Emergency Couple: Ep 8


(This Episode Recap Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees)

Episode 8

Jin Hee and Dr. Gook are too cute for words on the bus!  He is really making my poor Noona heart feel torn.  Ultimately I do want Chang Min and Jin Hee to find their way back to one another.  However, I love Dr. Gook and Jin Hee moments so much.

The lady at the restaurant has it right!  Jin Hee and Dr. Gook should go their together often.  So adorable!  Omo the way that Dr. Gook was smiling at her while she ate!  Seriously this show is killing me.  If that wasn’t the sweetest thing ever.

Poor Chang Min, he called in a favor from his family.  A thing that he doesn’t want to ever have had to do and she won’t answer the phone!  Then he has to see Jin Hee arrive at the hospital with Dr. Gook looking so pretty and happy.  I am really enjoying jealous Chang Min, he’s like a five year old.  It’s cute!

Jin Hee’s mom is a hoot.  She puts Jin Ae’s hubby and baby in Jin Hee’s room and then hides out in the spa.  It is an interesting turn of events, adding in the baby.  At least with the phone call between hubby and Jin Ae we get to see that they do love one another and she does care for the baby since she asked about Gook several times.  I am interested to see where this goes.  Does Jin Hee drag her sister home to explain?  Will they continue to let Gwang Soo (am I the only one seeing a Running Man reference here?) and Gook stay?

Then they have to go and show Dr. Gook being all utterly adorable with Dr. Shim too.  He turns into an adolescent when she’s close and she remains cool and calm.  I want them to have more time together too.  This show is really testing my ability to stick to an OTP.  I like how we can see that these two have a history together by the short conversation they have.  Dr. Shim knows him very well, but there was no need to make a big deal out of it.  No flashbacks or wordy stories.  Just simple conversation that felt very natural between two people with a rich history.  I love that about this show.

I feel bad for Young Kyu, the other doctor tied the ribbon on his flower for Ah Reum.  Now he walks in and she’s smiling and watering the plant.  She has no idea that he now thinks he has a shot to date her.  I’m pretty sure that Young Kyu is going to end up with a broken heart.  Which is an utter shame since he’s about the sweetest thing ever.  Ah Reum seems to shallow to realize they’d be a good match.  They have the same interests and love the same music.  But won’t see that, she’s focused too much on the prestige of Chang Min.  At least how I see it.  Poor Young Kyu.

So Chang Min’s mom finally filed for a divorce?  After all the trash she has talked about divorce?  The terrible stigma that she applied to it?  Even with how she wants to cover up her son’s divorce no matter what?  Well… honestly I can’t say that I blame her.  They’ve been living apart forever and he is obviously not interested in being a part of the family.  Still, I really thought the crazy lady would hang in there until the end.

Chang Min should just come out and tell Jin Hee that he helped her out with the dismissal notice.  But then that will hurt his pride I think.  But he’s been searching for her since the day before to tell her.  When he finds her poor guy stumbles with his words and misses out on his chance to be the hero.  Still, I’m really enjoying how precious he is in regards to Jin Hee.  I like that he’s beginning to show some resurgence of feelings for her.

Seeing into Dr. Gook’s past was great.  Well it wasn’t great what happened to him, but I really felt more connected to his character to see why he’s turned out this way.  The wrong procedure and the resulting fire has kept him a resident instead of becoming a specialist.  It also gave us a peek into the relationship with Dr. Shim.  Once again, the story was done well and it wasn’t an in your face flashback.

Jin Hee and Chang Min!  Guh I’m back to gushing about them and wanting them as my OTP.  The planning for night shift duties was just the cutest.  But now Jin Hee knows that Dr. Gook is trying to stop the dismissal notice.  Chang Min has pretty much lost his chance to show her how much he sacrificed to save her.  And that favor he asked from his Uncle is definitely going to come back and bite him, I’m still worried was his Uncle is going to ask for.

I’m going to die of squees right now.  Dr. Gook and Jin Hee… the way she’s looking at him while he’s teaching her the proper method for CPR… The way they are so close!  Moving together, their hands in sync as they perform chest compressions!  Chang Min’s face as he watches!  Omo!  Ok… so I totally fell for his day dream!  I really thought he’d attacked Dr. Gook.  Poor Chang Min, he really has it bad for Jin Hee and doesn’t even know it!!!!!

The hug!  Seriously!  The hug!  I really am dying!  I’m a total puddle of fangirl on the floor!  But then I feel so bad for Chang Min because it was his Uncle that really pulled his weight on the decision.  But Jin Hee only knows about Dr. Gook’s part in it.  And his Uncle made it clear that there would be payback… ugh that really doesn’t sound good.    But that hug!  I loved that a whole lot!

These two, they’re going to make it really obvious when they argue like in front of their friends.  Now they’re hiding in a room having a secret conversation!  They are totally going to get caught!

The ballroom dancing is totally random, but absolutely gorgeous.  Dr. Shim is sexy and graceful and absolutely lovely.  Oh!  Well it seems that Dr. Gook and Dr. Shim were dance partners?  That’s something I didn’t see.  But a neat twist.

