2014: New Year Drama Resolutions!

The New Year is Upon Us!  With it I’ve decided that I’d like to set myself some goals for my drama watching ventures in the coming year.  I joined the amazing world of Asian Dramas on April 17, 2013.  Since then I’ve just sort of bounced around to dramas with very little rhyme or reason.  Not that it hasn’t been fun!  However, there are some dramas that I really want to be sure that I watch and some things I want to do.  So what better time than New Years to set a resolution for how I’ll approach my drama watching in 2014.

First on my list – I want to watch a drama that is being aired.  I tried this with Heirs and lost all ability to stick with it.  Granted Heirs had such an incredible amount of hype around it there was no way the show could live up to that.  So I think I will do a bit more research about the upcoming shows before I choose.  Though, if I’m honest with myself it will most likely end up being ER Man and Woman because Choi Jin Hyuk is my KDrama crush *grabby hands*  Whichever drama I end up picking, I do want to watch at least one drama as it is being aired.  It is an experience that I’d like to have tucked under my drama belt.

Second on my list – Be sure to watch Sungkkyunkwan Scandal, School 2013, Good Doctor, Pasta, Answer Me 1997, Answer Me 1994, You Who Came From the Stars, Prime Minister and I, My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox, Future Diary, and Faith.

Third on my list – I would really love to be able to watch my dramas without totally relying on the subtitles.  That would be the most amazing thing in the world!  So I think I want to tentatively try and learn Korean.  There are several excellent programs out there, hopefully I can find one that works for me!

Fourth on my list – It would be great if I could find time to publish a chapter of Heart Murmurs at least twice a month.  I’m still not entirely certain how many chapters there is going to be, but it would be amazing if I could have it finished by June!  I have many more stories that I want to tell.

Fifth on my list – Continue to keep my hubby watching dramas with me.  I convinced him to give it a try and we started with The Master’s Sun (which will now be my all time favorite, hands down) and he was hooked after just a few episodes.  It has been amazing to share something that I so wholeheartedly enjoy with my best friend!

Sixth on my list – Host and/or participate in a Squee Fest.  Kfangurl over at the Fangirl Verdict hosted one for Gong Yoo’s appearance on Running Man.  I wasn’t able to attend due to time difference and work schedule.  However, the idea of meeting up with all the netizens whom I adore and are also addicted to dramas like I am to squee while watching something… yup this has to happen.

This obsession has given me so much already, but I’m certain that the new year will only continue to be an amazing friendship with dramas.  To all my drama addicted friends out in dramaland I wish you a happy new year and many hours of amazing drama watching!  Fighting!


9 thoughts on “2014: New Year Drama Resolutions!

  1. Wow, this is quite the list Jaime! Hope you have tonnes of fun barrelling through these. I’d love start learning korean too! And I gotta warn you about live-watches though, if you’re anything like me, I overextended myself greatly and so marathoning older shows ground to a halt. I’m trying to reconfigure my process. Happy new year!


    1. I know, I know 🙂 It’s a bit ambitious. But I figured if I was going to write a list of drama wants for 2014 I might as well aim big! I’m looking into programs for learning Korean, if I find a good one with good reviews I’ll let you know for sure. My only live watch experience is with Heirs and I stopped actually watching live after the tenth episode and gave up after 13. I’ll probably be the same way, the idea of watching live is just so tempting that I want to do it at least once for a show beginning to end. If you figure out a better process, let me know! 🙂 Happy New Year to you too!!


      1. I’m in awe that you would make a list like this while I myself wouldn’t even dream this kind of thing up. I’m way too lazy for that! Have you checked out the site Talk to me in Korean? Their lessons are useful!


      2. Oh and I’ve been asked to convince you to watch Thank You. If you need reasons, there’s Gong Hyo Jin who is fabulous, and Jang Hyuk who is awesome, and little Seo Shin Ae who is the most brilliant child actor alive, in a drama that’s has a touch of tragic but is full of warmth and humour and ultimately very uplifting. It’s one of my faves!


      3. I’m usually lazy and easily distracted so I thought a list of goals might help to keep be focused and motivated keke. I’ve not heard of that site, I’m going to check it out! Thank you.

        Ok! Ok! I am totally adding Thank You to the list! I think my next 2 dramas are Gong Hyo Jin dramas now followed by Sungkyunkwan Scandal! I promise! I’ll watch it!


    1. Happy New Year Kfangurl! I know 😛 it is huge and I had to make myself stop there, otherwise there wouldn’t be any way at all to be able to get it all completed. I’m excited for the new year and my continued journey in dramaland. Especially since I’ve met such amazing friends along the way!


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