I Need Romance 3: Ep 9 & 10


(These Episode Recaps Contains Spoilers  in the form of Fangirl Squees)

Episode 9

Episode 9 already?  I am enjoying this show.  I like the characters and I like the stories.  However, we’re at the halfway point.  Nobody seems to have grown or evolved much.  Joo Yeon has started to allow herself to feel again, but I want more from her.  I want a bigger and better realization that she’s lost so much by being so cold.  I want her to really look at her life, the way she treats her employees, the way she treats Tae Yoon, and most especially the way she treats Wan.  I want more from her.  Also, I want Wan to realize that he’s important too.  Right now it feels like he’s living his life completely for Joo Yeon.  Even though his puppy-love is amazing… I’m sad that he feels treating her well is more important than his being happy.  Alright, enough ranting, let’s watch this!!!

I haven’t taken any time out from squeeing to talk about the OST.  I love it; even just the soft and gentle flute music in the background during the first few moments is gorgeous.  It is one of the prettier soundtracks that I’ve heard in a while.

The call with Tae Yoon and Wan… My Noona heart is a puddle on the floor!  Wan is so protective of Joo Yeon, he understands her better than anyone else around her.  But by putting Tae Yoon in his place for being a right jerk in the last episode he might have clued Tae Yoon into the fact that Joo Yeon loves him.  I was expecting more from Tae Yoon, but we get a slight change in expression and nothing else.  I still feel he’s too much of a two dimensional character, I want more feels from him.

At least Tae Yoon tried to make up for taking her out only to piss of Se Ryung, before he trampled that apology by calling her a crybaby.  Maybe I’ve been looking at Tae Yoon wrong.  If Joo Yeon was a crustacean then he’s a robot without a trace of an emotion chip.  Still, he just feels flat as a character.  However, on the plus side Joo Yeon did not feel that being called emotionless was a good thing.  Perhaps we’re on the cusp of her evolution.

My adoration for Se Ryung is going to be put to the test.  Her ideas of love are more realistic and possessive.  She’s not going to sit on the sidelines and try and break up Tae Yoon and Joo Yeon before they even have a chance to start.  Wan’s ideas of love are still part of the fairytale.  They are so pure and sweet and selfless.  He’s willing to sit and watch while Joo Yeon falls in love with another man and leaves him as long as that is really what her heart wants.  I’m not sure how I feel about his selflessness.  Is it romantic?  Or is it being dumb and sacrificing himself for a greater good that only he believes in?

Omo!!!! That whole scene in the office with Woo Young as he talks about how the three women all start their cycle at the same time!  He describes their habits, the order that they start their periods, and even bought pads because he knew they’d need them!  Omo… ok let me catch my breath, that was priceless!

I really want to hug Min Jung, I feel bad for her.  But I also want to smack her upside the head!  Don’t run away from the baby-daddy!  He’s so sweet and adorable and precious.  Make it a real relationship, let him decide to be a part of the new life you’re creating.  Don’t make the choice for him!  And… wow… Joo Yeon, who are you and where did the crustacean go?  I’m impressed!  She remembered Wan’s advice and actually did it, not because she wanted to but because her friend needed her.

The moment of bonding between Wan and Joo Yeon was so sweet!  He continues to remember everything wrong, it is so adorable!  This time she didn’t scold him about his fairytale she just playfully reminded him that it wasn’t right!  She’s opening up to him more and more.  I’m afraid that she’s going to pick someone else, I really want Joo Yeon to fall in love with Wan.  I’m not sure that my Noona heart can survive if that doesn’t happen.

Poor Hee Jae!  After all that nagging and all that planning and all that angst her boyfriend breaks up with her.  Then when she tries to go and make amends she finds out from someone else that he’s passed the exam!

Wan tells her to follow her heart, she does!  Mr. 2D actually seems happy about it.  Se Ryung looks crushed!  She tried to manipulate Joo Yeon and it didn’t work.  The fallout from this is going to be severe.  And the fallout has already started.  Wan is so right.  She is exactly like Se Ryung except she keeps trying to deceive herself into believing that she’s better… omo…  That was a doozy of an ending.

Episode 10

What are my expectations this episode you ask?  Lots of drama.  Wan laid a verbal smack down on Joo Yeon.  Se Ryung got crushed because her manipulation backfired.  Joo Yeon wants to hurt Se Ryung probably more than she wants to love Tae Yoon.  Even more of Wan’s illusions are being decimated by the cruel and cold heart of adult Joo Yeon.  Tae Yoon is trying to remain cold to Se Ryung’s love and isn’t quite understanding why Joo Yeon cried over the whole play incident.

