I Need Romance 3: Ep 11 & 12


(These Episode Recaps Contains Spoilers in the form of Fangirl Squees)

I truly had such high hopes for this drama.  The teaser trailers and photos showed such amazing chemistry between Wan and Joo Yeon.  The story had a good feel, and the whole cast was absolutely lovely.  However, I find that I am less and less excited to watch the new episodes as they air.

We’re more than halfway through and yet I feel like we’ve been stuck in the same stories that were presented in the third and fourth episodes.  There are six episodes left… hopefully things start to happen which pushes our characters to evolve and grow, or in the least gets the story moving.

Episode 11

My heart is already breaking for Wan.  He’s waiting to surprise her with flowers to celebrate his 100th day back…  And her reaction to those flowers?  Come on and we’re supposed to believe that she loved 2d Tae Yoon’s proposal that had no flowers or anything sweet?  She’s smiling like a teenager just at the sight of the flowers.  I really want to start to like Joo Yeon, but the story is going to have to make that happen soon or they’ll miss that boat.

Even after encouraging her to go after what her heart wants  he’s upset.  But it’s understandable.  Wan did all the work to make her semi-human again and Joo Yeon repays him with loving another man.  Still, what really did Wan expect to happen?  He pretty much showed us how to push his girl into the arms of another man for ten straight episodes.

Awkward Tae Yoon is somewhat entertaining.  He doesn’t seem to want to bridge the gap to his emotions, but he also wants to be good to Joo Yeon.  However, he’s just so bland.  I can’t really relate to him or feel much towards him as a second male lead.

I adore Min Jung.  She’s a strong woman.  I mean, with everything that has been thrown on her plate she can still smile and laugh.  I don’t like that she’s not telling her Friday man about the baby.  But I do love that she’s so happy with the fact he expressed his love for her.  But why isn’t she dating him for real?  To cause more drama of course.  Nevertheless, their story is one of the things I do like about the drama, a whole lot.

There is loads of blame to spread around, but Joo Yeon needs to take a healthy portion of it.  She’s dating Tae Yoon, wants it to be serious.  And yet she’s playful, happy, and dependent on Wan at home.  That is not ok.  She’s getting the best of two worlds.  She gets the emotionless dating/relationship thing that she seems to want.  But then at home she can get warmth and true love.  She should be a big enough girl to tell Wan that she needs space to date Tae Yoon and stop happily accepting his love.   On the other hand, Wan needs to stop giving his love so freely to a woman who treats him terribly.

Yet agai I feel bad for Se Ryung.  She’s right.  He is running away from their relationship partly because their relationship needed work.  They both weren’t communicating right, they were self-involved, and only barely registered what the other needed.  But he decided that it was too much work.  Se Ryung and his conversation in the hallway is spot on.  Tae Yoon is ignoring the fact that relationships take work, that he will need  to work to keep both himself and Joo Yeon happy too.

My other favorite part of this show!  Dongsaengs Hee Jae and Woo Young!  He’s so smitten with her! Guh Woo Young is just the most adorable thing, possibly the most adorable thing in this show.

Now I’m back to not liking Se Ryung.  From the character that has been shown to us so far she’s been tough and mean as a façade, but really just a strong woman who doesn’t let misconception keep her down.  I think that this whole business with quitting the shopping network just to hurt Joo Yeon is out of character for her.

Ok Mr. 2D Tae Yoon warmed up there a bit.  The whole scene at his house with dinner and the kiss, that was good.  I enjoyed it, yet I still feel that he’s only the shell of a character.  I’m not sure what it is, but he seems less filled out than the rest of the cast.

Finally Mr. Friday Night and Min Jung are going to talk!  Yay!  That cutie pie can’t be that dense can he?  The bill for her OBGYN was right there in his hand and he goes with divorced?  Omo.

More happened in the last ten minutes then the entire episode!  That ten minutes at the end during the part was worth watching the rest of the show for!  Tae Yoon is a jerk.  Se Ryung is being a bitch.  Joo Yeon is dense because she can’t see Wan.  And Wan is just making me feel so many feels!

Episode 12

Joo Yeon is dense, so very dense.  Or she’s blinded by her adoration of Mr. 2D Tae Yoon.  Why can’t she see Wan, I mean really see him.  Why get hung up on a guy who only cared that she keep her composure so their work gathering would go smoothly.  Tae Yoon didn’t even show an ounce of compassion for Joo Yeon, he just make sure to cover his backside at work.

Why does Wan keep giving Joo Yeon every chance to grow away from him.  He could be selfish for once and not tell Tae Yoon where Joo Yeon was.  He could have sent him packing.  However, Joo Yeon and Tae Yoon’s heart to heart was a long-long time in coming.  But, even Mr. 2D’s love confession was bland and not heartfelt.  He’s comfortable with her so he likes her.  Again, because she doesn’t challenge him like Se Reyung does.

