Noona Killer – T.O.P.

The world of Kpop is still mostly a mystery to me.  When I watched Boys Over Flowers I discovered that my heartbreaking and lovely Kim Hyun Joong was not only a talented actor but a singer!  So I bought a song by the group he was in SS501.  But then I didn’t go back to the Kpop world for a long time.

Then I read a post about T.O.P. and his new solo debut song Doom Dada on Krazy for Kdrama.  The video was… weird.  However, I fell head over in heels in Noona love with T.O.P.


Since then I’ve purchased all of T.O.P.’s solo songs and a few Big Bang albums too.  I still say that I’ve only dipped my toe into the world of Kpop because right now I’m only buying songs so that I can listen to T.O.P.


Seriously if you have not listened to T.O.P. then you are missing out.  His voice is amazing.  Right now he is my favorite male vocalist.  There is just something downright amazing about his voice and the way he sings.


Of course he is quite nice to look at.  He managed to exude a natural charm and sexiness without trying.


He has had some very crazy hairstyles and outfits through the years.  But it doesn’t matter if he’s sporting mint green, blue, or blonde hair he’s still gorgeous.



And without further ado I would like to welcome T.O.P. to the ranks for Noona Killer!!!

Credit to owner for the sexy gif


18 thoughts on “Noona Killer – T.O.P.

  1. My man! I’ve always preferred him with the colorful locks for some reason. Maybe because it highlights those dangerously sexy eyebrows…And oh my Lord that chocolate, chocolate voice.


    1. I do too. There is just something about how well he carries himself that the colored hair just makes him even more attractive. Maybe its the exotic flair of it all. But whatever the case I really like him with his hair colored. Seriously, his voice is just absolutely amazing. I cannot get enough of it, I pretty much listen to his music on repeat these days.


  2. Gah! THAT GIF. I’m dyinggggg. That should come with a warning. I love that he has the talent to boot which may well be the one of the most sexy things about him, after the eyebrows


  3. Heh. I don’t do kpop, but I think TOP’s hot (and doesn’t that rhyme? ;))

    I first saw him in Iris and I was like, who’s this broody bad boy?? Acting is SO not his strength.. but man, he looks good ;D


    1. I never thought I’d be into Kpop, but I am certainly enjoying listening to T.O.P. so who knows I might be a closet Kpop fan. Or it could just be T.O.P. 😛

      I haven’t seen his acting yet, but I’m tempted just to be able to watch him for longer than a MV. Because of my k-crush I’ll probably be able to forgive him for not being the best of actors lol.


      1. Fangirl love has a great deal of mitigating power, which I know from experience, heh 😉 If your fangirl crush on TOP is big enough, you’ll even enjoy Iris. Which, in all honesty, was just too much packaging and too little substance. And logic. Let’s not forget logic. But TOP’s in it. And Lee Byung Hun shows off his hot bod more than a couple of times. It’s like a eye-candy store. With guns. ^.~


      2. Fangirl love is a powerful and potent thing to be sure. Iris is on the list of shows to watch with the hubby. He’s picked a wide variety of shows, but he liked that one because of the basic action plot. And most action movies don’t have a heavy does of plot, they are mostly about watching fight scenes 🙂 I’ll totally be ok if he does pick that to watch soon because TOP and Lee Byung Hun’s hot bod. I’ll be a very happy fangirl!


    1. I have only just discovered T.O.P. and well Kpop in general. However, I’m already head over heels in fangirl love with T.O.P. His look in that MV was great wasn’t it? I appreciate that he can really pull off any style and get away with it because he’s downright gorgeous. Not to mention his voice, wow… yeah he’s definitely a new favorite!


      1. MY first was SS501, way-way back when I found Boys Over Flowers in April. I only listened to a few songs, but never actually got hooked on Kpop at the time. Recently, however, a few of my Sunbaes here in the blogverse suggested some bands for me to look into. I think I should stop denying the fact that I’ve dove head first into the Kpop ocean.

        I agree, there are a lot of good looking gents in the Kpop world. But there is just something about T.O.P. that can’t be beat.


      2. My firs drama was back in 2006 but i stopped watching them when i went to college. I started watching them about a year ago and boys over flowers was my first one i watched. i didn’t even know that Kim Hyun Joong was a singer until i think he put out Unbreakable. I was very surprised. i couldn’t even compare himself to his character. K-Pop can be highly addicting and its a wonderful addiction. haha

        i finally found someone who agrees with me about T.O.P. i’ve had some people tell me they could think of a lot of other idols cuter then him. But there is just something about him that makes him so indescribable.


      3. Boys Over Flowers was a crazy, ridiculous ride that I just can’t help but have a soft spot for, even though when I tried to re-watch it I couldn’t lol. I know what you mean! Kim Hyun Joong now compared to Ji Hoo… its like they were two completely different people that have nothing at all to do with one another. I like Unbreakable more than his older stuff with SS501.

        A kindred soul in love with T.O.P. *high fives!* There are loads of good looking men in the idol circles and in the acting circles. However, T.O.P. is just delicious and it has a lot to do with how he carries himself, his charisma, and that little smile that only barely shows itself at the corner of his mouth lol. He’s got that certain something that just gets to me.


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