Emergency Couple: Ep 3 & 4


(These Episode Recaps Contains Spoilers in the form of Fangirling Squees)

Episode 3

Jin Hee’s expression after she shocks Chang Min!  I’m dying she is so freaking hilarious!  From that hilarity to immediate intensity.  Seriously this show is the best.  And he’s back!  Wow, ok that was really tense!  What a crazy way to start out the third episode!

I loved Choi Yeo Jin in I Need Romance and I am already loving her character Shim Ji Hye.  She’s fierce and sassy, but also is a professional in her field.  I’m excited to see how her character develops.

I am absolutely impressed with Choi Jin Hyuk.  I mean, beyond my fangirl squees, I am truly impressed with him.  The part of Chang Min is so completely different than Kim Won.  The way he’s portraying Chang Min it is like a different actor in the part.  Really he’s so good.

The bickering between Jin Hee and Chang Min is the best.  I could watch their charged arguments all the time.

Getting to see inside Jin Hee’s home life is a hoot.  Her mother is hilarious, a little clueless and loud but lovable.  Jo Yang Je and her Ahjumma buddy are funny together too.  Their friendship is adorable.

I want to see more of the bromance between Chang Min and Yoon Joong Hoon.  The show has hinted at their friendship through school, and we’ve seen a few glimpses here and there… but I want to see that bromance being developed more.

They get some serious patients in this ER.  I know it is to keep the show interesting and balance out the comedy.  But each case has me on the edge of my seat!

I was sort of hoping that Ah Reum and Jin Hee could form an unlikely friendship, but it doesn’t seem that way.  Though I suppose it is possible in the future, but Ah Reum is really full of herself so it might not come about.

A moment of humanity from Chang Min!  That was unexpected and really nice.  But he’s putting the rest of the team in a tight spot by taking up his lunch hour with a blind date!  But that was mother’s fault, wanting to take control of his life and make it end up how she wants.

I’m dying with laughter here, another awkward moment between Jin Hee and Gr. Gook.  They are too funny together!  I really hope that there is more development between these two.

The ending!  Come On!  Really?  That moment between Jin Hee and Chang Min and then bam end of episode!

Episode 4

I’m not sure that my heart is up to the way this episode is starting!  I know this was picking up after the cliffhanger last time, but holy cow, INTENSE!  I’m like on the edge of my seat and completely hunched over the keyboard! Gah… whew…

Just a brief moment of camaraderie between Jin Hee and Chang Min before they remembered they hate one another.  I am really loving this, their fighting and connection and those fleeting memories of happiness.  Then they share these moments of actual conversation that are just sweet and poignant.  We’re only a few episodes in but already Chang Min seems to be growing, at least a little.

Jin Hee is just the most adorable thing ever, like I want to just snuggle her all the time.  That is all.

I think Ah Reum is scheming now that she found out that she skipped out on the blind date.  But Chang Min is so freaking adorable with Ah Reum in his apartment like a teenager, totally adorkable.  Ah Reum calls him innocent and that is totally right, he does seem somewhat innocent underneath that angry and egotistical attitude.

Omo, his mom! I’m dying, that was just to funny!  Now everyone is all caught up on the blind date too, I’m just giggling.

I think Jin Hee’s house is the same location they used for In Young’s house in I Need Romance 1… maybe…

Wait who is this man that helped Jin Hee pass her exams?  They keep talking about how it isn’t appropriate… omo… o.m.o.

I can’t help it but laugh!  The fight between Chang Min’s parents!  Ok… she may be scheming and controlling but she’s hilarious too, I’m enjoying her temper.

The chemistry between Jin Hee and Chang Min is just the best.  They are just the cutest together and you can tell that the actors have that spark.  I absolutely love it.  Guh I want to sit the two of them down and make them have a conversation without accusing or screaming!  They could be so good together!

Yet again… the end of the show leaves me wanting!


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