Mr. Friday Night!  I do believe that he’s finally caught on to what Min Jung is hiding from him.  It’s painful to see his reaction, and I’m sorry for Min Jung because I know she’s emotional and terrified and nervous right now.  However, his reaction is justified she’s trying to lie all the way to the end.  I am really still very much enjoying their story.

So Tae Yoon is human, he’s jealous of Wan living with Joo Yeon.  How can she say blatantly that Wan has not feelings for her?  Is she seriously that thick?  But… then again… Wan pushes her to Tae Yoon every episode!  Ah ha!  Finally Wan is seeing that he’s doing nothing but playing her cupid.  I really want something to happen here.  Either Wan moves on from his love or tries to date others.  Or to start moves out, the whole codependent thing is not helping.  Or Joo Yeon needs to recognize that his feelings aren’t platonic and stop treating him as her emotional safety blanket.

I’m sort of confused why Hee Jae’s ex showed up again.  Weren’t they done already?  Why would he show up just to say they are broken up again.  On the other hand he does have a good point.  Hee Jae doesn’t have a clue what she wants or if what she’s doing is making her happy.  But couldn’t that have come in a softer fashion from Min Jung?

Well Se Ryung’s plan is coming to fruition.  And Tae Yoon has even given Joo Yeon a gift.  There’s a little spark of life there in Mr. 2D.  I’m really glad that Joo Yoen and her team’s hard work is being recognized, that’s super fantastic!  And then… Se Ryung, seriously?  By breaking the project up she’s losing out on money that she needs!   And in swoops Wan with an accurate and emotional rational so that Joo Yeon can understand where Se Ryung is coming from.

Poor Wan and his daydreams!  If he doesn’t make a move soon then he might really and truly miss out on Joo Yeon.  Really he has no one but himself to blame there.

Seriously?  I’m so angry at Mr. Friday Night Ahn Min Seok!  That was overly harsh.  I want to hug Min Jung so badly right now!  How could he be so cold about it?  Money and strawberries is going to make everything alright?  Guh these two are killing me.

I know Se Ryung is hurt and upset and angry.  But I don’t see Joo Yeon caring, but she is remembering all the advice she’d received from Wan.  And a colder version of advice from Tae Yoon.  And yeah, Joo Yeon didn’t play into Se Ryung’s plan.  I don’t think this is going to work out well for anyone.  Well at least Joo Yeon feels bad for how she played it with Se Ryung.  And we’re left with a possible face off with Tae Yoon and Wan!


8 thoughts on “I Need Romance 3: Ep 11 & 12

  1. I thought that Wan and Tae Yoon gave her opposite advice…and she went with the cold, hard and calculated Tae Yoon advice…to use Se Ryung’s emotions against her, which she does. But maybe I’m misunderstanding.

    I think with the Friday couple that he’s just terrified about getting married because he doesn’t want to screw up like his family has. His whole sitting in his apartment really dejected showed me that he feels bad about what he said, and the strawberries show that he is in a way claiming the child as his – because his mother also craved strawberries. He’s just too chicken to change the family pattern of infidelity and walking out on their women. He really does like her a lot and perhaps doesn’t realize that he could make it work with her. It’s this sort of self-fulfilling prophecy thing that if he avoids marriage, then he won’t walk out on her and he can date her…but if he gets married then he will. I find that rather stupid logic.

    And as for all the rest…yeah…I don’t even know if she deserves Wan anymore. *sigh*

    Also – that whole Wan daydream…I was like…wait, what?!?!?!?! This makes no plot sense at all…I totally fell for it.


    1. You’re totally right, I was watching this while tending to a sick kiddo and missed the theme of Tae Yoon’s advice to Joo Yeon! Just wanted to add a quickly reply and a thank you for pointing that out! I’ll respond for reals once the kiddo is asleep 🙂


    2. Thanks again for pointing out the advice bit. I should know better than to watch and review a show while tending a sick kiddo! Thankfully he’s all better now just a little tired out poor monster.

      I truly do not like how Joo Yeon handled that situation with Se Ryung, it was totally not the right way to go. I think that if she had taken Wan’s advice then there could have been some reconciliation between the two ladies. I was really keeping my fingers crossed for that. I thought it would be amazing to not only have a love story, but also a story about the love of friendship and forgiveness.

      You have an excellent point with the Friday Couple I hadn’t thought of that. With his family history and all it is probably a scary concept of settling down and having a family. Hopefully he gains some courage or they have a much better heart to heart. Agreed, Mr. Friday night is using some very bad and ridiculous logic there and hopefully he’ll see the light!

      I’m pretty sure that Joo Yeon absolutely doesn’t deserve Wan anymore. But… Wan is really putting himself in the back seat all by his lonesome. If he doesn’t want to watch her go right into Tae Yoon’s arms then he needs to stop her. But on the other hand I’m not sure I want him to stop her. Right now Joo Yeon is better matched to Tae Yoon. Wan needs to let her go, unless she can grow a heart.

      Omo I was so hoodwinked by the daydream too! I even paused the show and had this whole rant typed up about how it made no sense in the story and I was just done because it was ridiculous. lol


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