I Need Romance 3: Ep 3 & 4


(These Episode Recaps Contains  Some Spoilers in the form of Fangirling Squees)

Episode 3

I know the last two episodes I gushed about the Don’t Cry song, however, I do want to take a moment to say that I love the opening song as well.  It really sets the tone for the show, a little sweet, a little passionate, and some intensity too!

Omo!  The beginning of the episode is hilarious!  Joo Yeon completely misunderstands Joo Wan’s request to take her to the hotel and he just rolls with it.  So good.  Wow the twist with Joo Yeon’s ex and Se Ryung, I did not expect that.  So far this episode is not disappointing me at all!  I am really liking the tough personality of Se Ryung, she’s a realist and a great character.

I like that they are expanding on all the character backgrounds as well.  Seeing more about how each of the characters thinks, feels, and what got them to where they are…  The writers are doing a good job of getting me interested in all the characters.

The chemistry between her and Joo Wan is stunning!  Guh I just love it so much.  But the poor guy can’t catch a break she still only remembers that he was ugly and that’s it.  Which is also hilarious.

The developing back story and relationship between Yeo Joon and Se Ryung is amazing.  I am really loving it so far.  I cannot wait for Episode 4!

Episode 4

Can I just say… the kiss!!!!  Wow… if I thought Joo Yeon and Joo Wan had chemistry before they totally exploded with this episode.  The Noona in me is surely a melty puddle of fangirl on the floor.  She is an utterly adorable Noona too.  He’s tossing her world upside down, which is exactly what the dongsaeng should do!

I’m not sure how I feel about Joo Wan continuing to keep the secret that he’s Sweet Potato.  He is playing a very dangerous game and I’m 200% certain that it won’t end well for them which makes me worry for my Noona Romance.  Also the creeping in her house when she isn’t there… not sure about that either.

It is going to be truly interesting to see Se Ryung, Joo Yeon, and Tae Yoon working together, they are already off to a rocky start.  The more I see of Se Ryung the more I like her a lot.  Though I really like Joo Yeon too, but she’s a bit too egotistical for my tastes, but I think she pulls it off well.

I really adore Hee Jae, she’s so adorable with her man.  But I’m afraid that it isn’t going to end well.  He keeps skirting around the questions about studying so I’m afraid he might be doing something shady.

Joo Wan is playing a dangerous game.  Not to mention he’s expecting so much out of her because he’s built up this love for her.  Not to mention the fact that he isn’t considering the trials she’s endured in love.  The lack of communication theme is one that I dislike a lot and they are using it to the fullest in this one.

The end.. Omo… Omo… wow!


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