I Need Romance 3: Ep 13


(This Episode Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees)

I’m going to be honest with you guys.  I am really struggling to find the desire to finish this series.  If I hadn’t committed to reviewing each episode and posting it up on the blog close to the airing date… well then I would have dropped this show about 4 episodes ago.  Why?  There are so many reasons.  I’ll briefly try and summarize them.

1)      I do not like Joo Yeon.  It is exceptionally difficult to watch a show when the heroine is someone that I dislike greatly.  There was so much potential here… so much that has never come to fruition and now there’s not enough time to really make Joo Yon a character that I can connect with or sympathize with.

2)      I have a difficult time connecting to or admiring Tae Yoon.  He’s a robot, a two dimensional character, and he’s heartless.  Yeah, not my idea of a romantic lead.  I don’t understand what made him that, I don’t understand why he hates Se Ryung so much, and I don’t see that he really loves Joo Yeon.

3)     Wan… oh Wan… you sweet, naïve, ridiculous boy.  He gives puppy love a bad name.  At some point he needs to grow up and see that he’s so much better than Joo Yeon.  Or at the very least… that he needs love and he needs to respect himself.  Joo Yeon won’t give him either of those.

4)      I like the side stories so much better than the main love square, that’s an issue.

5)      Finally, it would have been absolutely amazing had the show focused on the broken relationship between Se Ryung and Joo Yeon.  I would have loved to have seen them rebuild what they had lost.

Can I fall back in love with this show in the last four episodes?  Well… we’re about to find out.

Episode 13

Tae Yoon does feel jealousy?  So the logical side of me appreciates that he hasn’t blown the hug from the end of episode 12 out of proportion.  However, I want to see some emotion from this guy!  She’s living with a younger man who is in love with her and has made it clear to Tae Yoon that he has plans to woo Joo Yeon.  But instead Tae Yoon leaves it in Joo Yeon’s lap to handle, but also asking that she be considerate to him while she figures her crap out.  Again, the logical side of my brain says this is good.  Because Joo Yeon needs to figure herself out.  But on the flipside… dude Tae Yoon show some emotions!

After the impromptu talk when she wakes him up in the middle of the night perhaps he’ll see the light.  With her wandering around taking pictures of all the things Wan does but telling Tae Yoon that she’s been doing… she is just so frustrating.  After all that, the lecture that he’s a Sweet Potato and not a man he’s still going to make the soup for Joo Yeon?  The soup she told Tae Yoon she made?  Seriously?  Omo I want to reach through the screen and whack Wan upside the head, put some sense into him.

Either Wan is just seriously delusional or the show is going to pull a fast reversal on us.  Wan makes some good points, she’s always touching him, concerned with where he is, comfortable with him, and makes sure that he’s home safe.  Does she like him in the way that Wan desperately wants her too?  Or is it just a familial thing, a little brother and nothing more.

Mr. Friday Night!  So how come you’re so concerned with Min Jung and the baby if you want nothing at all to do with that responsibility?  How come you lecture her on her eating habits and the shoes she’s wearing if you don’t want to be involved in her life or the baby’s?  I think you’re just afraid of repeating behaviors that are apparent in the men in your family (this observation comes to you from the amazing dewaani and I for one think that she’s 200% correct!).

I am really surprised by Joo Yeon’s self-realization.  The conversation that she has with Min Jung at the park about being damaged is so spot on!  She’s lived in pain for so long it has become the norm and then she shut off her emotions entirely.  And because of that she can’t see Wan and the fairytale love that he brings as a reality.  What does this mean for our heroine?  I’m at a loss; these first 15 minutes have been full of surprises.

The dongsaengs!  They are just the cutest together!  Wow, I was wondering how long it was going to take for the team to hear about Min Jung’s pregnancy.  And bam, dongsaengs and Tae Yoon now know.  Mr. Robot lays down the robot law… apparently the company is horrid and old fashioned and is going to ostracize Min Jung for being an unwed single mom.  Is Joo Yeon going to follow Tae Yoon’s advice or do what her heart is telling her?

Mr. Friday Night, you too are so adorable with the strawberries.  That is all.

Seriously, Se Ryung and Joo Yeon need to get over themselves and get back together for their work.  Se Ryung’s pride is going to cost her employees their livelihood and she’s completely responsible for that… but she’d rather take Joo Yeon down, hateful.  Joo Yeon needs a style director otherwise her new division will fail, but she’d rather take down Se Ryung, hateful.

Bad timing man, that was not the right moment to give her that ultimatum Wan.  Tae Yoon is waiting for her outside and she’s excited to see him.  You just told her she’s a bad person, and then he stops her from going outside and makes her choose him or Tae Yoon.  Of course she leaves for Tae Yoon.  So frustrating!

Poor Min Jung, Mr. Friday night comes in appearing like he cares and then runs away at the mention of ultra sound pictures.  He either needs to stay away or be involved, otherwise the poor woman is going to go insane.

Wow, that is one hell of a faceoff between Joo Yeon, Wan, and Tae Yoon.  Though I sort of saw it coming.  Wan’s fairytale is being broken more and more.  Joo Yeon isn’t changing.  And Tae Yoon’s robotic lifestyle is rubbing off on Joo Yeon.  So… who will she pick?  I’m guessing that they drag the decision process out right until the last episode.

In three seconds Min Jung solved the pride issue and schooled the other two ladies.  I am so glad that someone shamed Joo Yeon and Se Ryung!  They were both being stupid, stubborn, and hateful.  With Min Jung kneeling and begging the tension is gone, three secrets have been revealed, and they actually had a good time together there at the end.  Wow.

Wan actually left.  I had a sinking feeling that he would stay until the very bitter end.  I’m surprised that he left.  Omo!  That kiss…. If Joo Yeon still thinks of Wan as her little brother after that kiss then she has something wrong with her.  I’m glad he finally took a little control, instead of sitting back and acting like an emotion safety blanket for her.  With that kiss he put himself very firmly in her way as a true suitor.

For the first time in a while I’m excited by the preview for the next episode! Yay!


3 thoughts on “I Need Romance 3: Ep 13

  1. I have only watched the first episode so far and found myself on the edge with the leading lady. The girl is a good enough actress if you see her as the villain in All About Eve. But then I saw her in Prosecutor Princess. It took me HALF the series to warm up to her unlikeable character. It got better and then the series ended in the usual meh way. It’s a problem if you can’t resonate and connect with the characters in some way. Like with Hae Joo in May Queen…the adult version was awful. The actress couldn’t grasp the character and I think that helped make that awful drama 10 times worse because if SHE couldn’t relate…how can she make the character relatable to us?

    I will wait to hear your verdict on the ending before going fulls team ahead with marathoning the rest of this drama.


    1. Even after 14 episodes I can’t see the motivation for the main Joo Yeon. And not being able to connect with her makes watching the drama difficult for me. There are parts that I love, but it has less to do with the main love square and more to do with the side stories.

      I’ll have my final thoughts up on Wednesday as long as everything goes according to plan.


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