Dongsaeng – Lee Ki Kwang

Of all my Dongsaeng’s so far I don’t know if you can get more cute than Lee Ki Kwang!  I mean he’s just so squishy and adorable and his smile just makes me giggle.  No matter where his sunshiny face appears it just makes me happy on so many levels.  The utter amazing adorableness cannot be denied!


Come on, look at that face, could you resist?  I don’t think you could, his cute-powers are just too mighty.  I nearly died from adorable overload when gathering pictures!  I want to pinch his cheeks!

My first introduction to this wonderfully charming young man was in Me Too, Flower.  A drama that I highly recommend!  He was the dongsaeng of a senior cop, and he had a crush on his noona to boot!  I mean he had it all!


The way he followed his noona around like a lovesick puppy got me right in the noona feels!  He was just so sweet to her and protective and all around awesome.  I mean come on look at how he smiles at her!


Next I found that he was playing another totally cute and cheerful dongsaeng in My Princess.  He got me all over again with his bright and charming persona.  Yet again he was sweet on his noona!


Throughout the show he did his best to be sure that his princess was taken care of and had everything she might need as she faced political battles.  He made me adore him all over again with his cuteness.


Then I come to find out that he can sing!  So I hurry up and run over to YouTube to see my dongsaeng and find out what he can do.  Only to find this!


Omo the noona in me reared up and all I could think was, “No dongsaeng don’t play with guns and put a shirt on!”  How could my sweet and adorable boy also have this side to him!


The protective noona in me just wants to sit him down and remind him that he’s too cute and adorable to be gyrating on stage like he does!  Guh the woes of a noona for her dongsaeng!  Please welcome Lee Ki Kwang to the ranks!



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