I am dying!  The taxi ride back from their friend’s house is hilarious!  Their bickering is the best and adorable.  And somehow Jin Hee ends up with Chang Min’s gum in her hair.  So he carries her all over the hospital instead of taking her home and tries to not be seen because she’s drunk and he’s supposed to be on night duty.  Yeah he’s falling for her again!

Oh no!  Poor baby Gook!  I really hope that there’s nothing seriously wrong with the baby.  Though perhaps this will bring Jin Ae to her senses.  She’ll stop all the carousing around and get a job that could better provide for her little baby.

The end!  Chang Min gazing sweetly at Jin Hee after he settles her in a bed at the hospital.  So good!


26 thoughts on “Emergency Couple: Ep 8

  1. So many good feels this episode! I also absolutely LOVE it when Dr. Gook smiles! And I was also wondering about the RM references. I think the baby is just a way to complicate things…bring the sister in who knows Jin Hee was married to Chang Min etc. That baby is also completely adorable! Yay for babies! And jealous Chang Min is my favourite! That and his lost puppy dog expression we got to see this episode ^^


    1. I have very little to say in the way of constructive criticism or anything negative really about the show. Granted I might be totally biased because my K-crush is the lead 🙂 but I’m really in love with this show as a whole. Even if the RM references aren’t really RM references I love them hehe.

      The baby is freaking adorable! Even if it is a way to complicate things, he’s so cute so I’m letting it slide lol.

      Yes! Jealous Chang Min makes me happy. But not nearly as happy as that puppy dog look!


      1. Right!!!! I die every time… yup I turn into a puddle of Noona goo and melt right onto the floor with that look. Choi Jin Hyuk has the perfect mix of puppy dog love and lost puppy dog in that look. Guh yeah it totally does me in.


      2. Seriously! He does! He had a particularly wonderful display of it in the happy-good-gumiho portions of Gu Family Book (which I am still four episodes away from finishing). I just love him when he’s being so cute and adorable!


      3. Oooohhh my love for Choi Jin Hyuk makes me want to see that one. However, I have heard such intense reactions to it I wasn’t sure I wanted to risk it. My drama friends are split pretty evenly either loving it or hating it totally. I’ll be curious to see what you end up thinking of the show as a whole.

        But yes, I love him so much when he is being cute and adorable. He really just has the best smile!


      4. From the 20 episodes I’ve watched I would say that it’s probably at best a mediocre drama. I think the best thing about it was Choi Jin Hyuk’s storyline (though I haven’t seen that to completion). I feel like Lee Seung Gi is a mediocre actor and needs a good director to pull an excellent performance like King 2 Hearts out of him. I also loved Seung Gi in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, so he’s not all bad given the right material. I also thought that the writing wasn’t something to win any awards and episodes often dragged. There were some lovely moments though (or at least so far). I do need to finish it though. I am also quite critical sometimes though, so take my commentary with a pinch of salt.


      5. I respect your opinion very much so I’m thankful you shared it! But it isn’t too far off from what I’ve heard from other people as well. I believe for now I’ve got other dramas that I really want to watch. And with Emergency Couple filling my Choi Jin Hyuk need I don’t need to resort to watching Gu Family Book just yet hehe 😉


      6. Well, my posts on Gu Family book are definitely full of them…and talk about how lovely and gorgeous he is. So much so that a Korean fan site for Choi Jin Hyuk took my posts (and screencaps grrr) and translated them. ㅋㅋㅋ The person emailed me after she had done the first one though, and got my permission to translate them. One of my Korean friends translated the Korean comments on the fan site, and apparently the person thought I was married to a Korean ㅋㅋ. Fun adventures in the bloggersphere.


      7. He is lovely and gorgeous and… well for the sake of appearances I’ll stop gushing there hehe. Omo, really? It stinks that at first they took it without permission. At least they ended up asking. But that’s cool that a Korean fan site loved your work! hehe I guess there are way worse misconceptions out there than people thinking you’re married to a Korean!


      8. Some day I will finish the drama…the problem is that I’m watching too many dramas at the moment…oh well. I’ll let you know when I do finish though. Oh Korea, what have you done to us 😉


      9. Yeah, for me I just end up pausing some and then watching others…like now, Empress Ki has sort of taken over mostly…it’s just sooooooo addictive!!! I am trying to catch up elsewhere though as well ^^


      10. I have a few on hold like that. Mood has such a huge factor in how much I enjoy a show or if I don’t like it. So I figure that it is better to put a show on hold until I’m in the mood for it rather than make myself watch it. That’s what I’ve done with Sungkyumkwan Scandal. I really-really love the show, but I was struggling to have the drive to finish it so I paused it. But I’ll bet that once I start watching Secret Love Affair I’ll be obsessed Ah In and want to finish SKKS lol.


  2. Came to look for ep 9 review… But reading yours, was the kind of feeling I have too… Point blank… It’s killing me to wait for the next one… We’ll written and a great drama indeed… No boring parts… Made me laugh and cry…omg! Ep 10 can’t wait thou… good luck on your other reviews keep it up


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