Noona Killer – Choi Jin Hyuk

Since the first edition of Noona Killers was my very first ever Noona Killer Crush, I thought it only appropriate to use my newest Noona Killer now.  Because I am still so new to the drama world I hadn’t heard of this amazing man until I watched Heirs.  Sadly I couldn’t finish the show, but I did get something out of it!  I got the wonderfully handsome Choi Jin Hyuk!


Every scene with his character Won definitely held my attention.  He was strikingly good looking. had a quiet elegance to him, and was supremely confident.


Of course then I found out he sang for the OST.  I adore his speaking voice, very much.  But I absolutely fell in love with his singing voice, it was like silk.  Just another reason to adore him.


During the episodes that I watched he didn’t have much occasion to smile in Heirs, which is a shame because this man has one of the best smiles ever.  Though his stern and powerful gazes are lovely as well.


I recently watched I Need Romance.  Omo… I picked it (of course) because of Jin Hyuk.  Also I wanted something with a little more serious and mature story line.  I highly recommend it!  Plus Jin Hyuk was part of a Noona Romance *dies of utter happiness*


In I Need Romance, I got to see a whole other side to him.  He is a very versatile actor, he was still a chaebol in this, but he was nothing like Won.  I adored seeing the playful side of him, and his smile.  Of course the show treated us to a little more eye candy, and I’m not complaining.


I’ve already lined up a few other shows staring Jin Hyuk because I can’t get enough.  However, I’m really-really looking forward to ER Man and Woman!  He’s going to be the main lead!  *again dies of happiness*


And so I give you to this editions Noona Killer, the delicious Choi Jin Hyuk!


19 thoughts on “Noona Killer – Choi Jin Hyuk

  1. Hafta agree that his voice is very delish – as is that last pic you’ve got up there! He’s rising up the ranks of hot male actor very nicely.. veryyy nicely indeed! ;D


    1. His voice is one of the main things I adore about him, I could listen to him talk all day it doesn’t matter I wouldn’t understand a word keke. 😉 That pic is one of my favorites to be sure, he’s just so yummy. I’m super excited to see what 2014 brings for him! I’m pretty sure that he’ll be gracing our screens a lot, at least I hope so!


  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his voice. I have often said that he needs to record a book just so I can listen to him over and over again. He’s also one reason I slogged through Gu Family Book – and tok lots of screencaps of him for my blog posts about it. Actually, I haven’t even finished Gu Family Book yet. But he is GORGEOUS!!! And he does have a completely scrumptious smile *swoon*.


    1. His voice is just the best isn’t it? Omo I would listen to him read a book, it wouldn’t even matter if it was in Korean and I couldn’t understand a word. Just to be able to listen to him speak, *dreamy sigh*. I’ve head some crazy reports about Gu Family Book, it doesn’t seem to have any gray area. Either people loved it hard core or they couldn’t finish it. I’m only tempted because of Jin Hyuk lol.


      1. I have four episodes left…and in my opinion, Choi Jin Hyuk was the best thing in it…but there were some other great parts. I really love Suzy as well, and Seung Gi. And Sung Joon is in it. If you don’t mind spoilers, I have some blog posts on it if you wanted to get a feel for it. Once I have finished the drama, I will also add a blurb on the ratings page which will be spoiler free and will have my rating on it…


      2. Oh I just found your blog and followed it! I’ll check out your posts on the show. I’ve heard that Jin Hyuk was the best thing about the show, which doesn’t surprise me *subdues fangirl rant* but also that Suzy and Seung Gi were pretty fantastic. I might someday get around to it, but with so many other great shows on my list it might be a little bit before I do.


  3. I couldn’t take Heirs, but I love this man too. I was really hoping he would land a great drama lead after Gu Family book. His few episodes were the best thing about that series. Daddy Gumiho needed a better story line and his own full drama. lol Just the character I loved.

    I still have to see Grandpas over Flowers. I first saw him as the male lead and part of the ensemble cast in ‘It’s okay, daddy’s girl.’ Yes, that’s melo at times, (I see you don’t like melo) but it’s not crazy melo and it focused on family struggles. His character was good, very adorable, kindhearted and sang in that too. He needed to be in it more. I liked him as part of the Italian Pasta Chef trio in ‘Pasta.’ But again, not enough of him. I’m just glad he’s getting his due recognition as an actor. I stopped watching Emergency Couple after 12 eps. I really didn’t feel the chemistry, those types of hate/love dramas are not my cup of tea.


    1. Oh I wanted Heirs to be so good! I mean it had Woobie and my personal bias Jin Hyuk! Not to mention LMH who I loved in City Hunter so much! Plan on going back and watching Woobie and Jin Hyuk’s parts in Heirs at some point, but I’m still so upset with how that drama turned out I can’t do it just quite yet. Maybe I’ll do my own mini-dream-drama post about it lol! I haven’t watched Gu Family Book, mostly because the feedback I see about it. I know I should make my own decisions, but there are some pretty intensely negative reviews about the show so I’m still up in the air about them.

      Grandpas Over Flowers is on my ever growing list of shows to watch! Jin Hyuk puts it high on the list along with Pasta, Fated to Love You (K-version), and Panda & Hedgehog. Oooohhh I’d been totally avoiding that one cause it is melo but maybe I’ll give it a whirl! Thanks for the recommendation!

      I put on blinders for ER Couple lol, it had Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk I was destined to love it no matter what. Their chemistry did get much better towards the end of the show and by the last few episodes I could really feel it.


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