Emergency Couple: Ep 1 & 2


(These Episode Recaps Contains some spoilers in the form of Fangirling Squees)

I’m not sure I can express just how excited I am for this drama.  It is primed and ready to go, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about how freaking excited I am.  I have long loved Song Ji Hyo, she is amazing.  There is something both fierce and feminine about her which I absolutely respect and adore.  And she’s the lead!!!  Working with Choi Jin Hyuk!!! Give me a moment to contain my squees and fangirl feels… He is the ruler of my fangirl heart, Omo… Now I get to watch the two of them together!!!

So… now we begin!  Emergency Couple!

Episode 1

First thought is that I love the OST!  The song is lovely.

Oh Jin Hee looks stunning in her dress and Oh Chang Min is extremely handsome.  And that kiss!  The wedding sure didn’t disappoint at all!

I just want to hug Jin Hee during their scenes with the doctor!  She’s so adorable!  Chang Min is such a cocky and arrogant man!  Jin Hyuk is doing an amazing job so far!  Such a different person than Kim Won!

Oh no I’m such a bad person I’m laughing so hard at their fight and destruction of property.  Don’t get me wrong they did a great job with the intensity of their emotions, but the screaming, the way it was filmed, and their expressions, just so good.

Their chemistry is great!  I am really enjoying their bickering.  It is hilarious and charged with tension.  So far I am enjoying this very much,

When Chang Min isn’t with Jin Hee he turns into a little boy, shy and a little petulant.  Even after 6 years he doesn’t seem to have grown up at all.  Jin Hee seems a bit more stable than she was in the beginning.

I’m enjoying the supporting cast as well, though its too early to know much about them yet.  The set up for them working together in the hospital is hilarious and fantastic.  This is going to be fun!

Episode 2

So I must be slow.  Or not as up on info as I though on this show.  Is this a Noona Romance?  I mean I knew already that the actors have an age gap, Song Ji Hyo is five years older than Choi Jin Hyuk… but I thought the show would brush over that.  Omo!  This Noona has nearly fallen out of her chair!  A Noona Romance with Choi Jin Hyuk!!!  Ok now that the fangirl squees are done I can watch!

I just want to hug Jin Hee so much!  Chang Min’s reaction to her showing up is absolutely priceless! Also the Chief is great, he’s a nasty character to the interns but I love him anyway.  He’s lazy and procrastinates, but is brilliant at what he does and saves lives at an unprecedented rate.

Chang Min is a hateful little snot!!  I just needed to get that off my chest.

I have to say that this show goes from hilarious to intense to ridiculous within a breath… I am loving every single second the insanity.

Jin Hee’s mom is warm and supportive, I’m glad that she has someone in her life who is sweet to her.  Well her friends from the first episode seemed very nice too.  I’m just glad she isn’t totally alone.

It is the same sort of role for Chang Min’s mom, who was also in Heirs with him.  Conniving and scheming and looking to have everything work her way through the sheer force of her will.  But it does seem like she really does love Chang Min, I just wish she could show it better.  But every drama needs the evil parent who disapproves and does their best to rule their child’s life.

The situations in the Er are so intense that I’m forgetting to write my squee thoughts, which means I am totally absorbed in this drama.  I so loved Choi Yeo Jin in I Need Romance, I’m super excited to see her in this too.

If Chang Min would just concern himself with his own business then a whole lot of craziness could have been avoided.  He’s just so adorable it is hard to be angry with him (though I’m not to keen on what the stylists have done to his hair), but seriously what is he thinking?

Jin Hee!  You are fabulous!!! Yes… yes I like this very much!


