Emergency Couple: Ep 9


(This Episode Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees)

Episode 9

The way Chang Min brushes her hair out of her face and gazes down at her… yeah I don’t get tired of seeing that scene to be sure!  Though… he’s leaving that wad of chewing gum tangled in her hair…

The baby!  Chang Min has no idea who it is he’s treating.  Omo and his face as he watches Gwang Soo and baby Gook!  So adorable.

So Dr. Shim wants to give their relationship again?  I do want them to try again… but only after Dr. Gook has more screen time with Jin Hee!

Dr. Shim gets a call from a hospital and she answers in English?  Then calls her mom and they talk about a kid?  Children and broken families are a reoccurring theme it seems?  Does Dr. Shim have a child?  Is it someone else’s but she cares for them?  The mysteries are killing me!

Seriously?  Dr. Gook cannot feel the full sized person in his bed as he gets in?  When they wake up… oh man Jin Hee and Dr. Gook in bed together!  Adorable!  Even if it was a mistake, still freaking cute!  And… of course here comes Chang Min!  This is so not going to end well!  I’m dying!  Their faces as they realize they’re in bed together and Chang Min’s too!  Their screams!  Omo the whole scene is hilarious!  And the gum! Oh no… seriously one of the best scenes ever!

Jealous Chang Min is the best!  He doesn’t even know why he’s so jealous!  He’s cleaning off her hair from Dr. Gook’s pillow and stomping the bed!  Omo, yes Chang Min get even more jealous and then maybe you’ll beg Jin Hee to come back to him!

Jin Hee!  Dr. Shim wants to see you and you immediately think it’s about sleeping next to Dr. Gook and so you spill the beans!  Seriously woman!

And the wad of gum rears its head again!  The scene with them in the hallway and Jin Hee picked the gum off his pants!  Of course Chang Min and Dr. Shim have to see, oh man love it!

How can Jin Hee not see how much Chang Min still cares for her?  Or maybe that he is starting to care for her all over again!  Their rooftop conversation is so sweet.  He doesn’t want her to date anyone in front of him.  He says because it’ll be awkward but I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s already jealous just with the knowledge that Jin Hee likes Dr. Gook!

I’m pretty sure that the show is going to break my heart in regards to Yong Kyu.  He’s so sweet and attentive to Ah Reum and she’s oblivious.  He still believes that she tied the yellow ribbon around the plant that he put on her desk.  I don’t want to see him hurt because he’s so adorkable!

Yong Kyu and Chang Min’s conversation about things boiling over and their hearts without really talking about their emotions, yeah… yet again super cute!

Baby Gook!  Oh no!  I’m in tears!  Ugh no this is just too much.  Gwang Soo has got to be so angry!  I’d want to punch the doctor that I thought had done wrong as well.  At least Chang Min didn’t react badly to being hit.  This is so tense!  I want to crawl through the screen and hug Gwang Soo so much right now!  Where is Jin Ae?  If I got a call that my baby was sick I would haul my ass there faster than I could blink!  Not just stroll in all calm and such!  She shows up and doesn’t even look worried!  This girl needs to be slapped!  Guh Jin Ae is seriously driving me nuts right now.  Ok… at least now that she sees Gook and how sick he is she’s having an appropriate reaction.  But hell this is hard to watch as a mom!

Yong Kyu heard Jin Ae call Chang Min brother in law and told the other interns?  Their secret is going to come out very soon I’m sure of it!

I’m glad that Gwang Soon apologized to Chang Min.  Even though as a parent I would have had a similar reaction, violence towards the one that put my baby in danger.

What is this?  Chang Min getting all teary eyed thinking about his history with Jin Hee?  My Noona Heart my just fail me right now!  Guh so sad and so sweet!  Now I am dead… Chang Min working out… I might really pass out… wow!

Ah Reum…  get out of Chang Min’s apartment trying to seduce him!  I’m seriously not ok with that.  She’s digging for information about his past too now that she’s heard that Jin Ae referred to him as brother in law.  Oh well at least Chang Min turned her down gently.  Now if only she’ll accept that as the truth instead of seeing it as an opportunity to just try and seduce him more until he changes his mind.

I was wondering how long it would take meddlesome Mom to ask Chand Min what he owes his Uncle.  Though I did think she’d push more for an answer.  Though I am glad that she told him that she’s asked for a divorce from his dad.  I do like that his view of divorce has drastically changed since being reunited with Jin Hee.

Omo!  Yong Kyu!  You sweet, romantic fool!  I’m giggling so hard right now.  He sent his song to everyone… I do mean everyone… instead of just Ah Reum… poor sweet dongsaeng!  Of course Ah Reum hasn’t seen it!  Omo just too cute!

I didn’t see that coming.  I was pretty sure that they would keep the fact that Chang Min called in a favor a secret.  But now Dr. Gook knows… I really didn’t expect that at all.  Hmmm I wonder what he’ll do with that information?

Chang Min’s father is going to be in some serious trouble now that crazy mom knows that he helped Jin Hee to become a doctor.  That is going to enrage her so much!

What?  Dr. Gook told Jin Hee that Chang Min saved her from being fired?  Ok this show keeps on surprising me.  Most shows that I’ve watched there is a serious lack of communication and an even more serious level of miscommunication.  But here they are being rather straightforward while talking to one another and sharing information.  It is rather refreshing.

Oh! Oh! Oh!  Stick a fork in me, I’m done!  That might as well have been a love confession!  The rooftop scene at the end!  Holy cow!  She calls him up there to yell at him for using his connections to save her.  But he basically turns it around and tells her not to give her smiles or affections to any other man!  Next week is way too far away!  Omo!!!!


11 thoughts on “Emergency Couple: Ep 9

  1. I had so much fun reading your post! I love this drama sooo much! It’s so hard to wait a whole week! And I felt exactly the same way as you did while watching the drama! That last rooftop scene ❤ Yong Kyu is so adorable! And I'm so glad they are straightforward and the secret didn't get dragged out.


    1. Thank you so much for stopping in and visiting my little corner of the blogverse! I know what you mean! This drama really makes waiting a whole week so very-very hard! There was just so much to love with this episode! Yup, this drama does that right, they don’t drag things out. They communicate and are up front with stuff. I really appreciate that.


  2. I liked the episode so muchㅠㅠ!!
    Does anyone know what the name of the song that chanh min listend to it in the car while thinking of jin he??? Please


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