Emergency Couple: Ep 5 & 6


(These Episode Recaps Contains Spoilers  in the form of Fangirl Squees)

Eisode 5

Omo.. Chang Min’s mom is on the way to the hospital in the middle of the drama around the dead patient.  This show certainly knows how to keep things interesting.

The mom’s internal dialogue and their reactions once they realize who the other one is.  Oh man that was great!  Ii wonder if their secret will get out now, because I’d bet money on his mom exploding in a rage at being examined by Jin Hee.

Grrr I do not like this council being held to place fault on the ER.  I think the resident that has been messing up previously several times is the cause of the death.  But for whatever reason the doctors are out for Dr. Gook.  Now precious Jin Hee has  to go up on stage because it was determined that she did the surgery in the elevator.  Guh I just want to hug her and tell her that it will be ok!

Oh!  Chang Min!  Is he growing up?  Is he remembering that he once loved her?  Oh no and now she’s contradicting him?  Omo this is adorable and awkward and wonderful.  I wonder if this will open up a door for them.  Or will it just anger Chang Min since he was trying to save her and she jumped in?

Now that the truth is out about the emergency surgery will the other interns figure out that they’ve been involved before?  That could be hilarious.

I love sassy Jin Hee!  I want to see her bold and snarky like that more often.

These moments where Chang Min looks at Jin Hee like a lost little puppy really get me right in the Noona feels.  The way he was watching her while she taking care of his mom was totally precious.  And then he had to open his mouth.  Sometimes I want to smack him upside the head.

Jin Hee still had the ring?  I wonder if Chang Min has his?

Oh no, Dr. Gook doesn’t know and Jin Hee won’t tell him.  Ah let the hilarity of angry ex-mother-in-law commence.  And it didn’t disappoint either.  However, I am really loving that they finally gave us some insight into why Jin Hee has become a doctor.  I was wondering why a doctor, why did she have to do that after getting her divorce?  But I can see that, she wanted to prove herself against a family that completely tore her down.

Now this opens the door for even more chances for the evil mom to interfere and meddle with her son’s life.  Meddlesome evil parents are very frustrating in dramaland.

Oooohhh Jin Hee’s sister is a snot, a brat, and I want to thwap her!

Yeah that mom… I really-really do not like her!

I am still really loving this show.  However, I am hoping for some character growth now that we are heading into the sixth episode.  I want Jin Hee to begin to have more confidence.  I want Chang Min to start to mature.  But what I really want is more moments where Chang Min watches Jin Hee like he’s seeing her for the first time.  And just as much as I want that I also want Dr. Gook and Jin Hee moments, they are adorkable together.

Episode 6

Shall we take a moment to calm down before starting the show?  Yes… yes I will because Gary Oppa is going to be in this episode!  Any idea how excited I am for this?  I ship Ji Hyo and Gary together as the Monday couple something fierce!  Alright… deep breaths… yay! Now onto the show!!!

Conniving, spiteful, arrogant… why does the mom have to be so… so terrible?  It happens every show, but guh this woman!  No wonder Chang Min is a spoiled brat, his mom is exactly the same!  But!  On the bright side, Chang Min showed a whole lot of humanity and apologized to Jin Hee.  Granted, he’s not the one who should be apologizing, but still it is showing that he’s growing up!  There’s hope for the snot yet.  Jin Hee… well my sincere hope for her is that now that she’s faced her biggest demons (Chang Min and his mom) she can start to grow too.  She’s faced the worst of her past and she’s still a doctor (at least until the stupid council tries to fire her).  I hope that she starts to regain her confidence.  It is getting a little old seeing her so downtrodden and fearful.

Oh Dr. Gook!  I adore you!  I feel bad that he’s in a position to make a staff cut or budget cut!  He’s struggling with that choice and I’ve got a little spark of hope that its because he’s got a soft spot for Jin Hee.

Omo, Jin Hee!  Calling everyone to tell them she passed the exam.  She just needs to be validated for the choice she made in becoming a doctor.  I just want to hug her!!

GARY!!!  Omo… omo omo!!! Hahahahaha That was fantastic!  Best moment of drama watching this year!  So many one liners referring to the Monday Couple! I’m one very-very happy fangirl.  GARY!!  Ahem… ok… I can continue with the show now.

…gary!… hehe

Really I’m better now…

There’s sassy Jin Hee.  Hopefully that is a good sign for things to come.  She’s so adorable when she laughs and smiles.  I’m really ready to see a Jin Hee who has the confidence to do these things.