15 thoughts on “Emergency Couple: Ep 1 & 2

  1. ㅋㅋ Part of me wants to smack Chang Min upside the head. Also, I wish that Jin Hee were a little more competent. What is it about the Korean drama that favours inept drama heroines?! I am glad though that Chang Min has had his fair share of flubs too. And dare I confess…I am already falling for Chief Gook…he’s just adorable under that stern shell. And I also love that he doesn’t take Chang Min’s crap at all! And he has had some lovely mentoring moments with Jin Hee. I just wish that Viki were subbing this so I don’t have to deal with DF poor quality. What can I say, I’m a bit of a snob. 😉


    1. Right? I want to smack him like every few seconds and then he flashes that smile and I’m not quite so angry at him anymore. I’m not sure that I dislike Jin Hee’s meekness and clumsiness. I don’t know why exactly because usually that drives me crazy in other dramas, but this time I think it fits. Also because she does have moments of being feisty and I think those will be more and more prevalent as the story continues. At least I hope so. Right? Chief Gook is cute and strong and something of a jerk, but good at what he does and adorable with Jin Hee. I’ve never watched dramas anywhere but DF, is Viki that much better?


      1. DF streaming quality is total crap unless you pay for the HD subscription. Viki generally have better subs and their streaming quality is 480 and sometimes 720 (HD), but their 480 is good. DF gets about a 240 streaming quality for me (but the ads will be in HD). Their quality used to be sooooooooo much better on their old player, but then they “upgraded” and it got really crappy. When they put their stuff on Hulu, the quality of picture goes waaaaaaaaay up!


      2. I started out on HULU and then discovered DF. Once I told my hubby about my addiction, before he started to watch with me, he bought me a subscription to DF as a present. So I guess I lucked out because the quality for me is great! lol but then again that’s because we pay for it. Though if Viki has better subs that is a huge draw for me. Sometimes even I can tell the DF subs aren’t all that great.


      3. I think I also watched my first drama on Hulu. DF used to be soooooo much better. Yeah. They have been the cause of some blogs that wrote about K-drama being shut down because they had “exclusive” airing rights, and they didn’t want a single bit of other info being said. Yeah. It was a big thing last year. DramaBeans even got a DMCA shut down notice with threats to shut them down because they were recapping 7th Level Servant and DF had the exclusive airing rights. I try avoid them when I can.


      4. Holy Moly I had no idea! Hulu had an add for DramaFever on it and that’s how I migrated over. Then the hubby bought me a year’s subscription. I was absolutely unaware they’d caused so much strife in the blogverse over rights to shows. That’s terrible. I’m reviewing two of DramaFever’s currently airing shows… now I’m worried!


      5. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I think that us smaller blogs are a little safer from the bots, but I could be wrong about it. Just don’t post any illegal links to posts and you should be okay. It is supposed to be that some screencaps are completely fine by fair use. Couch Kimchi (not DF related) got closed down because someone had a link to an illegal upload of something. Yeah. It was crazy. I think you should be fine. I’ve just lost a lot of respect for DF over the years of drama watching. Maybe I’m just bitter.


      6. Being I’m such a small potato I’m sure I’ll pass under the radar lol. I just had no idea of all that drama in relation to DF! I’m heavily considering looking at other providers when my subscription is up. I can totally understand being a little bitter towards them, its crazy that they went after DB like that!


      7. Yeah, I think it was probably a third party service who was trying to catch anyone who was “infringing” in DF’s turf…and DB got caught in the net. They were big enough that they could fight it, and people sent a lot of hate mail to DF and they apologized majorly. I use DF when I can’t find stuff elsewhere, and I have been toying with getting the Viki pass…and maybe, just maybe subscribe to DF…but I am not sure yet.


      8. That makes sense. At least DF made an apology, which really is the least they should have done. I honestly haven’t checked out the other sites. I found DF and just sort of settled in for the long haul. But I’ll probably check out Viki now.


  2. I can’t wait for episode 3. Omona, this drama is hilarious. I got hooked up on the first 10 minutes. I like Dr. Gook more. You know what I wish? That Dr. Gook will start to show some * or a lot* affection towards Oh Jin Hee and that Oh Chang Min will got jealous.


    1. I know right?1? It is totally hilarious! I laughed through the whole first half of the show, it was great! I agree Dr. Gook is fantastic, I really like him. I’m hoping for the same thing, I want to see more scenes with Dr. Gook and Jin Hee where he’s being sweet to her. Maybe that will make Chang Min open his eyes and see what he’s missing!


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