I Need Romance 3: Ep 5 & 6


(These Episode Recaps Contains Spoilers in the form of Fangirling Squees)

Episode 5

“I’d come back to you as a man.”  Omo… yeah the Noona in me is very happy with that line.  What a classic for a Noona Romance!  And her reaction is priceless!  Her world has just been tossed upside down.  Oh yes, this is hitting on so many points of what I want in my Noona/Dongsaeng love!

I absolutely love that they remember growing up completely different.  Wan has all these glowing memories of them together.  While Joo Yeon remembers the trouble he was, how slow he was at things, and all the stuff she had to do for him.  I’m just giggling over it all.

The conflict between our Noona and Dongsaeng is very well done.  I knew that she was going to have a difficult time with the fact that he kept his true identity.  I also love poor Lee Min Young and her drama with having her weekend lover so close!  She’s a total hoot.  Sunbae Kang Tae Yoon is totally adorable too!  He was a little bland in the previous episodes.  However, just twenty minutes in and he’s shown a whole new side and I’m enjoying him a lot more now.

Omo, his speech!  Just melt me into a puddle of Noona squee on the floor.  His reasons for loving her, I don’t think could be any more perfect than that!  She is such a snot!  I want to shake some sense into her!  Then again, she’s had so much happen to her that has been negative in the realm of love… I can understand.

Now we get to see why she’s so against loving him back.  All those happy, warm, fuzzy memories are being torn down I want to hug Wan!  It bugs me that the story is saying his mom had nothing to do with him and he was raised by Joo Yeon’s mom.  But this is dramaland so I need to let it go and just accept the story… but it’s hard to think that a mom wouldn’t even see her son for weeks or months at a time.   The truth creates a while new dynamic to their tentative love, which is great, it makes them feel deeper and richer as characters.

I am really liking the friendship between the dongsaengs, Lee Woo Young and Jung Hee Jae.  The writers are doing a great job helping me to care about all the people in the show.  The antics in the office are cute too.

Whew the intensity of animosity between Se Ryung and Joo Yeon’s team is really heating up!  I love to hate Se Ryung and yet I still feel bad for her.  The more of the story that gets revealed the more that I love the history of these characters.

Again the ending!  This show!

Episode 6

The beginning of this episode has me chuckling.  Both Wan and Tae Yoon are posturing so much.  Each episode shows a little more personality for the Sunbae and I’m liking what I’m seeing.  The whole morning scene was well done.  Poor Wan, Joo Yeon isn’t very nice to him, but he’s till giving her all his puppy love.

I feel bad for Se Ryung, she really does have a bad rap and she is being tortured by the easy manner between Joo Yeon and Tae Yoon.  I am really enjoying the way the stories are crossing and interacting.  That goes double for the two dongsaengs in the office.  They are adorable and their story is so cute.

The conflict in the office as the two teams are attempting to work together on the New Brand Team is really heating up.  I just wish there was really more actual collaboration happening between them.  I think that once they overcome their differences they will really be amazing.

Joo Yeon is really cold at times, poor Lee Min Jung.  The whole office is cold!  Though they are being trained by someone who turned off her heart and emotions a long time ago.  I just want to reach in and hug Lee Min Jung.  I’m glad that she spoke her mind, they needed to hear what she had to say.

I appreciate how well Wan can read Joo Yeon.  Their semi-heart to heart at the restaurant is absolutely adorable.  Omo the juxtaposition of them as children and them as adults is just brilliant!  Maybe Joo Yeon is starting to warm up to him?  The Noona in me is really hoping for that.

Now we come to the shop-off between the two teams of the New Brand Team…  Omo… I should have expected that, but I was sort of wanting to see them succeed.  Though I suppose that her hard shell needed to be cracked a little.  Still, its sad.

Yet again the ending never fails to just make my jaw drop and seriously love this show.


3 thoughts on “I Need Romance 3: Ep 5 & 6

  1. I’m loving this series soooo much. I swoon everytime I hear Wan’s voice. Haha. But really, episode 5 was gut-wrenching especially when Joo Wan realized that he remembers the past differently from JooYeon. /le sigh

    This couple will be the death me. One-sided noona romance is too much for my heart.


    1. Me to!!!!! It had me at Noona Romance though 😉 But I am really enjoying the whole show. I’m a little worried that it might disappoint me, not in regards to the Noona Romance, but in the stories in general. They’ve set up some really excellent options for the directions of the character relationships, however, I’m worried that the writers won’t take advantage of them. Like I would love to see Joo Yeon and Se Ryung rebuild their lost friendship.

      You are so right, Wan’s voices is so dreamy. I could listen to him talk all day. I felt so bad for him as his happy fairy tale memories were crushed and stomped on. It was a hard lesson for him!

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the puppy love of our Dongsaeng Wan will win over the cold heart of our Noona! But this is dramaland it is possible that my OTP won’t happen and I’ll be a crushed pile of Noona heartbreak.


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