And now the show makes me cringe with the medical stuff.  Not in a bad way, just in the fact that it feels so very intense when juxtaposed against the comedy.  I’m sure it is simple medical scenarios, but I just feel that it’s dark when the rest of the show is so light hearted.

Chang Min is actually standing up for Jin Hee to Dr. Gook.  Love it!  He is growing a heart.  For the first time he’s presented with the idea that he’s protected and seeing how unfair that is because he came from a Doctor’s family.

Jin Hee is going to get herself in even more trouble!  I love that she’s trying to do the right thing for this couple since they can’t afford the medical bills… but omo she is really-really going to get fired for it!

I love that Shim Ji Hye said Jin Hee and Dr. Gook are similar!  Because they are.  I seriously want Jin Hee and Chang Min to get back together, but I love the idea of Dr. Gook and Jin Hee flirting.  Yay!  I’m glad Dr. Gook tore up her letter!  But guh she’s ripping my heart out with her speech.  Jin Hee is having some good self-realization moments this time around which is good.

Chang Min’s mom is not going to like the fact that she was saved by Jin Hee.  Now she doesn’t even want to say thank you!  At least Chang Min seems embarrassed that his mom is being such a turd to Jin Hee.

Wow Chang Min is going to see his dad?  That’s not something I expected with how he talks about him.  Uh… oh he found the gift from Jin Hee and almost saw the note!  That could be bad I expect.  I wonder why his dad is so uncaring?  Well… if the rest of the family is anything like Chang Min’s mom then perhaps he shut himself off from the world because of their insanity.  I could understand that.

Yup, still loving this one!


11 thoughts on “Emergency Couple: Ep 5 & 6

  1. I am so glad someone else was also ecstatic over the Monday Couple references! That was so great! His parting shot of “I have a feeling I’ll see you on Monday” was so funny!!! And when he put his fingers through hers ㅋㅋㅋ So great!!!!

    I totally think that Chang Min is totally blind to the fact that he still has feelings for Jin Hee. That scene where she pulls the covers up over him mom was so sweet. They really are adorable sometimes. I also really loved that scene with Jin Hee is laughing at Dr. Gook’s holes in his socks, it’s so cute! And I just LURVE Dr. Gook…so much so that I am getting a bad case of SLS…but I LURVE Choi Jin Hyuk too! What am I going to do? 😉


    1. I about died watching that part! I rewound it and watched it… a lot… I won’t admit to the number because that would leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that I’m obsessed haha. I loved that part so freaking much! Omo I know! Gary Oppa’s face when their hands were laced and then when he said he’d see her Monday! Guh… yes so very-very good!!! I’m sort of hoping more of the Running Man cast makes some guest appearances, wouldn’t that be great!

      Oh I am really certain that they both have feelings for one another. Chang Min’s face when he looks at Jin Hee sometimes is just totally puppy love. And she kept her ring, that says a lot! Hahaha yes! Dr. Gook’s holey socks and Jin Hee’s giggling over those socks was adorable. I am really loving Dr. Gook. We can commiserate our SLS together!


      1. I’m sort of keeping my fingers crossed other running man members will have cameos, that would be totally fantastic!

        Dr. Gook is really testing my fangirl heart. He’s adorkable and I’m really loving him. I’m torn, because ultimately I do want her with Choi Jin Hyuk, however, I cannot deny how cute she is with Dr. Gook either!


      2. Hehe, oh K-drama. Other Running Man member cameos would be great! I think that the doctor who was pretending to be a patient should end up with Dr. Gook, though I do love Dr. Gook. I have yet to catch up on this week’s episodes though. I’ve been thoroughly immersed in Master’s Sun.


      3. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Jong Kook or Kwang Soo showed up? Though I’d be totally happy with anyone from Running Man were a part of an episode.

        I think ultimately that’s what I want too. But I’m loving Jin Hee and Dr. Gook together a lot right now. Though my love of Choi Jin Hyuk will win out and I really want to see Jin Hee and Chang Min reconcile their differences.

        Master’s Sun! Omo I love-love that show!


  2. Thx a lot for ur review,i’ve been search this very hard
    i hope jin hee can chang min can mature to each other and maybe start their love again without interference from his mom.


    1. Please forgive the late response, work and life and dramas take up so much time! Thank you for stopping in and taking a look at my post! I’m glad that you liked the review, it was fun to write.

      I agree. I want Jin Hee to become more confident and force Chang Min to mature because he seems to be stuck in teenage years. My biggest hope is that they end up together again. And just like you’ve said, without his mom getting in the way.


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