I Need Romance 3: Ep 7 & 8


(These Episode Recaps Contains Spoilers in the form of Fangirl Squees)

Episode 7

It’s a sad sort of semi-relationship that they have.  Though Wan’s love is wonderfully adorable and true even after a great many of his illusions of the past have been broken.  Even as he holds the woman he loves while she cries over another man that she doesn’t realize that she loves.  A man that broke her and then made her a crustacean.  This show is hurting my poor Noona heart.

Oh Se Ryung is still one of the more interesting characters on the show and she makes Tae Yoon more interesting.  On his own he’s just cold and a little bland.  Guh the poor dear, I want to hug her up as he did his best to be cold to her.  Omo but he redeemed himself a little there!  Perhaps there is hope for them yet!  But then again that hope will crush Joo Yeon.  This show really knows how to shake up my loyalties.

The juxtaposition between Wan’s understand of Shing Shing and her undersanding of her own heart compared to his understanding of their past and hers is very well done.   He’s so very insightful because his whole adolescent years and adulthood have been centered around making the fairytale love that he holds in his heart a truth.  But in the process he allowed himself to live too deeply in that fairytale.  Joo Yeon on the other hand has kept storing up all the memories in her life that have caused her pain, filing them coldly away as the only worthwhile life lessons.  And so she has lost all ability to see the fairytale.  What a really interesting combination for the basis of a tentative relationship.

Oh my gosh, tear my heart in two right now!  Poor Wan!  Everything that he has ever wanted just laid out for her right then and there.  He just wants to matter, but more importantly he wants to matter to her.  I fear that this show is going to destroy my Noona heart.  Joo Yeon has completely disregarded anything happy in her life, guh just so sad.

Wow ok so that is amazing!  I love that Tae Yoon and Se Ryung are rekindling their lost love… but it seems to have escalated quickly.  One second he’s cold as ice and then he just saves her from being the evil lady again.  Now… ahem… well it just feels a little rushed to me is all.  Though I am happy about it!  Mostly for Se Ryung’s benefit.  I really want her to be happy.

I’m a big weepy mess right now.  I feel so bad for Min Jung.  A cold, chavanistic man tells her that she’s got early onset menopause and now she’s pregnant.  A pregnancy that could be her only pregrancy ever that has a very high chance of miscarrying.  That hits home on a few levels for me , so perhaps I’m just a little more sensitive to it.  I’m on the fence with this character development.  Min Jung is very-very similar to Park Seo Yeon from I Need Romance 1, so I think the writer was trying to make her story different than Park Seo Yeon.  She is free spirited, and has an open view of love, sex, and relationships.  To make her a new character and very much her own the writer picked a more serious path for her to take.

I’m glad that Wan told Joo Yeon straight up that she’s not a good person for how she treated Min Jung.  Someone needed to do that or slap her.

Wow I didn’t except Se Ryung to show up and help, but I’m glad that she did.  But what a way for Joo Yeon to find out that Tae Yoon and Se Ryung are an item again.  Acid Reflux… she’s so dried up emotionally!  It was a good story concept for a while, but they really need to show some growth for Joo Yeon soon.  Ugh Wan!  He’s such a mature man about it too, even though he doesn’t want to reawaken her emotions because her love is for another man… he does it anyway.

Episode 8

My hope for this episode is some character growth for Joo Yeon.  The cold, heartless, emotionless crustacean can only be accepted by the viewer for so long before we start to hate Joo Yeon.  I really don’t want to hate her.  I want to sympathize with her for all the pain she’s endured.  Ok… let’s go I’ve got my fingers crossed!

So far so good.  I half expected that she would deny any of his assumptions about her heart.  At least she’s thinking about it, at least she’s considering that she could actually love.  I hope that this episode the turning point for her.  I’m not expecting leaps and bounds, but some change in her attitude would be very welcome.

Oh Se Ryung!  Seriously I thought perhaps she would start to warm up since she’d gotten back together with Tae Yoon.  Nope, she’s just as hateful towards Joo Yeon.  Ok, not that Joo Yeon is deserving of being treated well at the moment.  And just when I thought that there would be very little movement Joo Yeon had a very serious moment of self-realization.  They’ve both stabbed one another so deeply in one conversation, I can’t believe  how hurtful they are to one another!

The dongsaengs, Lee Woo Young and Jung Hee Jae, are so freaking adorable!  I am really enjoying their story!  It is cute and sweet.  Ok so they are definitely and OTP of mine, I want them to end up together.  Not that I know a lot about her current boyfriend, but something seems off about him.  And seriously how can you not want them to end up together!  The cuteness level is just so wonderful.

So finally there’s a moment of clarity, but I feel so bad for Wan because now Joo Yeon knows who she loves.  I have a bad-bad feeling that I am going to be one very disappointed Noona.  I want his puppy love to come to fruition, but I am so not sure how these love lines are going to work out.  This show might just kill me.

Omo I wasn’t expecting that, poor dongsaeng.  But maybe this will allow the newly blossoming love to grow and my adorkable OTP can be a reality.

I might be alone in this, however, it feels like everything with Se Ryung and Tae Yoon moves at lightening speeds.  One second they’re ok and the next they aren’t.  She’s networking and he’s reacting very badly to that idea.  Granted she did say it was just work and not a poker game so she wasn’t upfront and isn’t understanding why he’s so upset.  I just want a little more depth between these two.  I think a lot of my issue stems from the fact that Tae Yoon isn’t a very interesting character to me.  And then he had to show something real and have some emotions.  Ok so maybe I’m just being harsh on him.

Protective and angry Wan is sexy Wan.  I’m not entirely thrilled with what Tae Yoon did either.  That was a low down and dirty trick.  He’s going to hurt both Se Ryung and Joo Yeon with that one.  Very low.   Poor-poor Se Ryung, not only does she see Tae Yoon with someone else to the show she invited him to… she finds out that Wan is in love with Joo Yeon.  Omo Tae Yoon just goes ahead and admits right away to Joo Yeon too that he used her?  Wow…

I am very pleased with the small changes in Joo Yeon.  When the show began she would have turned away from that interaction and found a way to file it away so that the pain never touched her heart.


3 thoughts on “I Need Romance 3: Ep 7 & 8

  1. I’m incredibly upset with TaeYoon in this episode. 😦 I like SeRyung and how she’s a successful independent woman. TaeYoon’s insecurity is pulling her down and I don’t like it. 😦

    On the other hand, Joo Wan is being such a dream~! Aaaaaaah ❤


    1. Right? I’m not sure what he was thinking in this episode. Bad Tae Yoon! Then again, he’s about as emotionally aware as Joo Yeon so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that he did something so low. Se Ryung is possibly my favorite character, she’s just got something regal about her.

      Right! Wan is very dreamy in this hehe.


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