Review: They Kiss Again


So many of the things that I enjoyed from It Started With a Kiss continued in this drama and were expanded on.  This review won’t be as expansive as my others because of that, I’ll try and only touch on what I liked and disliked from They Kiss Again that weren’t already discussed in my review for It Started With a Kiss.

The second installment continued to show the evolution of the cast.  I enjoyed this show more than It Started With a Kiss.  It had a lot to do with the fact they weren’t in high school and were dealing with more mature obstacles and issues.  Xiang Qin matured a lot in this show, and I appreciated that.  The character was a little hard to handle in the previous installment.  But I liked her a lot more this time around.

I absolutely loved the chemistry between Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin in It Started With a Kiss was phenomenal.  I didn’t think it could get better, however, their chemistry was even better with this series.  I loved their every scene, they were closer and more tender towards one another then even in the first show.  I could really see that they were in love as characters and that made me adore this installment even more when it was just the two of them.

Outside of their interactions at home Zhi Shu became even colder then he had been in the first season.  I can understand what his intentions were, he wanted Xiang Qin to become independent because she relied on Zhi Shu for everything.  However, I didn’t feel that was the right approach, she was such an emotional person that by turning away from her all Zhi Shu managed to do was make her act worse.  In the end it did manage to help her grow and mature, but it took awhile.

Between It Started With a Kiss and They Kiss Again the entire story was fifty episodes long.  Even though I liked They Kiss Again better as a whole it took a very long time for me to finish it.  The story had stretched on and on, expanding on each obstacle or issue so that it felt too long.  I feel that it would have been even better had they shortened the number of episodes in It Started With a Kiss, fifty was just too long.

Noona’s Rating

Overall: 7.6

Story/Writing: 10

Cast/Actors: 9

OST: 5

Sets/Costumes: 6

Feels: 8


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