Wan is something of a pushover where Joo Yeon is concerned.  He tells her exactly what she’s doing wrong, why her love is tainted, and makes her really think.  Then she gives him the aegeyo act and he melts and is nice to her again.  I’m sort of tired of Joo Yeon’s selfish act.  We’re getting into the last half of the series, well more than halfway through and she has only become marginally aware of the people around her.  I think she knows Wan loves her and because of that it is like a giant permission slip to treat him badly.

Joo Yeon did so well to open up to Min Jung when she was talking about her fears of the baby and her life.  However, when Hee Jae was talking about her break up and Min Jung was showing concern and asking questions… what does Joo Yeon do?  She sends the dongsaengs scurrying off to do errands for the broadcast and clearly states there’s nothing to be gained from listening to Hee Jae about her personal life.  She took three huge steps forward last time and now has fallen five steps backwards.  This is getting a little frustrating.

Omo!  Min Jung’s weekend man has found out where she works!  Discovered that she was using Woo Young’s name!  And sees Joo Yeon too!  All of Min Jung’s lies are being torn down.  Poor thing! Poor guy too!  He has every right to be angry, she did nothing but feed him lies and ignore that they had something real between them.  Now she’s trying desperately to keep her distance and not telling him about the pregnancy!  Grrrr…

Now we come to a deciding moment for Joo Yeon and Se Ryung.  An issue with their segment and last minute changes need to happen.  Can Joo Yeon trust Se Ryung?  I’m not sure I would.  But then, Se Ryung hasn’t really done anything as far as the shopping channel project that would bring suspicion on her, it’s just everything else.

Every time Se Ryung and Joo Yeon get together and have a heart to heart I get to understand their issues more.  I can see where their friendship turned to hate.  However, I don’t see anything happening in either woman to heal the old hurts.  Though, I have to give Se Ryung props for practically begging Joo Yeon not to date Tae Yoon.  But, what will the selfish Joo Yeon do?  Or course she runs off to talk to Wan to figure out her emotions.  And he just loves her still, even though she hasn’t yet shown him anything warm.

The dongsaengs are so freaking adorable together!  I’m glad they made up, I’m seriously in love with their story.  Totally adorkable together I want to snuggle them so much.   I want to see them more on my screen.

Omo, omo, omo!  Se Ryung!  She really does love him, so very much and yet Tae Yoon… I’m not even sure what he’s doing!  He’s just so emotionally blank that he can’t see Se Ryung’s love or Joo Yeon’s love.  I’m glad that Joo Yeon gave the 2D man a piece of her mind and tried to explain why he’s wrong.  But now Se Ryung’s pissed and I’m 200% sure that she’s going to ruin the shopping network plans.

This show is going to kill my Noona heart.  Tae Yoon’s cold and loveless proposal is just what Joo Yeon wants?  Wan is out buying a bouquet of handpicked flowers?     Now we have to wait a whole week!


8 thoughts on “I Need Romance 3: Ep 9 & 10

  1. So I am feeling that this show is a bit of a disappointment. As I was watching 9 & 10 tonight, I thought, we’re past the half-way point and I don’t feel like it’s going anywhere. You’re totally spot on about the character development. I definitely feel a lot of sympathy for Se Ryung in parts, and then I don’t. Wan is just delightful…yeah…I really don’t like how Joo Yeon is basically just treating him as her emotional boyfriend, that way she can have the cold-hearted proposal because Wan will give her the emotional support and feedback she needs. Argh! Pretty much my favourite character though right now is Woo Young. Oh, and I also love the Friday couple. And I am totally with you that she needs to tell the baby-daddy and let the chips fall where they may.


    1. Tell me about it. I was so excited for this show! I was even willing to allow my fangirl feels carry a lot of the weight because I was in love with the idea of the characters and where I thought the story might go.

      The show has been stagnant for like at least 4 episodes. We haven’t seen any evolution of the story, just the same concepts going round and round. Se Ryung has moments that I love her, she’s complicated and deep and sassy. Then the next turn she’s back to being just a convenient baddie.

      You’ve got that exactly right, Joo Yeon is using Wan as her emotional safety blanket. She’s using Wan in the most despicable way and he’s letting her because he’s selfless… and that angers me. I really want Wan to stand up for himself.

      I love Woo Young! He’s adorable and I want to squish him. Yes, I think the Friday Couple is way more interesting than the main story line right now lol.


      1. Thank you for no spoilers! Though now that I’ve watched it I’m glad for some of the story progression plot points, but I’m enjoying it less and less. Hopefully it can surprise me in the last four episodes! 🙂


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