they both smiled a little before they kissed. One of the best scenes of the drama in my opinion.


    1. That flashback scene is one of my favorite scenes too! I love how silly in love they both are and their smiles before the kiss. It was just so sweet and endearing. But it makes me want them to be that way again now in the present even more! hehe


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