I Need Romance 3: Ep 14


(This Episode Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees)

Last episode fixed a few things for me.  I’m way super thankful that the show has taken this turn.  However, it should not have taken this long to get here.  I still don’t like Joo Yeon, not one bit.  However, Wan finally stepped up as a man.  Tae Yoon showed some emotions.  They started to fix the broken relationships between Se Ryung and Joo Yeon.  But, I still like the side stories more.  Anyway, I’m much more excited about this episode than I have been about the last 5 episodes.

Episode 14

The girl’s night out dinner with Min Jung, Se Ryung, and Joo Yeon was great!  It was needed, a lot.  But I just wanted more out of it.  Or maybe, I wanted more sisterhood stuff from this show.  Telling how the bonds of sisterhood are as strong as the bonds of lovers.

I’m pretty sure that if Wan hadn’t forced Joo Yeon’s hand than she would have kept Wan by her side forever to act as her emotional safety net.  Dated Tae Yoon and kept pretending to be a robot.  Getting the best of both worlds without a care what it would do to either man.

Joo Yeon feels that it is right that she doesn’t cry or mourn the loss of Wan?  I seriously do not understand this woman.  But she hears Wan’s voice and sees mirages of him?  Because that’s normal and sane.  She needs to get off her high horse and admit that she misses Wan and then do some self-reflection and think about why she misses him so much.

How can she continue to fool herself into believing that there was nothing with Wan?  She’s grilling Se Ryung about what he’s doing, if he’s eating, if he’s happy.  Then she lays in bed with the giraffe toy and listens to his new radio station.  She’s angry but has no idea why.

I was wondering how long it was going to take for Tae Yoon and Joo Yeon to go head to head about their different departments.  Joo Yeon tried to approach the issue nicely because their dating.  But Mr. Robot 2D went at her viciously and did not treat her as anything but a competitor at work.  I wonder how long that is going to work.  Joo Yeon is sort of forming emotions again, not nearly as fast or as healthy as I might want, however, the emotions are there nonetheless.  But Tae Yoon is treating her coldly when his department obviously stole her department’s idea.

Has Mr. Friday Night finally come to his senses?  How adorable he shows up at her place with a giant present… but he’s completely drunk.  And he passed out and spent the night at her house.  Cute!  Are they going to finally make up?  Min Jung even made him breakfast.  Guh, I seriously want them to end up together.

Joo Yeon is going crazy.  She’s talking to Wan all the time (he’s not there), sees him all the time, and is sleeping in his old room.  And she’s talking about being in pain… but she can’t see that it is love?

The dongsaengs are still my most favorite.  Hee Jae and Woo Young are so freaking adorable together I’m sure that I’m getting a toothache.  I love them together.  Woo Young is helping Hee Jae to find herself, to know herself, and learning to dream.  And Hee Jae is giving Woo Young a sort of purpose.  I love them.

I am so glad that Wan doesn’t back down and sugar coat things.  It is the only way that she’ll listen.  He has to be mean in order for her to hear a single thing.  Maybe she’ll wake up and actually hear the words.  Wan has managed to give her the best advice and helps her to see the truth in every other instance.  In regards to what they are to one another Joo Yeon really needs to hear his words.  I hope that she can do that this time.

Wow… that was unexpected.  I didn’t expect that at all.  Well there are two things I didn’t expect.  First I am shocked and impressed with Joo Yeon.  She made herself say out loud to Tae Yoon that she isn’t satisfied with their relationship.  She told him her feelings and he blandly accepted them.  Secondly, I didn’t expect that Joo Yeon would push him to react.  That reaction was exactly what Joo Yeon needed to hear.  That he loved Se Ryung so fiercely that it made him an animal, but the love he has for Joo Yeon is cool and controllable.  What will she choose?  Controlled and cool love?  Or bold and passionate?

Omo!  I am shocked a third time!  She shows up at Tae Yoon’s door and tells him she wants to believe in fairytales… nice!


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